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    posted a message on Texturer Needed for upcoming mod
    I would like to help...


    To show you some examples of my work, here are a few textures I've recently been working on. From left to right, top to bottom, they are;
    wooden planks, double slab side, double slab top, brick, TNT side, cobblestone, wood, wood top, iron block, gold block, diamond block, gravel, wooden planks tiling, wood tiling, gold block tiling, iron block tiling, gravel tiling, cobblestone tiling

    Please consider, thanks...
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    posted a message on Proposal: Eliminate mob grinders
    Quote from Cjslick

    I don't find Mob Grinding a specific problem. If someone can fight off a group of Mobs by themselves, they deserve the XP

    Yeah, a player fighting hoards and hoards of mobs, with nothing but his sword, and a convenient location where he can't be hurt whatsoever but still can deal damage to the mobs as much as he wants. You do know how a mob trap works, right?

    I agree whole-heartily with the original post.
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    posted a message on Better NPCs - Bringing more life to the land-squidwards!

    Here's a quick little GUI I mocked up. I didn't include everything you had in your example, (because if I had everything would be way too cluttered) but I included the things I thought were the most relevant.

    The faction name appears in the purple box at the top of the GUI. If the name doesn't fit the text box, like in this case, the first few letters of it will appear and be followed by an ellipse, and if the player hovers their cursor over the name, the ellipse will disappear and the text will scroll to the left to reveal the entire name. Same goes for the actual villager's name, which appears in a tan box right below the faction name.

    Health and hunger is shown in the top two corners. In order to differentiate the graphics between a player's and a villager's health/hunger meter, the hearts appear in tan, and the mutton has been replaced by apples. (this specific change was made mostly because of the presence of wheat in a typical village as opposed to animal farms, leading me to believe they don't eat meat)

    A text box continues below the faction and name of the villager. If the villager mentions the player's name, it will appear light blue instead of gray. If not all of the text can fit in the space of the text bubble, the player may press the arrow buttons that appear to scroll through it.

    The speech bubble comes from a small icon of the villager's face. (which in review should be a little bigger) The coloration of the face, as well as the expression, displays the mood the villager is in.

    To the right of the icon is a reputation bar and level. (the graphics of in need of a serious revamp) Pretty obvious what they are, I'm sure.

    Below the chat is the trading system. Within the tan boxes are the proposed transaction, and the gray boxes are where the player may place and receive items involved with the trade. The left gray box is where the player places what he wishes to trade the villager, and the opposite box is where the villager items may be found.

    In the upper left hand corner below the hearts is a gifting box. Here player's may gift an item to a villager by placing it in the box and then selecting the "OK" button below.

    ~ additional edit ~

    Here's a slightly edited image, with a reputation bar that's easier on the eye, and a rearranged reputation level number & larger icon.

    ~ additional edit ~

    And there's two alternative GUI's, with the color changed to model that of a villager's skin color.

    ~ additional edit ~

    Another alternate, this one with the actual villager's face in place of the icon.
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    posted a message on Unorganized Ideas (mostly uses for items with few/no uses)
    Quote from Jaden1291

    What? Crying Obsidian is originally used as a spawn point...but Beds are introduced, but Jeb said that he wants the Crying Obsidian back. So, why you want to use a spawn block as a portal frame?

    What's your point? ...

    It's not a spawn block. It was intended to be one, and it was never implemented because of beds. So this is a different use for it. Why should it work exactly like beds and serve no new purpose?
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    posted a message on Unorganized Ideas (mostly uses for items with few/no uses)
    Crafting a glass bottle/potion with a stick above it and string above the stick will turn it into a splash potion bottle/splash potion. Brewing gunpowder into a splash potion causes it to become an explosive splash potion. Splash potions effect only entities that come in contact with the splash potion bottle itself. Explosive splash potions effect the area around their impact.

    Blaze Rods
    Can be used as a weapon, catches enemies on fire (impact deals 1 heart of damage, fire gradually deals 1/2 heart of damage, up to 2 hearts of damage from fire, adding up to 3 damage maximum from a single strike)

    Can be used to craft Phoenix Arrows (recipe is the same as arrows, with blaze rod replacing stick, phoenix feather replacing feather, and coal/charcoal replacing flint)

    Can be used to craft a Phoenix Bow (recipe is the same as wooden bow, with blaze rods replacing sticks, tortured calamari replacing string)

    Can be used to craft Ignition Rails (recipe is the same as rails, with blaze rod replacing stick)

    Phoenix Arrows
    Arrows only able to be fired from a phoenix bow. Deal half damage compared to typical arrows, but travel twice as far and quick, and inflict fire damage to entities, which deals 1 heart worth of damage every second for 5 seconds. Only can be fired when the phoenix bow is fully charged.

    Phoenix Bow
    Can't be enchanted with Flame. Only able to fire phoenix arrows. Only can fire a shot when fully charged. Has twice a bow's typical durability.

    Can be used to craft Flame Bellows (same recipe as dispenser, only with phoenix bow replacing bow, flint and steel replacing redstone, and nether brick replacing cobblestone)

    Phoenix Feathers
    Drop from Phoenix mob.

    Used to craft phoenix arrows and phoenix tomb (same recipe as book and quill, with phoenix feather replacing feather, and tortured calamari replacing ink sack)

    Tortured Calamari
    Drop from Ghasts.

    Used to craft phoenix bow, phoenix tomb, and leeching rods (recipe same as a fishing rod's, with tortured calamari replacing string, and bones replacing sticks)

    Flame Bellows
    Mechanism that spews flames when powered with a redstone current. Can face any direction, power can not be received from it's front end.

    Ignition Rails
    Minecart rails which ignite minecarts full of gunpowder/TNT when they pass over it.

    Phoenix Tomb
    Casting book that releases fire charges in a straight line directly in front of the player. Must be charged up like a bow. Fire charges only released at full charge.

    Minecart with Gunpowder
    Crafted with a minecart and 6 gunpowder surrounding it. Will immediately explode when ignited with flint and steel, ignition rails, or upon contact with fire/lava.

    Minecart with TNT
    Crafted with a minecart below TNT. Will be primed when ignited with flint and steel, ignition rails, or upon contact with fire/lava.

    Leeching Rod
    A fishing rod varient, which will capture dead fish and angler fish in water sources.

    Phoenix [mob]
    Uncommon mob appearing in the Nether only. Spawns in "Nests", naturally generated structures only found in the nether, which appear as floating, bowl-like formations of netherrack with glowstone stalactites stemming out from below. Will occasionally leave it's perch and fly around lava falls, sometimes diving into lava pools, catching itself on fire, and then gliding across netherrack land masses, setting blocks (and mobs) on fire. Afterwards, will return to it's specific nest. Will move onto a different nest, or fly around aimlessly, if nest is destroyed. Moves extremely quickly, and has 12 hearts of health. Drops 4-12 phoenix feathers, 0-1 obsidian, and 1-2 coal.

    Dead Fish
    Can be crafted into 2 bones, and can be used to attract a cat. Will attract both ocelots and wolves, and can be fed to either.

    Angler Fish
    Can be consumed to increase hunger by 2, or cooked to turn it into cooked angler fish, which increases hunger by 4. Can be crafted into 1 glowstone dust. Can be used to tame/feed an ocelot/cat.

    4 flint in a square formation creates 1 block of flint. Flint blocks would solely be used for aesthetics.

    Ghast Tear
    A block of obsidian with an ender pearl above it and a ghast tear below it will create a block of crying obsidian.

    Crying Obsidian
    Crying obsidian can be arranged in the formation of a typical nether portal to create a complex portal system. Entering one crying obsidian portal will allow the user to transport to any other crying obsidian portal in the world. It could also possibly replenish a user's health.
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    posted a message on Terrain Seeds Are Useless! And Here's Why (Poll Added)
    My guess/hope is that terrain generation was simplified for structures. A village would generate pretty oddly with the old terrain, wouldn't it? ...but that's still no reason to not bring back the old generation. (especially for those gravel beaches)

    Jens should either dedicate an update to the generation of terrain and structures, or update them back and forth over a span of updates. I'd rather a dedicated update, but the latter is probably a more likely choice.

    [I'd also like to see varied underground terrain, but that's for a later time, down the road]
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    posted a message on ❖VITALITY❖ Pure Survival! [Vanilla] [Dedicated] [Mature] [24/7] [Extreme Biomes] [Essentials] [Lockette]
    ING: CardboardPixel
    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    location: Maryland, United States
    Reason: Appreciate the lack of several plugins & focus on vanilla gameplay.
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    posted a message on Active Strongholds
    Would they lead down into underground, ruinous strongholds? That would be cool.
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    posted a message on books found in villiges, strongholds, and dungeons!
    I'm hoping Mojang open up some sort of contest that will allow the community to submit their own "books", which if selected could be some of the ones generated in villages, etc. etc.
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    posted a message on Different kinds of Stone underground
    Oh yes. We have our new wood, now would be a great time to add new stone to complement it. If I may, I would like to suggest bismuth to be added as well. Not sure if it should serve a specific purpose or just be for aesthetic sake.
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    posted a message on A Suggetion of Stone Tools
    I've thought the same thing as well. I'd like to see it happen, even if it's just something like coal and charcoal where it's just a name or graphic change.

    In regards to rarekwiebus's post, brick tools actually sound pretty bad ass.
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    posted a message on Best Minecraft Youtubers!!!
    slizeDK and Yogscast.
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    posted a message on Fairly Small Dungeon/Spawner Renovation Concept
    Thank you for your comments. I may make a banner.

    Regarding darkness level, the darkness would simply be the darkest level of light a block could be. If you think it's too dark to navigate, I explored caves without torches for the first 5 days I played Minecraft. It was awesome, and possible. We need a bit of challenge in the game anyways.
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    posted a message on Fairly Small Dungeon/Spawner Renovation Concept
    Just a small idea to make dungeons a bit better.

    Dungeons would be generated within "moat caves", open and expansive caves full of water. The dungeon would look similar to a castle, and would be primarily composed of lunalith stone, lunalith brick, and lunalith shingles. Lunalith stone is a naturally occuring stone that will actually eat away at any light nearby. Thus, it will be shrouded in darkness and be a major hostile mob spawning source. The block could be made into it's brick alternative in a similar manner to making stone bricks from stone. Lunalith shingles could also be crafted, and would be used solely for aesthetics, like lunalith bricks. Both brick and shingle forms of lunalith would still function as their parent block, producing darkness.

    (this image appears extremely small, sorry, just squint your eyes a bit and try to imagine it as a two dimensional recreation of a Minecraft chunk.)

    The lunalith dungeon can be seen in the center of this image. As you may notice, a mob spawner is also found within the dungeon, as is in vanilla Minecraft. However, spawners would act different. They could not be mined; in order to disable them, it would have to receive some form of direct light, such as a torch's light or sunlight. When exposed to light, the spawner would break on it's own, possibly dropping a bundle of any ore in it's most refined form, be it chunks of coal, iron or gold ingots, lapis lazuli slates, ground-up redstone, or freshly cut diamonds. This, though, would require some work. Lunalith also, besides creating darkness, will destroy any light sources within it's own darkness. Glowstone will break into dust, torches will pop off, ect. However, it will not break a light source if only the source's light infiltrates the block's darkness. In this case, it will only cover over the light that passes through. Because of all of this, one would first have to destroy the entire dungeon to rid the area of it's spawner.

    The spawner itself should receive changes. The spawner would slowly destroy any player-placed blocks which surround it. It's the only idea I have for disabling mob traps. Course, one could make it so spawned mobs would fall a long distance into water, then build their mob trap their. To counter that, though, the mob spawner would only be able to spawn mobs on actual ground, meaning players would have to carefully shape the area into a mob trap instead of making one from scratch.

    The two, branching-off towers you may see connected to the main dungeon room were just for aesthetics originally. But maybe instead, they could contain chests, which would then contain valuables. Possibly the chests would be made out of an unknown, jet black material, which would require exposure to light in order to unlock.

    The dark-purple tubes and cage you see in the image above are just little additions I thought would be welcome if Notch ever decides on boss mobs. They are both still made from lunalith stone, they just appear darker to differentiate between them and the main dungeon room. The tubes are hollow, and lead to a large cage farther below the dungeon. In this cage could reside a boss monster. The room would be incredibly dark, and like before, a player would have to destroy the cage before they could place down some lighting. Perhaps, though, the cage-like structure could give the players an advantage in battle, as they could attack from the outside while the boss is too big to fight back. Bats could be introduced into the game, and would spawn upside down on blocks shrouded in darkness. This would make it hard to decide on keeping the cage for an advantage or destroying it to deploy light, as the former would cause bats and other mobs to spawn and the latter would take quite a while and rid you of an advantage.

    While writing this, I realized that lunalith blocks would essentially become spawners themselves. So, perhaps the radius of darkness they produce could be shortened so much that they would only spawn spiders. And then the spawning rate for spawners themselves could be increased.


    If you made it this far, good for you! I apologize for the long, rambling text. The idea continued to grow as I was typing this up, so it might be extremely in-cohesive.

    I also think that I may have used the word "light"/"lightness" at least 25 times. Sorry.

    Open to criticism and suggestions.
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    posted a message on The Ender Species
    Where does the "ender" part come into play? Why not just add golems and bats? Not endergolems and enderbats considering they don't have anything in common with endermen.
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