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    posted a message on Prosdod's Pack version 1.11 (OptiFine/Forge Support): A vibrant, lovely texture pack

    2/20/17: New and pretty complete version for your enjoyment. Expect Quark support to be complete next version!

    DOWNLOAD HERE (1.11.2) Feb 27 '17

    NOTE: This texture pack strives for continual improvement. Your criticism is welcome and appreciated.

    What can you do? Report any unsatisfactory textures or especially egregious missing textures. Your input is appreciated.

    Prosdod's Pack is a texture pack meant to be beautiful and readable. Blocks are generally very similar in nature and palette to the default resource pack so builds should generally read the same between packs. I've tried to give this texture pack a very spacious, airy and vibrant look. It's really quite lovely. Give it a try!

    Zany looking terrain.

    My rather average survival base. You can spot the variety of cobblestone and leaf textures I've added.

    Random sidegrass and dirt textures. It's 4D. Dirt so real you could eat it. Eat this dirt

    Older Screenshots

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    Chipping in, would kill for a mirror limbs command.

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    posted a message on [0.2pre10] The Erebus, dimension of the arthropods [0.2pre10 is out!]
    Has anybody suggested snails and slugs? They may not be ferocious or bitey or yknow, even arthropods, but I'd imagine that large slimy goopy things would thrive in the Erebus provided that they aren't being murdered by wasps.
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    posted a message on Metallurgy - Putting the "Mine" back in "Minecraft"!
    Anybody know the root of the issue that makes everything have "name" at the end of their name?
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    Quote from estradus

    Oh my god....This is really amazing. Hey Jeb and Dinnerbone, can we have this terrain generator instead of the snapshot one?

    I agree wholeheartedly, and after clicking your sig methinks a coupling between this and Cubic Chunks would be incredible!
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    you have no clue how happy i am to find this mod! this is a system i've desired for the longest time, yknow, sensible biome placement. default is so wonky! downloaded in a heartbeat and the terrain i've seen so far is lovely!
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    minecraft PVP is a joke and you all know this

    end of thread
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    Made some sprites for a sunflower.

    keepawn truckin
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    Suggestions, maybe?
    • Scrubland: A patchy desert that dithers the line between Desert and either Plains or Savanna. It has patches of both sand and grass, with tiny cacti, scrubgrass and white flowers. Dry, temperate.
    • Badlands: Rolling sandy hills with the occasional arch, boulder, or pillar made of redrock. Has scrubby grass, full sized cacti and tiny ones too. Dry, hot.
    • Big Tree Forest: a forest that generates big trees only. Comes in both gentle hills and more hilly areas. Moist, temperate.
    Some flora suggestions:
    • Shelf Mushroom: A yellow shelf mushroom that generates on the trunks of trees in moist, temperate areas. Can be made into mushroom soup if mixed with toadstools. Resistant to light.
    • Lichen: A flat block rather like vines that grows on dark, moist stone and wood. Although resistant to light, it can only grow well in the dark.
    • Prickly Pear: A larger crosstexture cactus that grows in sandy biomes. It can be broken for Prickly Pear spawn and a fruit.
    • Sunflower: A pretty flower that can grow to four or five blocks tall. Although it has no real benefits, it sure does raise spirits.
    • Baobab: A stout, proud tree with a trunk that could measure 3-4 blocks thick. It is composed of jungle wood, and it drops Baobab saplings. They grow in the savanna alongside the acacia tree, but are far more rare.
    • Maple and Autumnal Maple: A large deciduous tree that grows in much of the forests. Autumnal maples sport vivid red leaves.

    This mod is rad as hell, by the way. Kudos!
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