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    1. Minecraft IGN: CaptainAirro

    2. Skype: mcairro

    3. Age: 16 (17 in like a month and a half)

    4. Time zone: EST

    5. Why do you wanna be a builder (Or any kind you would like to apply for): I want to be a builder because I want to contribute to this server to help make it grow. I love building and letting my imagination run wild when I do so, that way the creative juices flow enough to create a nice build. I like to pay attention to detail in my builds such as depth, proportions, materials and etc.

    6. What can you do to help us: With being a builder I can help the server grow, build wise. This could help the server advance the launch time. If you would like anymore information that I might have left out, skype me, as I think that is what it is there for :)

    7. Tell us about your experience: Not much experience on previous servers however I am currently an admin on a server right now in which I build to advance the story. These builds are interactive and add to the environment. If you would like to know the server, for background reasons I can tell you on skype.

    8. Do you have any previous work to show us: Yes I do, these are all on the server I was previously talking about:

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