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    posted a message on Double Y Button
    Though this is in the wrong section, he's right. This needs to be fixed.
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    posted a message on Miner Villager Idea!
    Hey guys. So I was thinking, why not have a miner villager to trade with?

    -Only spawns when there's an above ground cave 50 blocks away or less from the village

    -Over time, can make iron golems (if town's natural one was killed)

    (MAYBE)-Can recruit it to mine with you

    TRADE IDEAS (Left = Villager Right = Player)

    8-19 torches - 1 Emerald
    5-11 coal - 1 Emerald
    1 Diamond - 3 Emeralds
    Stack of 64 cobblestone - 2 Emeralds
    Half broken, enchanted pickaxe - 7 Emeralds

    What do you think of this idea? I'll keep updating this as comments go by!
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    posted a message on Hosting Hunger Games. Need people.
    GT: Cany0udance
    I already sent you a friend request though.
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    posted a message on NEW RPG Server Tuntra AWESOME
    Eastern Time USA, online often
    One mic (not a Kinect)
    Agree like a boss
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    posted a message on Hosting many fun MCXBL things! (Hunger Games, Spleef, etc)
    Hello guys, as you can tell by the title, I will be hosting many fun Minecraft things. These include:
    -Hunger Games
    -Moving Challenge (We move multiple times at appropriate times and each time we move we get to bring about 7 items with us and the previous house gets destroyed)
    -Slender Minecraft Edition
    -Team Deathmatch
    -Capture the Torch
    -Ranged Battles
    -Buckets (You can only use buckets of lava, water or milk and poison to kill enemies)
    -Much more

    So if you want to participate in these events add me on Xbox Live
    GT: Cany0udance
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    posted a message on Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Request/Suggestion Thread
    -Tamable monsters (Skeletons, Zombies, Endermen)
    -Zombies attacking animals and have a 10% chance to turn them into hostile zombie animals
    -VILLAGE GUARDS (Villagers in Iron armor and wood or iron swords that attack zombies, skeletons and spiders and you if you kill too many villagers)
    -The ability to put armor on tamed wolves
    -Hostile baby Endermen
    That's all I have
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    posted a message on XBOX SERVER
    Hey guys, I am hosting a Xbox 360 Minecraft server. I will be on it as much as I can and so far it's going great. I just need more player. If you would like to join, please add Cany0udance on Xbox Live and message me. Thank you for your time.
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    posted a message on Can't update minecraft?
    Ok so I bought Minecraft and for some reason my version was 1.2.5 (maybe because I used to play on minecraftforfree.com?) and i logged in an pressed force update and it said User Not Premium! Why is this?
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