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    posted a message on Good Seeds?

    ^^ good advice

    Personally, if I was starting a server, I would actually try & google seeds that give maps that have most of the main biomes within xxxx blocks from 0,0 (it depends if you are setting a world border or not)

    [I would also try & find a seed that had an Island at/near 0,0 for the spawn hub to replace it & let players sail to the biomes around it]

    If you have a world border then this way players can get a majority of the resources without having to explore too far..

    Sometimes you MAY get a seed in AMIDST that doen't have a particular biome (it's rare but can happen) within your world border, meaning that players won't be able to get a certain resource (eg I had a seed that had no Jungle biome within a 10,000 block (-5000 to +5000) world border - yeah I know it was a small world)

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    Anyway back on topic - on the server I'm a moderator on, we have a few 'guidelines' but mainly it boils down to:-

    - If it is very obvious that the player is using hacks - Xray, Kill-aura, Fly etc then it's a permban no matter what & no begging to be allowed to come back will be accepted.. even the usual 'but it was my brother who used my account that did it', or 'I didn't know I had hacks on' don't cut it

    - If its obtaining a player trust & then griefing that players claim (we have claim protection plugin) - Then it's a tempban of 1wk for first offence, then 2wks for 2nd offence & then 1mth then Permban

    We generally consider 1st offence as a 'Player didn't know/didn't read rules', 2nd offence as 'Player forgot', 3rd offence as 'Maybe player forgot (again)' & 4th offence is 'That player must know by now & they're trying it on'

    Sometime we also 'accumulate' offences (depending on the moderator who's dealing with a player), so if a player steals from a Pvp then griefs a claim in one play session then we'd consider it as 2 offences & give them a 2wk ban straight away - especially if they are warned after the first offence by a mamber of staff

    - If its stealing from another player (either from claim/PvP or whatever) - The thief is approached & ask to return items/warned it's against our rules UNLESS other player accept 'winner takes all'.. if not then Items are taken from thief inventory & then banned the same way as if griefing.

    Sometimes players don't claim fully & tend to have chests just outside their claim & some other player may find it & takes stuff from it

    - We would usually ask the thieving player to return the stuff if it is obvious that the chest was meant to be part of the other players claim & the playe just forgot to expand their claim.

    If the thief does return the stuff then they just get a 'slap on the hand' & no ban is applied.

    If they don't within a time limit - then the usual theiving ban rules apply

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    posted a message on Launching the Game Failed!

    Not an expert but a Google search shows that 'jopt-simple' seems to be part of Java

    (the definition of it is 'JOpt Simple is a Java library for parsing command line options')

    It looks like you may have version v4.5 installed, however I have v4.6 on my PC - although it's not a Win 10 machine.

    maybe the Mod pack or the Twitch program has an older version that's causing the problem ??

    Have you checked to see if Java is up to date??

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    Quick Question what version of minecraft are you trying it on..

    Villager breeding changed in Minecraft 1.14 so older versions of a breeder won't work

    In <=1.13 villagers needed 'Homes' to breed - & by the sound of it this is the version you're trying to do.

    A 'home' is considered legit IF a door has one side of it EXPOSED TO AIR with the other side covered with at least 1 block and you would need (iirc) 5 'homes' for every 2 villagers

    In 1.14 the major change is that Villagers now breed based on the number of free BEDS available.. you need 3 beds for 2 grown villagers (one for each villager & 1 for the baby). You can had a breeder work continuosly if you figure out a way to 'remove' the baby from the breeding area quickly

    The 'cloud' usually indicates that the villagers are unhappy about something - which is usually there's not enough beds available for the number of villagers in the area.
    I'm not sure but I THINK a villager can detect beds within a 24block radius (even behind walls) meaning even though you may have only 2 villagers in a room with 3 beds, there may be other villagers nearby 'claiming' those beds for themselves

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    posted a message on XRay Mod (1.6.4 - 1.11) ( Vanilla/Forge/LiteLoader )
    Quote from T1Cybernetic»

    Here is a discord url that will not expire ;) https://discord.gg/RtxUkC9

    Thanks for that I'd forgot to select the 'never expire' option

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    posted a message on Is it possible to make a mechanism like this? (2 levers, 1 door)

    Sounds like you need a simple 'NAND' gate (Not AND) to open a door.
    Maybe something like attached picture

    When both switches are up (off) then redstone torches stay on

    - which powers the blocks above

    - which in turn powers the redstone dust

    - which turns OFF the redstone torch on the side (above door)

    Leaving the door closed

    When ANY ONE levers is down (ON), the other lever is still OFF which keeps the redstone torch above it lit

    - in turn keeping the redstone dust powered & keeping the torch above door OFF

    When BOTH levers are down, both redstone torches turn off, UN-powering the redstone dust & causing the side redstone torch to come on

    - in turn opens the door

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    posted a message on XRay Mod (1.6.4 - 1.11) ( Vanilla/Forge/LiteLoader )
    Quote from Shourin»

    Hasn't been online since Dec, 14 2017. almost 2 years. I think it's safe to say that this mod is abandoned or discontinued. Hate to see this mod go.

    So sad you've not been on for a while.. but here's a quick update....

    Firstly there IS an unofficial xray support for this mod

    - we're currently up to 1.14.4, & it's been kept updated by DromarLe

    ou'll find them all @ https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5v6x64zl4irqq/xray

    There's also a fan-created Discord channel set up @ https://discord.gg/NmxhD7 for help with the Mod, with links to the mod along with guides in installation

    The only bad news is that currently this mod WILL NOT WORK with other Mod-loaders such as Fabric & Forge

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    posted a message on Crashing on startup | Lava Flow (Runs sometimes but rarely)
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    This is completely incorrect - 2 GB is NOT the total system memory but the maximum amount that Java can allocate (-Xmx2G), while 83 MB is the actual amount of memory currently being used and 224 MB is the maximum amount that the JVM has allocated so far out of the maximum set by Xmx. For example, below is a screen shot taken with -Xmx512M - my computer (or any reasonably modern computer) certainly doesn't have just 499 MB of memory available; 224 MB is the amount currently being used and 263 MB is the maximum that has been used so far (this should not reach the maximum allocated):

    Also, as suggested by Tails, this is an issue caused by bad drivers, as every time I see this issue they always have an AMD GPU, suggesting that there is a general issue with their drivers, perhaps because it doesn't properly clean the old drivers when an update is installed (except when it really is caused by a too-large resource pack, since any GPU has a maximum texture size that it can handle, but this should never be an issue with the default pack); note that 32x32 is the default resolution for the flowing lava and water textures as they are handled differently from normal textures (the texture is tiled 2x2 times per frame as flowing liquids need 1.4 times the texture size to fit along a diagonal), which may be a source of confusion over whether a resource pack is involved, but none are listed in the crash report).

    I stand corrected

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    posted a message on Crashing on startup | Lava Flow (Runs sometimes but rarely)

    A google search came up with a mojang bug report for a different version of Minecraft..

    One of the replies was


    This crash is caused when a texture being loaded is too large for the graphics card to handle. This most commonly occurs when users attempt to install a 512 resolution pack, such as Sphax PureBD Craft.

    To correct this issue, remove the pack (or rename it), and perhaps try one with a smaller resolution.

    Resource packs may be access by opening the launcher, clicking Edit Profile -> Open Game Dir, and opening the resourcepacks directory.

    If that doesn't work, your system likely does not meet the minimum requirements to play Minecraft. Try to update your Graphic Card Drivers and Java.'

    I know you say you don't have any resource pack installed, but what are your graphic drivers like - are they up to date ??

    Another bug report show :'Try updating your amd graphics driver'

    It looks as though you have a AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics .. not sure if it's a 200/300 or 400 series but the latest 400 series driver seems to be v19.11.3 - without a DXDiag report we can't tell what version you have installed

    EDIT: a further search & it seems you may have a 'AMD A9-9420 RADEON R5' which according to the search is a 'entry-level chip from the Stoney-Ridge APU series for notebooks'.
    .are you trying to run minecraft on a laptop ??, if so maybe you're running out of memory due to the CPU & Graphics card sharing laptop RAM

    I can't be sure but it looks like you have 2GB of memory [up to 2147483648 bytes (2048 MB)] & have assigned 2Gb to running Java [-Xmx2G ] which doesn't leave anything for your graphics card (It looks like you have either 83Mb or 224Mb of memory free [87585248 bytes (83 MB) / 234881024 bytes (224 MB)]

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    posted a message on Сrash

    Never seen this before but a google search of 'GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_ATTACHMENT' (which to me seems to be something to do with graphic drivers)seems to come up wiith some possibilities

    1."Post a DXDiag report - it might be your drivers are out of date"

    2. "Try deleting "options.txt" in the .minecraft folder and try again."

    3. "you either dont have the latest video driver, or you are running the basic drivers(the ones from windows update) that dont include opengl

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    posted a message on 1.14 Iron Farm not spawning golems

    Cant tell clearly from the picture but to me it looks as though the half slabs over the villagers is too low

    It looks like you may have a upper halfslab just above the villagers while it needs to be a lower half slab a block above to allow the villagers to 'bounce up' so that they can see the zombie pass the trapdoor

    My custom design not exactly the same as the one you built but you should be able to see there's a 1/2 slab gap above the villagers in mine while you don't

    As for villagers sleeping/not sleeping - it happens normally.. I think it's a bug in the system since my Villagers tend to randomly not sleep either

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    posted a message on Custom 1.14 Texture Pack loads and uses vanilla textures.

    How are you zipping up the package ??
    I had a problem with my custom pack not being recognised until I figured out that the folder structure of the zipped pack was wrong when I compressed it

    IF I selected the folder that contains all the files > Right Clicked > Selected 'Bandizip' > "Compress to Fojo.zip" :- it didn't work,


    IF I first Opened the folder > select all files shown inside it (In my case this was 'assets' [folder],'pack.mcmeta' & 'pack.png') > Right clicked > Selected Bandizip > 'Compress to Fojo.zip' - I end up with an additional zip file in the folder which when used in minecraft does work

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    posted a message on Who else remembers the Minecraft Handbooks?
    Quote from Hexalobular»

    Keep looking, I'm seeing them for as low as 1$ each on Ebay.


    £0.20 on Amazon!

    Yeah I've seen them too (mainly they're 'used' versions though) but I was just so suprised to see a box set of 'updated' books going for that stupid ridiculous amount of money. It's not as though these books are considered 'rare collectables'

    .... Who the heck would spend THAT amount of money for these books

    I'm also curious to what HAS been 'updated' in the (newer) books - does anyone know

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    posted a message on DanTDM hardcore survival

    It looks like he never used a seed.. According to the first video of the series it was a randomly created one (see 1:16)

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    posted a message on Who else remembers the Minecraft Handbooks?
    Quote from epiccrystal06»

    I still have all four! I have just found them and decided to ask the forums about it

    There was 4 of them !!!!!!

    *Starts looking through bookshelf*

    OMG I'm missing the original 'Combat' Handbook

    *Quick look on Amazon*

    WTF !!! I see a complete set of UPDATED version (I wonder what been updated on them?? ) is £174 !!! (& that's for 'Used')

    *Faints in disbelief*
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