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    Quote from anirudh_010»

    I also want to know the same......

    Will it work on fabric??


    This mod is NOT modloader compatible (forge/Fabric etc) since version minecraft 1.12

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    Found this one that includes 1.16 stuff that might help (not looked at it myself properly though)
    not sure if it's what you're looking for


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    4. Make temperature affect the player in negative ways like two hot or too cold.(if too cold maybe wear armor)

    I like the idea of too hot/ too cold to affect the player - but there should be a gamerule/option to allow player to turn on/off the option (maybe in 'hard' mode - temperature affect player but in normal it doesn't ??)

    The 'too cold' bit where you have to wear armour.. not 100% sure I like that bit but maybe if it affect the hunger or the speed of the player then maybe.

    for example: If it's too cold (or too hot) & player is 'outside' (exposed to sky) then maybe your walking speed could be slightly slower than normal or your hunger/stamina drops slightly faster (if you're underground then you're not exposed to the sky so you're back to normal speed/stamina rates)

    In a cold biome then having a fire 'nearby' (anything with a flame so a torch would do) keeps your speed/stamina normal (lets say if you're ~20-30 blocks to it). If it's too hot then maybe having a 'water supply' nearby (1x1 water hole, a well, a filled cauldron etc) within ~20-30 block keeps you normal.

    This is easy to achieve (you need to build a farm at some point so that would have water & normally you'd light up your base so you have the light/heat)
    You could maybe expand this idea.. If you have torches in your inventory or maybe watermelon/water bucket etc then the affects don't get applied either

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    posted a message on World Downloader Mod - Create backups of your builds on multiplayer servers!
    Quote from meikehd»

    I try to install for 1.16.1 but it didn't work. If i place the folder in the "Loader mod map" it didnt work. Idk how i can fix it for 1.16.1 can somebody helps me?

    Excuse me for my bad english :P

    I assume you downloaded the 'baseedit' version ('mod-worlddownloader-baseedit-') however I don't understand what you mean by ''If i place the folder in the "Loader mod map"'

    On the first post of this thread there are 2 installation method described.. One for MultiMC & the other is for the official Standard Minecraft launcher..
    Which one are you using ??

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    posted a message on Can anyone help me with installing baritone on 1.12.2?

    Sounds like someone wants to use a hacked client - hopefully not on a server - otherwise don't be surprized when your account is banned

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    posted a message on My villager wont change profession
    Quote from theoofertaffy»

    yes his arms are green! so im guessing this is my problem. i've never heard of nitwit villager? is it the the Wikipedia?



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    posted a message on XRay Mod (1.6.4 - 1.11) ( Vanilla/Forge/LiteLoader )

    It should.. but only if you've actually 'seen' ancient debris.

    If you don't see ancient debris in the config menu then you need to use xray & once ancient debris is seen it will populate the config menu.

    Then you make sure it's selected so that it's visible.

    The other thing is - is the world you're playing a pre 1.16 world ?? If so you have to visit chunks that never been generated to allow ancient debris to spawn in - or is it on a server ??.. they may have some plugin to prevent xraying

    One thing you could do is start a single player 1.16 map in creative & 'give' yourself ancient debris - place some of them down & then use xray.. this should then populate the config menu

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    posted a message on [1.16.1]Mobs freezing in place when I go to high

    It might have something to do with Mob spawning distances

    According to the Wiki (https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Spawn#Despawning) there's a picture showing Spawning/Despawning distances which shows "based on a Spherical regions centered on the player" these distances

    16m (blocks) - Inside Mob spawners active

    24m (blocks) - Outside, Mobs will spawn randomly

    32 m (blocks) - Outside, Mobs don't move and can despawn randomly
    12m (blocks) Outside, Mobs despawn immediately

    I'm assuming your collection zone is somewhere between 32 blocks to 128 blocks away from your AFK spot, meaning the mobs will fall down & won't move (plus some may despawn at random times) until you get within 32 blocks away & thats when they start to move & because they're were all in one spot original then they 'bump' against each other & glitch through the walls/'explode'...

    What type of 'collection system' do you have.. is it just a platform with walls and all mobs are squeezed into one spot & not being killed automatically ??

    EDIT: someone beat me to it while I was typing..

    Anyway the 'haveafk 128 blocks away' stuff is basically means you build the farms 128 blocks away from any OTHER possible spawn locations to give your spawning platforms the best efficiency.

    So you build your afk platform in the sky @ 129, mobs on the ground will not be able to spawn giving your platforms (which should be within the 32blk) a higher spawn rate

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    posted a message on do not need more
    Quote from FirEmerald»

    can you people even read?
    from the TOP of the crashlog: Something crashed the event bus earlier in the loading stage. This is NOT a Cooking for Blockheads issue! Scroll up in your latest.log to find the real crash log.

    It could be Blockheads is conflicting with one of the other mods.. by removing blockheads & seeing if game works then you'll know something is wrong...

    Then you'll have to remove ALL the other mods - Add Blockheads , then add each mod ONE AT A TIME until the crash occurs again... Then you'll know which mod is causing the conflict

    It also says

    Scroll up in your latest.log to find the real crash log.
    which to me seems that the actual crash error was listed before this line & since you didn't post the lines above this we'll have no idea what it may be

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    posted a message on [Concept] :- World (Re)Generating when Minecraft Updates
    Quote from silveroug2»

    I'm pretty sure there are programs that can already almost do this, MCEDIT can set chunks to be regenerated and worldpainter shows all chunks with player modified blocks. MCEDIT might be best as it shows those player built structures but it might be a bit tedious to find them all.

    Hence my suggestion - Worldedit IS tedious having to try & find ALL player builds- also it's not been updated (AFAIK) to anything after 1.12
    EDIT: as Themastercaver has already said
    I was suggesting some program that could do most of this tedious work automatically but didn't rely on a lot of 'tweaking' to get the results you want.

    My idea was to compare a Vanilla map with the server map & highlight chunks with changes & highlight them.. Perhaps with different colours based on how different they were & whether they contained blocks not normally found.

    Thamastercaver suggestion above sounds a little bit like what I was suggesting (although it sounds like a lot of tweaking is required to get the results you want) but as said.. doesn't work with newer MC versions.

    I did notice however the source code is available on Github.. Maybe a programmer could take on the challenge & update it ??

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    posted a message on [Concept] :- World (Re)Generating when Minecraft Updates

    Ok this is probably not even possible but I've got an idea which I'd like to suggest.

    One of the main problems I've seen on SMP servers is the problem Admins have when Mojang creates a world update - in this case the Nether update .

    They seem to have a problem deciding whether to create a totally new world - effectively wiping out any builds online players have done..


    Stick with the original world that already been fully explored & has no new chunks that can be created (Some servers have 'fixed world borders')

    Admins COULD create a new world & copy/paste chunks of builds from the old server map files but this could probably take a lot of time & many builds could be missed accidentally

    There IS also a way to removed explored chunks & get the game to regen those using the newer world-gen update (PythonGB did a Youtube video waaaay back explaining how to do this), but the problem here is finding all the players builds & making a note of the chunks they're in

    - keeping those & then deleting everywhere else in the world file that hasn't been built on.


    My idea is this

    - What if there was a program that could generate a vanilla/virgin world - based on the servers seed & the version it was originally created on (Something like how AMIDST does it) - then compare all the chunks from this virgin world with the existing servers world map

    The program can then either highlight:-

    > Any chunks that are similar between the existing & virgin worlds

    > Any chunks that are vastly different to each other


    > ANY chunks that have certain non-naturally generated blocks (for example quartz blocks in the overworld / stone slabs in the nether / beacons / Trees in the end etc)

    The Admin can look at these highlighted chunks & then make an 'educated decision' if there's a build there or not - maybe the program could have something like realtime map generation like 'Bluemap' which Admin can zoom in to see if there is a build or not (although Bluemap only shows above ground builds.. maybe there's something that can show below ground as well)

    The Admin could then make a decision & highlight/select each chunk (or Area) they like to delete & let the program delete those chunks

    - Admin can upload a copy of the modified map (after making a backup of course) to the server so that the next time someone visits a chunk that had been deleted - it will gets 're-genned' using the version of Minecraft that the server is currently running

    - This in turn will update the map to include the newer blocks/biomes etc but still keep existing player builds.

    There will probably be weird world gen glitches, but I guess players would put up with this if they can get the new blocks but still keep their existing builds

    It would still take time for the Admin to compare the worlds, but IMHO doing most of the comparison automatically would cut down the time drastically

    What do you think ?
    Any programmers out there willing to take the challenge ?

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    posted a message on What do those sounds mean?
    Quote from teaglass1»

    That mob guy wasn't either a zombie or a piglin or a skeleton. It looked human.

    Maybe it was Herobrine..

    also can you confirm... r u playing the Java version or the Bedrock edition ??

    You've posted in Java forum, but you have 'Bedrock' as a tag which use to be called the MCPE version & if so should've been posted in the MC Pocket Edition forum

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    posted a message on minecraft crashing

    At a guess either it's your JAVA at fault (there's a LOT of JAVA errors) or Optifine

    Since your optifine version is a 'preview' version - I would try removing that first (or create a new vanilla 1.16.1) as it may be buggy

    Never heard of 'adoptopen' java b4 but make sure you have latest version (I have oracle Java version installed)

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    posted a message on Raytracing for Java

    However not many people have pc powerful enough to do full raytracing..

    We have 'Shaders' & IIRC Nvidia did bring out 'RTX' rendering for minecraft - so we're heading in that direction - even though RTX seems to have some problems with 'normal' maps

    The NVIDIA examples were 'specially developed' maps to show off the rendering so these were probably 'tweaked/hacked' to show of the maps in the best possible way showing al the features that are possible

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    posted a message on Legacy launcher wont launch new Minecraft Versions
    Quote from calmcreeper360»

    Thank you man for that link this helped me a lot its all working now cause i was able to donload a even newer version of the legacy launcher that finally works with 1.15.2

    thank you so much

    NP - glad to of helped

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