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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Water Shader alpha v5b
    There is, of course, the factor of if the modder has made an announcement concerning an update - that should be considered too. In this case Necro has already stated a timeframe when the mod should hopefully be updated, so to ask again after that announcement would then surely just come across as pushy? Better then to simply sit back, wait, and offer encouragement or feedback when able.

    But yeah, I agree with you completely on those points bro, wish more people in this thread would read your post lol.

    You have proven an amazingly amazing point...

    Thank you Rhymane Flameheart and TheGamerRenegade. It's good to see some people agree with what I have to say.
    And you're totally right Rhymane, the announcement concerning an update is an important factor which should be taken into consideration. Thanks for sharing your view.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Water Shader alpha v5b
    You know what I find more annoying than 'please update this'?
    People complaining about people who say that. The way they say it makes it out that they are better than everyone else.

    If people want a mod updated, in my opinion they should have the right to rquest that it be updated. They'd only ask if it were a great mod, such as this one.

    But bear in mind that theres a difference between a small and simple request; and a caps-locked spam of update requests involving death threats and endless exlamation marks followed by a couple of number 1's.

    By the way, if you're going to respond to this, keep calm. No need to blow up at me.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And I'm guessing a lot of you won't agree with what I have to say. Speak your view; don't yell it.
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    posted a message on [Jul.08] Rei's Minimap v3.4_01
    Hey Rei/Marik, I have a suggestion:
    You know how you gave the option to change the texture to Zans Minimap?
    Do you reckon that you could add more? You could add extra folders to the reifnsk -> minimap folder, and call them custom1, 2, 3 etc that could be edited by the user? They could be changed over in the "Texture" option under "Minimap Options" in the in-game menu.
    The ability to name these would be cool too, but thats not a priority.
    Thanks for reading this.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] The Tri Mod [WIP][V1.1]
    Quote from LSachetta

    No pics, no explanation, no nothing...smells like a giant heaping load of virus

    Thats not how you go about things here. You request pics or a better explanation and don't download until you think its legitamite enough to do so.
    Don't go accusing until you know the facts, mate.
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