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    Username: Zekhartha

    Age: 20

    Proof of you playing survival: The pictures you see below are from an Xbox Realm I run. If you would like for me to take pictures showing my HUD, I can do that as well.

    Tell us a little about you: I'm a huge Minecraft fan and recently got a brand new laptop. Of course, Minecraft Java Edition was the first thing I purchased, now I just need to get accustomed to the new controls and how everything works. So far I've figured out how to use Textures and Shaders. I even have a solo survival world with cool mods like Plenty of Biomes and Mo' Creatures. I just want to have a fun community to play with and learn from!

    Questions about the server: None, really.

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    posted a message on Reverted Wool Textures

    Doing pixel art is now a nightmare with the new wool.. :(

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    So I play in a survival world that I've had for quite a while now. It was built when the TU31 tutorial world was still around and is in that tutorial world. I've been wanting to open it up to other people and let them have fun in it too. I just need help with some bigger projects. Please note the following things below before joining:

    Things To Know About the World:

    - This world is in a tutorial world

    - At the beginning of the world, I did duplicate, but that is no longer allowed

    - It will always stay on normal difficulty

    - All achievements can still be gotten

    - I typically use the normal texture pack or the Natural texture pack

    - Me and my girlfriend run the server


    - No griefing

    - No cheating/modding

    - No graphic builds

    - Ask before building and where you are allowed to do so

    - Only the hosts or moderators may enter houses without permission

    - Community chests are open to everyone, taking or leaving items

    - Ask before spawning the Wither/Enderdragon

    - All mob spawners are open to everyone, unless marked otherwise

    - Killing owned/penned pets/animals are not allowed

    - Breaking beds is not allowed

    Being caught doing any of these will most likely result in a kick or ban from world

    Extra Rules:

    Racism, sexism, homophobia, religious and political veiws are STRICTLY banned in all chats with the host and other players. Foul language is fine, but using derogatory terms on someone else or their build will result in an immediate ban from the party and server. Basically say all the cusswords you want, but leave all of the above out of conversations. We're all adults here after all.

    Prerequisites Before Joining:

    - Must be 15+ years old (there may be some exceptions, just be mature ok?)

    - Mics are optional but are greatly appreciated

    How To Join:

    - Message UhOhDaddy on Xbox One that you are interested in joining

    - If I reply feel free to add me and I will do the same

    About the Host:

    - I'm 18 years old

    - My name is Jack

    - My GT is UhOhDaddy

    - I have a girlfriend who also plays and hosts, UhOhDollFace

    - I'm a transgender male, female to male transformation (feel free to ask me about it)

    - Feel free to follow my social media

    Twitter - @jackdaddyvi

    Instagram - @uhohprettyboy

    I'm excited to see new players coming to help out! See you in the server :)

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