About Me

Despite having joined in 2017, I've actually been viewing this forum for quite a long time, I've just not got around to making an account. (Partially because of Twitch.)

I like to overreact to things for comedic effect, like posting an image when only a small sentence is needed.

I use Linux, don't expect me to be that big of a computer nerd, though, because I'm still learning.

Tips for new suggesters or forum posters, written by me:

Fix that block of text with some formatting. You have a range of options, including Bold, Italic, and Underline font, as well as changing font sizes and the convenient Enter button. You could also try changing the colors of some of your text, but I don't advise doing this because it looks childish and silly.

You don't need to put four or five lines of text in a spoiler. At the very least a spoiler deserves three paragraphs, otherwise you can just include whatever you have in a spoiler in your main post. Speaking of paragraphs, you should make your paragraphs three to five lines long. Any shorter or longer and your eyes want to skim over possibly important details.

And when you've gone through and formatted your post, notice the worlds with red underline. If you right-click them, you will usually get a few results on how to actually spell the words you are looking for. If you can't right-click them because you are using a phone, please, I beg you, switch to a computer. Phones are for voice mail, not forum posting.

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