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    posted a message on Mixed biome of default trees and red oak trees

    I think this is good but the wood stairs slabs etc. are too similar to acacia. I would suggest a redder shade, more similar to jungle wood.

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    posted a message on Nether Tools - Tools made from items found within the Nether
    Jeb said no new tiers, so good luck with that. Maybe Microsoft could help you.
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    posted a message on [ LUMIACRAFT ] Creative! Survival!

    The community looks awesome!
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    posted a message on Calamari, squid food source (squid update if idea is implemented, of course its not lol)
    Perfect! I can't wait ti'll the team at Mojang see this
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    posted a message on Creeper Lovers!
    A poem for creepers

    You came from a pig, might be a mistake

    He gave you four feet, and no arms to bake

    He colored you green, and made you seem mean

    He filled you with sulfur, made your appearance vulgar,

    He gave you so bad a reputation,

    A horrible hiss to go along with it,

    But your wish is none, few have realized this so,

    For all you want is to simply hug us...

    So if that is all your desire is

    Let us, embrace your broken hearts!
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    posted a message on Redstone and Coal decor.

    I've always wanted a red block and a better way to store my coal. This would be very welcome and; why not?
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    posted a message on Lets talk about how we can improve Ocean Biomes. Now with Swamp Biome Ideas!
    I agree with all of the above.

    But I think that waht should be added is Volcanic Islands!

    These would be humungous mountains of stone with lava spewing out the top, and the area sorrounding it would be much like the jungle biome. They contain Palm Trees, which are a new tree with leaves that spread way out in spikes. There would be a new type of leaf, wich would appear to be made of spikes. The logs would look like jungle logs, but with bands of a slightly lighter color at the top and bottom. Palm trees would have a 20% chance of spawning with either Bananas or Coconuts. There may only be Coconuts or bananas on a given tree.

    Bananas spawn in bunches which can drop 2-5 bananas. Bananas would restore one hunger, with zero saturation. Coconuts can spawn on the trees.Coconuts can be drank for 3 hunger points, 2 points of saturation. Coconuts can be comined with snow balls to make Coconut Ice Cream.

    I also think that there should be more islands. The islands would be made of sand and clay, and would be slightly dome-shaped. The islands would be covered in palm trees.

    Well, tell me what you think. You are free to change whatever you don't like in the suggestions post
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    posted a message on Anyone besides me hate the new wood placement system?
    I wish you could just hold down shift or something to place blocks horizontally- alt or control for instance.
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    posted a message on Exess Food
    Hello people! I would ike to present to you the exess food idea!

    I've been thinking about this. Have you accidentaly eaten too much, then have 3 icons of food go to waste, and just want to kill something? Well what if when you eat extra food and it actually does something, then it would turn the equivalent amount of food into golden-edged icons. When you have extra food bars you wood automatically sprint and do extra damage as long as you have extra food in yo' belly( peaceful mode-2 extra hearts, easy-1.5, normal 1, hard 0.5).

    Tell me if this has already been posted, I am not trying to copy.

    Tell me about any speling errrors (please specify)
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    posted a message on pick a biome, any biome.
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