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    IP: play.lemonsmp.com

    Discord: https://discord.gg/pkK9sZPmU8

    Server Description:

    LemonSMP is for new and experienced players alike. Here, players learn, grow, experience new challenges and get better at the game. With fun events, considerate caring staff and a desire to bring the best experience to SMP players, we revolutionize the SMP experience. We have strong protections against hackers and alike so your items and gameplay are safe. Plus, with the ability to claim land, griefers will just become a memory of the past. Here at LemonSMP we are here to serve you: the players of our wonderful minecraft community. Check us out today, risk free!

    See you there,



    1. Fun Engaging Community members
    2. Considerate active staff
    3. LemonSMP's desire to shoot for the galaxy's and sometimes land among the stars
    4. Quick and efficient support
    5. Hackers never get away with anything. Nor do griefers or other malicious users
    6. Quick Note: For hackers / other malicious users who take that as a challenge, we have had near 100 malicious users join the server. 99 percent of them were banned within the first 5 minutes. The rest of them were banned 1 day later. Don't come to this server to misbehave, its not fun for you or for us.
    7. Fun events such as Spleef, Knockback Stick Frenzy and Gladiator King
    8. LemonSMP is all about YOU and YOUR experience. The player is valued.

    LemonSMP: "The players come to us to play, but we meet them at the door and welcome them in" - Owner

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