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    posted a message on KRU5TYKRAFT|16|Mystii's Colorful Decorations Shop!

    Glad to see so many of you back! Were here with an Exsplosive Episode filled with Color! Storage and Farms for everything colorful are now in! Come see Mystii's Epic Decorations Shop! Thanks for watching!

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    posted a message on 24/7 Survival Server 18+ Community

    So you want to join a server with mature, and trustworthy players? This is the place to be! I'm creating a community of players and friends that want to play on a real 24/7 server. You can plan big projects with your friends; you can prank your neighbors, and they can prank u back; you can work on your own solo projects, open a shop, start a faction or get involved in the community projects. There's something for everyone here! The rules are no stealing or griefing! Send me a friend request on PS4 with a message saying "Forum". Thanks for joining!

    PSN: BrokenBones623

    Names left below will no longer be looked at. Please send a friend request.

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    posted a message on Experienced Players Wanted! 21+ SMP 24/7 Server Recruitment

    Hi guys, I'm BrokenBones623, and I have a 24/7 SMP Server, with 23 currently active members. Everyone knows everyone and were all friends, and I would like to keep this tight and close community feel regardless of growth. The more players we have the more fun it becomes, so my staff and I have agreed to open the server for new recruits. My staff and I know how crazy things can get when recruiting new players, and we've worked hard on creating a full blown, professional recruiting process. I will show you how to get started on the recruiting process in just a minute, but I want to first share with you a little about myself as the servers host. I am 29 years old, I work a full-time job doing construction, I'm a superintendent and build cell towers for Verizon wireless. I also make YouTube videos, I have a let's play series call the Corrupted Server, and produce an episode every week. We are on episode 19 of the series, and running strong. I also started a live stream series on the server called Behind the Scenes With BrokenBones, where everyone online and myself chill out and grind on our projects together. I have a huge passion for Minecraft, and the community that I've created around it not only on the server, but on YouTube as well. So now that u know a little about me you can rest assured you've run into a true 24/7 server, not one of the ones turns off when the host is done playing, nope, not me, I leave my Ps4 on 24/7, I have a cooling doc and 200mbps internet hardwired with an Ethernet cable. Your connection to the server should be optimized with my set up. So I'm sure you're excited to get started, so I'm going to ask you to please click on the video below, it's one of my episodes that we did a world tour in, and also included the recruiting video at the end. I think it's a lot more fun for you guys with the world tour rather than just the recruiting video itself, and the video explains everything about how to join, what the requirements are and what rules to follow. If you have any questions, please message me on PlayStation at BrokenBones623. Please click the "Share" arrow at the top of the video to go straight to YouTube so you can subscribe to my channel right away. Please leave a like on the video too, it's always appreciated, and feel free to comment. Watch the video and listen closely so you get everything right the first time. Good luck to all of you, I hope to see your applications soon, and thanks for applying.

    The Corrupted Server Recruitment Video

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    posted a message on New Sever Starting this Saturday 21+ must have mic

    Hello everyone I'm BrokenBones623. I'm 29, I live I California, and I've been running a survival server called Snapleg Canyon for about 3 months. Sadly I had to move, and I haven't had time to keep up and many players started playing 7 days to die. So Ill be settling in soon and will be starting a new server with new friends and players a soon. I want to recruit solid new players that will agree to these terms:

    1: absolutely no griefing

    2: 21+

    3: Mic

    4: no stealing

    Other than these standards, I'm looking for people who want to help with my YouTube channel. I make really cool let's plays, and I've started a new series, World Tours. Every so often we will be visiting other worlds to make cool videos. All the players will be invited to come see and give their input and suggestions to movie ideas. I also have a Redstone testing world which we will be visiting periodically to test new ideas. The first episode of this new server will be a group meeting at spawn, where we can all meet and talk about some ideas for the server. Also, I've been checking out new TU43 seeds, if anyone has any cool seeds, please share them with me. Also we will be needing a name for the new server, so please share your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be running my Ps4 24/7 to run the server, and I will be looking for the players who have read down this far to seek out the serious players to become world moderators, to help protect the server. Please check my video to see what my last server and the players were like, and not to mention what kind of videos I make. If you like what u see, send me a friend request with a message saying "New Sever", there will be an interviewing process where we will set up a chat party and I want to come see your creations. I want to become good friends with each new member and have a tight crew, I will also explain more and answer any questions you have in person. If you like my videos please hit that like button, and if you would like to see more, please subscribe, I'm BrokenBones623, and I'll see you later.

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