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    For those of you who do not know, last November, Apple began transitioning all of their laptop and desktop devices to CPUs with ARM64 instruction set architectures. The first generation of these chips is called M1. Programs written for the old x86 architecture (including Minecraft) can still be run through the binary translation program Apple provides (Rosetta 2), but this comes at roughly a 20-30% performance hit (supposedly), so clearly a native release version would be preferable. Several other products provided by Microsoft, like Microsoft Office and Visual Studio Code, released MacOS ARM64 versions months ago, but Minecraft seems to be somewhat lagging behind.

    This seems understandable, as I imagine Mojang has their hands full working on the Caves and Cliffs update. My question is this: Does Mojang plan on releasing a MacOS ARM64 version of Minecraft Java (both the launcher and the actual game) in the near future? Have they said anything publicly about this at all? How would we know if such a thing is released and how would we update Minecraft accordingly? Would it appear in a changelog for new Minecraft version, or would we have to re-install Minecraft? Would the launcher and game just automatically do this when a new Minecraft version comes out?

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    Yeah it still says I don't have permission to make myself an op? Ummmm what? Lol. I am running a multiplayer server.
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