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    posted a message on Actual number of banner combinations.
    Recently I have been trying to devise a simple calculation to figure out exactly how many different banner combinations there are, so I went to the wiki just to see if the answer was already well-known. What the wiki says is this:

    • With 16 blank flags, 33 patterns of 16 colors each (528 uniquely-colored patterns), and 0 to 6 patterns per flag, the number of uniquely crafted banners is 16 × ( 5280 + 5281 + 5282 + 5283 + 5284 + 5285 + 5286 ) ≈ 347 quadrillion. The number of visually distinct flags is smaller, because patterns may completely cover other patterns.
    Correct me if I'm wrong (which is highly probable to be honest), but this calculation seems to leave out the fact that the order in which patterns are added to the banner results in more unique patterns. For example, there is a limit of 6 patterns you can add (in vanilla), but for any of those 6 different patterns you add, there are six different "slots" in the order in which you can add them to. So with these 6 patterns there are 36 different combinations that stem from the fact that the order in which patterns are added cause them to overlap in different ways.

    So if this is correct the actual calculation should be:

    (Carrots denote powers raised to another power because superscripts cannot be added onto other superscripts.)

    16 x (528(0^2) + 528(1^2) + 528(2^2) + 528(3^2) + 528(4^2) + 528(5^2) + 528(6^2)) = 1.6555x1099 different combinations

    The powers are squared because for every "n" number of patterns there are added, there are "n" number of "slots" in the crafting order each of those patterns could be placed to make another unique banner. Simplified it is:

    16 x (5280 + 5281 + 5284 + 5289 + 52816 + 52825 + 52836) = 1.6555x1099 different combinations

    However, this does result in many more banners that are not visually distinct. This is because when adding patterns of the same color, order does not matter one bit and the banners will look identical except when the cursor is hovered over the item in the inventory to view the list of patterns. The order does however, still matter when patterns of different colors are added.

    Please discuss and correct me if I missed something that would make this entire calculation bogus.
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    posted a message on New Attack of the B-Team Server [Whitelist]
    1. Ign(Minecraft Username): Drum_Corps
    2. Age: 18
    3. Skype(Easy for us to communicate): I don't use skype.
    4. Experience with AotBT: I've played it on singleplayer and I occasionally watch bteam vids.
    5. Favorite mod(s) on AotBT: qcraft
    6. Any plans/builds for the server?(Be creative) Whatever comes to mind. One thing I've thought of is taking a biome and give it the illusion that it's haunted by using qcraft tricks, witchery, ect...
    7. Anything else? nope
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    posted a message on [Feel Free to: Grief PvP Raiding] ThePeople Survival Server [Hostname: mc.thepeopleclan.net][EULA Compliant & F2P] [v1.8.1]
    Why has the server been down for several hours?

    Did the server get hacked or ddosed? My computer has been giving me anti-ddos notifications ever since the server went down.
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    posted a message on Attack of the B-Team SERVER--- The RicaCraft SMP
    1. IGN: Drum_Corps
    2. Age: 17, almost 18
    -Will be graduating high school soon.
    -I like exploring and trying out new things (hence why I like this mod pack)
    -I keep several aquariums irl
    4. B
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    posted a message on Can't get slimes to spawn
    I've done all of that, yet it's been several days and not a single slime has spawned.
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    posted a message on Can't get slimes to spawn
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't getting better. Just weirder.
    I think the game you seem to be looking for is minecraft pocket edition. Lol.
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    posted a message on Can't get slimes to spawn
    Recently in the SMP server I play on I dug down close to bedrock and cleared out a huge area 3 blocks high. As I was digging a few slimes would spawn in the base occasionally. This was before I started lighting up the surrounding caves. I identified the chunk in which the slimes spawned and built the slime farm designed by xisumavoid on youtube. I then started exploring the surrounding cave systems and lit them all up. Ever since I started doing this NOT A SINGLE SLIME has spawned. I cleared out tons more area around the farm I had built just incase it was not the right chunk. Not a single slime has spawned in my base either. I don't understand. I thought lighting up the surrounding areas was supposed to increase mob spawning, not completely eliminate it. What am I supposed to do?
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    posted a message on **ShroomCraft** | 100% Vanilla Server | Whitelisted | Friendly Community | MindCrack Like | Most Ages Welcome!
    IGN(In game name): Drum_Corps

    Age: 18

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since about February 2013

    Why do you want to join?: Good vanilla servers are hard to find.

    What do you have to offer?: building and exploring skills

    Have you ever been banned?(We don't judge): yes

    If yes, list reasons: Once because apparently taking a few potatoes from someone's chest so you don't starve and spawn back at your house which is 10k blocks away is considered griefing. Another because I told the owner it was stupid to reset the map literally every other week and he went into ragemode.

    Will you do a lets play on this server?(optional): No, I don't really have a good enough computer for youtube videos.

    Personality: ambitious

    Minecraft specialties: exploring, gathering resources, building

    Other details you wanna add: It's nice to see that this server is dedicated because in the past I've been on several servers that crashed because of lag issues.

    Favorite block/item(optional): hardened clay
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    posted a message on New Whitelist Mindcrack like server, Vanilla, Started today, 1.6.4, Currently taking applications, 5 existing members.
    1-In game name- Drum_Corps

    2-Age- 18

    3-Why do you want to join?- Because I don't like servers with a ton of plugins and decided to give this one a try

    4-Building skill level (Out of ten)- I guess that depends on what 1 and 10 would be, so I can't really say.

    5-Redstone skill level (Out of ten- same as #4

    6-Do you think you are mature?- yes

    7-Can you take a prank?- That depends on what the prank is. If they blow up my house or do something that will take hours to reverse, then no.

    8-What would you do if someone was being rude & immature? What would your actions be?- I'd ignore them then feel sorry for them for having an undeveloped brain.

    9-What do you like best about Mindcrack?- The fact that all of them are close and that they don't really have to worry about their server shutting down and loosing their work like the rest of us.

    10-Who do you like on the Mindcrak server?- Paulsoaresjr

    11-Skype name?- n/a

    12-Youtube channel?- n/a

    13-Gender (Just for stats :) ) male

    14-Where are you from? U.S.

    15-How long will you be able to play for at one time? That depends. I can be very busy sometimes.

    16-A little about you?- Servers with a ton of plugins and a shop selling everything you could ever want annoy me.
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    posted a message on [Feel Free to: Grief PvP Raiding] ThePeople Survival Server [Hostname: mc.thepeopleclan.net][EULA Compliant & F2P] [v1.8.1]
    Well if it was working before for a moment, it isn't anymore.
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    posted a message on Anyone Think Minecraft Is Starting To Suck....
    If you're bored in minecraft it's because you aren't being creative. Don't get stuck in the mindset of your only goal is to do survival stuff in the usual order. (survive first night, get basic resources, build a house, get diamonds, go to nether, get full enchanted diamond) If you get stuck in the mindset of just aiming to do those things then of course you are going to get bored.

    Download some mods and texture packs or try out a type of server that you usually don't try.
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    posted a message on List of Overused Minecraft Skins.
    A better question would be what ISN'T on your list. It seems like you've covered 99% of skins. Some of these really can't even be considered overused. The only ones that seem overused to me are the DJ/emo/headphones and the mob skins.
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