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    posted a message on Other Life: Azure Dreams - Town of Monsbaiya and Monster Tower

    Disclaimer: I am aware there is a 1.8.1 Azure Dreams map download by RoyruKenshin and played it; it's quite impressive, please give it a look when you can if you're interested in Azure Dreams! I am waiting on a response from them, but I doubt they'll be back on these forums anytime soon judging from their last visit.

    The point of this forum thread is that I'm slowly working on a mostly to scale/slightly upscaled version of the entire Monsbaiya town and Monster Tower from the game, Azure Dreams, Japanese release version known as Other Life: Azure Dreams. I feel like eventually I'm going to need advice and help fleshing it out, but so far I've done a lot of hollowing for the crater around the tower, the tower's (external) design, Koh's house, and the layout/spacing for the town. Any help would be appreciated, both building advice wise as well as redstone circuitry, command block commands and how to emulate roguelike dungeon RNG structures changing each time one would enter the Tower.

    My end goal is to recreate as much of Azure Dreams into Minecraft as possible regardless how insane that may sound. For now I'm happy with just the map itself, that's the important part, but eventually integrating NPCs, items and Monsters from the game as well as some game mechanics are essential.

    Thank you for reading this post, feel free to contact me! <3

    Below are some update shots from about maybe 3 days worth of time spent on the project, learning commands and shortcuts etc.

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