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    Quote from wuler

    I'm no mod but that would probably be a bit better!

    Ill work on that now.

    Quote from Green_Cosmonaut

    A well written answer that would make Brentyn feel like an d-bag for quoting the entire thing and making people scroll past it.

    Thanks for answer mate, really looking forward to the server tomorrow..
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    Quote from Abodybader

    It says sarcasm Under it.

    Thank you.
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    The search button is an amazing tool when looking for a prevously posted idea.
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    Andrevelb, it is very annoying to find random threads asking various mod-makers to update their products. They generally will, and if not, posting a random topic will not change the matter. I see that you are new to the forums, and this is new to you, but please refraim from doing so again.
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    I love tall grass.
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    Posted new application!
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    First thing to do to get the girl to like you, stop posting on a nerdy forumn site asking how to get a girl.
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    Quote from Vancouver

    I was going to plop the base down in the middle of a forest (jungle) so there would be jungle all around it. Eh, I don't know; I'll find a good spot though.

    An idea?

    I honestly don't know much of the Vietnam War, but from what they thought in school ( Which was suspicously limited.. ), the US didn't have a cushy base. They were living in homemade tents, surviving from supply load to supply load, literally getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. I wasn't going to say anything about the US-base because it wasn't a bad idea, but now that I know your not sure about, I would like to throw a suggustion in the dark.

    This kinda veers from the realism just a little, but hear me out. Instead of a 30x30 base, how about a 50x50 encampment? The wall around it would be about 20 blocks high ( Atleast 5 blocks higher then the tallest tree around it ), and at the top would be a railing for soldiers to keep a watch of the forest. There will be one front entrance, which would have a system of pistons to open it from the inside only. The ground of the base will be grass, and under that would be cobblestone. ( This is simply to warn the VC that the base is here, and not to dig up ) Around the outside will still be the barbwire fence. ( Spiders Web )

    Inside the base, there will be only two main structures. One will be a very small shack that will act as a cafeteria. It will be less then 5x5, and inside is just the rations of food, and maybe a furnace or two. The other building will be the captains office. It will be 7x7ish ( Im undecided ) and inside is the captains quarter's, his work place, the maps of the area, and buckets of napalm. ( This is for realism, saying that the captain calls in the airstrikes and what not. ) Outside will be a ton of tents that are 3x6. They will look something like this.

    :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::
    :: :: :: :: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :: :: :: ::
    :: :: :: :bookshelf: :: :: :bookshelf: :: :: :: Bookshelf = wood
    :: :: :bookshelf: :: :: :: :: :bookshelf: :: ::
    :: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :: :: :: :: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: ::

    Inside would be a simple fence support, 2 beds on either side, and 2 chest at the foot of each bed. The US had horrible camp conditions, and overcrowding was often. This can work really well if the server gets popular, and we have to start crowding 3 to a tent, for realism purposes.

    In the middle of the clearing will be a crafting center, which will be basicly 4 craftingbenches in a square. Around the benchs, will be double chests filled with items. One for wood, One for cobblestone, one for arrows, one split in half, bows and swords, and one for iron chest plates, and possibly leather boots? The chests will be refilled ever 8? minecraft days, to simulate the resupply.

    If you have any questions about my general structure idea, just invite when building the server, and ill give you some pointers.
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    Im very excited! Hopefully this server is bloody amazing, and knowing Vancouvers track record, it will be.
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