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    posted a message on Instant Health Potion
    Jeb recently tweeted

    Since Ghast Tears are so hard to get, I've decided to replace the "Instant Health" with "Regeneration" for them

    Apprently Regeneration is alot more useful than Instant Health, thus more rewarding. What are your thoughts on this?
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    posted a message on Release Questions!
    Quote from Notch »
    The adventure update is going great! We’re adding features and cramming in content, and then started feature creeping and content creeping. What we’ve got on our hands now is somewhere in between a finished Adventure Mode update and a version of the game we’d be proud to call just “Minecraft”. Not “Minecraft Beta” or “Minecraft Alpha”, but just plain and simple “Minecraft”.

    And we’re going to release that version of the game live on stage in Vegas at MineCon! Woooo!

    Up until then, instead of trying to squeeze in another real release, we’re going to do weekly (or so) pre releases, aimed at advanced players. We release these via twitter, so make sure to follow me (@notch) and Jens (@jeb_) if you’re interested in those.

    Also, we’re finally adding a dragon.

    Notch posted this on his blog not to long ago. It awnsers the question of how the next release is going to play out! It also strongly suggusts lots of hidden features not in our current pre-release. Anyone else looking forward to our new pre-releases?

    Oh, btw, Dragons.
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    posted a message on Things that Notch removed/never officially added that should have been.
    Haha, Minecraft looked so weird back then. I missed those days.
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    posted a message on Will Obama win re-election?
    I hate it when people say Bush sucked. He was a great President. Obama has a low chance of reelection, as majority of the American population hates him.
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    posted a message on I had nothing to do with this and don't know where it came from.
    Its been stated before... Its a simple debug tool to identify the location of strongholds.
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    posted a message on A tale of parkour
    The picture link leads to download.. This guy has 2 posts.. Anyone else thinking the same thing as me?
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    posted a message on New Server! Very New Factions and Fun! :D
    IGN: Brentyn
    AGE: 14
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    posted a message on Prison Soft Launch
    IGN: Brentyn

    Tell me about yourself: Hm. Im a straight A+ student, with an ambition for gaming. Im clever, quick thinker, generally get along with civil humans, and overall a typical nerd.

    Age: 14 ( Yeah. )

    What are you looking forward to doing in this server: I never done a prison server before, and I want to see how well I do! I look forward to my freedom.

    What can you do at night time: I have to stay in my cell, but I can talk to other prisoners, as well as prepare for the day.

    Can you kill a guard: Yes, but I will lose all my items, and I will be watched very closely.

    Where would be a good place to get random items: It appears there are many ways, but the easiest seems to simply visit the Prison Dump.

    Are you more into solo or group work: I tend to work better by myself, but If im with the right people, I work great in groups.

    Do you think you can escape: Yes

    Is it okay to destroy random blocks to escape: No

    What are the five best qualities for a guard: It didn't specify this in the OP, so I presume this is a personal question. The 5 best traits would have to be Honor, which means respecting the prison, and prisoners. Loyalty, and by this I mean not helping any prisoners escape. Courage, fight and protect every thing under your watch. Veracity, always working, never stopping, and always giving it your all. and Lastly Benavolence. This one is the hardest to explain. By being benevolent, you would care for everyone in the prison, and not be, quote, a sadistic jerk. Im not saying that I would be a softy to the prisoners, but I would understand them, and connect.

    How often will you play on this server: Everyday, for atleast 2 hours a day.

    Sorry but the edit, I misspelled some words. I can be very OCD at times.
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    posted a message on Need Survival Partners
    Minecraft IGN =Brentyn
    Age = 14
    Experience =I been playing since Alpha, and I am a very experienced player.
    Have you ever played a survival map? = I have mastered the art of survival.
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    posted a message on Glass Towers.
    Its been stated before. Its a debug tool that Jeb accidentally left in the prerelease, there purpose to point out Strongholds. They WILL be removed.
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    posted a message on Confusion with dragons
    Thats only the base design, he hasn't actually colored it yet.
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    posted a message on Does anyone have a direct .jar download for the second pre-release?
    Easier as cake. Just put the .zip file in your .bin, delete the jar, and open up the entire folder in winrar. Then delete the .zip extension at the end of the 1.9prerelease2 file, and type in .jar instead.
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    posted a message on "11" already added along time ago?
    I heard its been in the game files awhile, but this is just an obvious troll. Nice try.
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    posted a message on Disk 11...
    I played this disk, and the nearest torch went out. It didn't pop out of the ground or anything, its light just turned off. D;
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    posted a message on Last 2 things before release?
    I think he meant 2 completely new things. Im just winging it here, but maybe volcano biome, and the long awaited super steve?
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