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    IP: zcraft.provisionhost.com

    zCraft is a Minecraft Survival server running Bukkit and Minecraft 1.2.5. This server is running the Factions plugin which allows players to create their own factions/clans and choose to be allies or enemies with other clans.

    1. No Griefing
    2. No trespassing on faction land.
    3. Raiding/Stealing is allowed, as long as the area is not protected by either factions or a chest protection (breaking blocks to get past doors is NOT allowed.
    4. Don't start drama/fights
    5. Use basic common sense
    6. No hacking (flying, xray, hack clients like nodus, etc...)
    7. No racism, sexism, or hate speech in general.
    8. No claiming villages or making village homes private.
    9. No Trolling (Ex. claiming areas with trees so that people cannot chop them. (Claiming areas with trees is fine, as long as it's not claimed simply because there are trees)
    10. No large groups of players joining all at once.
    11, Follow all the rules on this page, the server website, and at the server spawn.
    12. No finding loopholes in the rules.
    13. Have Fun on the server!


    We will happily accept donations from you guys! It gets you items and permissions and really helps us out with the server bills each month, and will possibly get us upgrades to the server!

    You can find information on Donating at: http://zcraft.buycraft.net

    Owner: davidt9614
    Co Owner: yoyodude888


    **Anyone with light green usernames are OPs and considered authority.

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    posted a message on [32x,16x][1.3.1] Mixcraft - SemiRealistic (v47) Emeralds and Trip Wires!
    ...I still use 1.2.5, and the only download link i can find is for the new snapshot, which has the new creative inventory, and mine looks like crap right now because of this redesign..... D:
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w22a Ready For Testing!
    Quote from Gym_Leader_Blue

    Really Mojang is trying to kill alot of Mods now..
    Mojang doesn't support mods in any way. They completely hate mods.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    I love this mod! :D I especially love the freezecam command. It's great for machinimas, for people who like to have a "camera" in front of them recording their player, and then talking over it. I love having this mod just to mess around with, and for help making videos for youtube (this along with the camera studio mod)
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    posted a message on Port Forwarding Problem :(
    Quote from Doozy

    Haha, is that what you ask customer support when you call in with an issue too?
    Well, no, but that's customer support, you can usually trust customer support. I can't trust everyone on the internet. Err, I'll just PM you the skype name...
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    Quote from Infallible_

    Well, me not having the same router as you. I will refer you to this great website that is basically a database for MOST routers / modems and how to port forward correctly.


    When you get there, just find your router and keep going through the pages until you get to the tutorial on how to port forward your router. That should help; if not I'll try and further assist you.
    Thanks, but I know how the basic port forwarding part, It's just that when I do set that up, nothing happens, i have the server running and it just doesn't work unless i use localhost, which works whether i'm port forwarded or not... :/
    Quote from Doozy

    PM me your Skype username and we will have it running in no time.
    We will quickly go over what you did to portforward, open your firewall, and configure your server.
    Ok, thanks, but before I can do this, (it might sound really stupid) but i need to know how old you are. that's ALL i need to know, though...
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    posted a message on Port Forwarding Problem :(
    Quote from burst1 is a network address, not your IPv4 address.
    Erm, i know... That's what I use to get into the router control panel. The IPv4 is lol, i put that into the "server IP address" box
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    Minecraft username: davidt9614

    Real life name: David Tomaszewski

    Age: 15

    Have you ever been banned before?: Yes, sadly... once on mcbans from honeypot, but it was a mistake. :/ (my rep on mcbans is still 8)

    Do you agree to obey all rules?: Yes!

    Favorite ice cream :3 CHAWKLATE, or should I say, BLAWKLATE!!!!111 :D
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    posted a message on Port Forwarding Problem :(
    Hey. I have been trying to set up a server off of my own network, but when I port forward 25565 for starting and ending ports, and my iPv4 address for the IP address in the router panel.

    I use a Netgear WGR614v9 router, it has the Netgear smart wizard firmware, and it is updated to the newest firmware.

    Also, heres what i use in the setup

    Service Name: Minecraft
    Service Type: TCP/UDP (Both)
    Starting Port: 25565
    Ending Port: 25565
    Server IP Address: MY IPv4... dont wanna say it lol

    also, my default gateway according to CMD is

    Please help me here...
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    posted a message on Do you play vanilla?
    Mods are nice once and a while, as long as they aren't overly excessive... like tekkit. (I like tekkit btw, but dont get it if you want to have overly excessive mods.) ...especially aether. That COMPLETELY changes the game.
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    posted a message on New Block Idea: Light Bulbs
    Quote from GoombaGeek3

    A little glass thingy that works on ceilings?

    I always thought those looked ugly. Lit panels are where it's at :P
    That would also be nice, Lit panels. but we can already do that though, but it wouldn't allow for an upstairs since the floor upstairs would have random glowstone on the floor, but if they could be placed like paintings, that would be really nice.
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    Quote from TheLastQestion

    Friend, it's your lucky day: http://www.minecraft...i/Redstone_Lamp
    I meant a Light bulb.... a more modern looking one, for celings only. lol
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    posted a message on New Block Idea: Light Bulbs
    Light bulbs would be nice to hang on a celing in your house, like if you want your house to be more modern looking, and not require torches. Also, they would be cool if they were toggle-able by redstone.

    Crafting Recipe idea:

    G G G
    G T G
    G G G

    G = Glass
    T = Torch

    (For a redstone toggle-able light bulb, craft this:
    G G G
    G R G
    G G G

    G = Glass
    R = Redstone torch
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    posted a message on McBans - Discussion
    I completely agree!! I go on to mcserverlist, click on one of the servers and join, then i'm greeted with "You have previous bans" then they question you and treat you like crap....

    McBans is a good idea, too bad it's filled with crappy players.... One time, I was banned on McBans for "Racism" just because I joined a server not knowing the admin spoke some other language. I said "Hello", they said "RACIST!!!! U DONT SPEEK GERMAN" so they banned me..... I went on another server that had mcbans and it said I was banned previously.. They started calling me a racist freak... and then they were questioning me.... -_-
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    posted a message on Machinima Ideas
    Hey, My name is David (known on here and youtube as BrassZeppelin) I want to start making machinimas. I have a good enough computer to make them (6 GB of ram, 1 TB of HDD, and a Nvidia GT440 Graphics card, core i5 Processer) My minecraft runs at about 40-50 FPS when recording with fraps.

    By ideas, I don't mean specific video ideas like "Do one where you do this....." I mean, what is some advise you have for me when making a machinima (funny comedy video) like Kuledud3 as an example.... What hooks people in? What gets more views, more likes, more subscribers, and positive comments? I really need your help. Now, I don't plan to be one of the top video makers on youtube, but about 10,000 views per video (enough to have a chance for a youtube partnership)

    Thanks for your help! I hope to see some replies soon! :D

    Craft on, David :Diamond:

    Also, if this is in the wrong section, please tell me, and I will be happy to move it.
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