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Hey Everyone, BoxOCheezItz/Cheezbergur11 here!

I'm fairly new to MCF, and I love Minecraft!

I go on servers often times, if you want to find me
on a server, I'll often be on:

My Instagram is @popcornphotoz.

I made Minecraft Word Parkour, a Parkour map that has playthrough videos on Youtube,
and it has over 100,000 Downloads! Don't believe that? Then look at the thread.

God is #1 in my life though, as He always will be.

I also really like food. Word.

I live in the USA, and I'm proud to be an American

Also, quick story, my dad said once he was waiting outside for me somewhere, and he heard a lady say,
"I don't know why my kids like Minecraft so much; all you do is build a house and walk into it!"

I would've been like, "Lady, don't even get me started....." XD

Anyway, thanks for reading this!
Have an epic Cheeztastic day!

Interests God, anything Minecraft, food, Netflix

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Minecraft Cheezbergur11 Xbox Wat (jk das not mah name!)

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