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    Hello, me and my team (Dragon Block Raging Blast)
    are currently looking for a modmaker capable of creating custom GUIs to
    program a mod for us. We have a plugin on our server that we can link up
    to your mod and access the methods that you have created.
    You will be paid if you wish to be. You do not need to be an artist as we
    have people who are very good at pixel art and art in general. If you wish
    to stay with the Raging Blast team after the mod is done we will openly accept you
    and you will be provided with a position on our server. Thank you for your
    time and I hope you consider applying.
    Your Task:
    Create GUI's, you don't need to make a way to open ingame, just
    make a openGui(String playername) method. Our plugin will use the mod
    as a dependancy and the GUIs will be opened through it.
    Our server is a Dragon Block C server so you will need to create
    GUIs such as a character creation GUI and character selection GUI
    If you have any questions regarding your task just ask myself, the Co-Owner
    or one of my admins.
    You will be working with my plugin developer, he will help you along the way.
    He has created some bukkit GUIs (chest guis) but we cannot do much
    with bukkit guis such as we can't make the textures fancy, and we can't
    make player preview boxes like the player inventory has. My plugin developer
    will guide you through the process of making each GUI and tell you what
    needs to be added. We will try to make the process as easy as possibly
    for you.

    If you are interested please comment and/or Private message me, Thankyou
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    Tell that to all Minecraft Servers/networks

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