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    posted a message on SummerFields - 1.11 Update! (NOW WITH MOAR GROUP EFFORT!)
    Thank god this texture pack is back! I missed it lol. I'm using it right now and it's so beautiful.
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    posted a message on New mobs in 1.6? Jeb Tweet
    Quote from TwentyFive

    here's what I was thinking

    Vultures would fly around in the sky in a circling pattern. When you are low in health and almost dead, they would fly closer to you. They would perch on top of things (not on the ground kinda like high peaks and buildings) I guess they could drop feathers or something. they would be passive.
    I was thinking that this would kinda be like a zombie. But instead of both arms out maybe one could be slightly pointed down. They would have a limping movement and they wouldnt burn up (because of their bandages) Maybe there could be a mummy spawner in a desert temple that spawns them of they just spawn in deserts. they would make moaning sounds but not likee a zombie. they could drop rotten flesh maybe. they would be hostile.
    I don't know how people would react to this kind of mob but it seems cool. This could add a whole new difficulty because since they are ghosts, you cant hit them. They could be a mob that you can only run from and they die in the sunlight? they'd drop nothing... cause there ghosts. They would also fly so that would make it hard. they would be hostile.
    I don't need to say much about this one. It spawns in water and drops 1 fish when killed. Could spawn in schools of about 5-8 or something.
    I think this would be cool because it could add new blocks and items too. A bee would be a small mob that flies around making buzzing noises. It could either spawn by flowers or a new block called a Bee hive. A bee hive could hold a colony of maybe 10-20 bees. they would be neutral unless u hit one of them or destroy their hive. you can collect the hive and make it into one of those bee house things. Because the bees will spawn by flowers, you can farm them. They would make honey/honeycomb which could be eaten or used for something else. If you right click the hive it would every now and them drop a honey/honeycomb
    Red Dragon
    I don't have to say much here. But maybe a tower would spawn on a hight peak in a mountain biome (very rare) On top would be the red dragon. You would need to fight it and If you win, then you can tame it. (Not gonna be easy at all :) ) and when it is tamed you could get a saddle and rid it? Just my opinion.
    Would spawn in swamps. They would be seen gnawing on wood and trees. they could change a wood block into a smaller wood block (kinda like a fence but not a fence) when killed they could drop fur. maybe you could make fur clothing out of it?

    I hope that you guys liked my ideas! I have more ideas but I don't feel like typing them in now... maybe later.
    I support this. That and they could also add a few more passive mobs that drop different food :/. Also they could finally fix the world generation and add some new structures. Oh and finally get the Mod API out.
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]
    I support this! Also if Terra Firma Craft (a mod for MC that takes survival to a whole new level) can do multicolored wood, doors, fences, etc. Then Mojang can do this for the vanilla game.
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    posted a message on Castle Knoxenstein
    Man these builds are amazing! I wish I could build stuff like this lol.
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    posted a message on FoxEpic's 32x32 Craft of Mine Texture Pack [Preview]
    So far it looks good! Can't wait to see what you do with the pack :D.
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    posted a message on Minecraft beta 1.6.5 texturepack! 1.4.7
    Am I the only one besides azaz who's not gonna hate on the pack?
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    posted a message on Will Nether Quartz be in a 1.3.1 World?
    Set the nether to false and no one can get in the nether. Or travel a ways out and build a nether portal to generate new chunks in the nether. You should start finding nether quarts.
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    posted a message on Good-bye from a veteran player
    I've been playing Minecraft for almost 2 years now (since Beta 1.3_01). Really the thing I miss the most is the feel of survival and the sense of danger. When I see mobs in MC now theres no feel of danger and theres no "Oh ­!" moments. The food bar is stupid also. It really toned down the feel of danger and survival. When you took damage in the older minecraft and you lost hearts it was scary and you really had to think about how you could kill the mob without taking much damage. Or how I could sneak away from the mobs without being seen. In MC now all I gotta do is run away and eat food and Im fine.. Theres no survival elements. I miss the survival elements to the game.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [64x] HerrSommer, -Medieval, -Dye and -Rustic 1.6 - v2
    Um when I drag the texture packs into my texture pack folder. It takes me to the default texture pack. I tried opening the zip and it says that they cant be opened o_o. Which is weird because all the other zip folders I have open fine.
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    posted a message on MCXBLA Official Known Bugs List [Updated for 1.8.2]
    game freezes for a few seconds when placing blocks in creative mode.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][ModLoader][Updated] Ruby Mod for MC 1.4.7 - Tools, Lamps, Fuel, And Food made with Rubies
    This mod looks good :D. I may try it out soon. <3
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    posted a message on World size isn't getting bigger.
    Quote from Mhyles

    The worlds are big enough in my opinion, why do we need them bigger?
    They're adding ravines,abandoned mineshafts, endermen,watermelon,pumpkins,sprinting,strongholds,vines,stackable food,NPC Villages. We need more room.
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    posted a message on My Little Pony : FiM (All Pony-related things go HERE)
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    posted a message on Your Favorite Block
    ^ I see what you did there :P.Im gonna say stone bricks.I use it a lot for building :).
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    posted a message on 12w21b Snapshot Out - Fixes Bugs from 21a; MCX360 Beats Out Black Ops
    Hopefully they make a 12w21c because worlds are still being corrupted :(.I lost 4 new worlds today because they got corrupted.
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