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    Quote from stegy17»
    thank you for your suggestions but what i need is like a item to use for what the hit with.

    E.G. Apollo and Artemis have bows, and Dionysus has mushroom stew with sharpness and its call "Dionysus' Wine"

    Poseidon-Water bucket
    Zeus- Eh, I'm not sure...
    Hera-Milk or leather
    Aphrodite-Ice, or glass. (Like a mirror)
    Hades-A bone or rotten flesh.
    Athena-a book
    Hphaestus-Flint and steel
    Hermes-boots, as he's the god of travelers
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    For Zeus, maybe a sword that summons lightning, with a cool down of 30 seconds/one minute.

    For Poseidon, a sword that sends out blue particle effects (like water and does 2-5 hearts of damage, depending on Charge. Charging is done by holding down right click, then releasing.

    For Dionysus, a splash potion(s?)of nausea. (Like being drunk, lol)

    For Hermes, a potion of swiftness for 30 seconds. (As he's the messenger of the gods, it would make sense for him to be fast.)

    For Hephaestus, a fire aspect sword, and stronger armor. (IE, if all armor for gods was iron, the chest plate for Hephaestus has protection)

    For Ares, a stronger sword. Or maybe a battle ax.

    For Athena, a book with sharpness? XD

    For Aphrodite, slowness potions? (Because she's so beautiful, people are stunned by her beauty)

    For Hades, an invisibility potion of 10-30 seconds.

    For Demeter, a hoe could be a special item.

    Aaaaand for Hera, a bucket of milk or leather. Because her sacred animal is a cow.
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