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    Hello! Got a question I have not seen asked or answered in the last 10 or so pages. Do you have any way for pack makers to add custom items to the quern, press, or oven recipes? Not as in how to craft, but what they can process. I would like to force those items to be used in game.

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    Modpack Request Rules

    Modpack Permissions

    • Users of the pack may not have permission to re-upload and redistribute the pack.
      • Understood and will notate on the FTB Pack page.
    • Under no circumstances may you or the users of the pack extract my mods from the pack and re-host them.
      • Understood and will notate on the FTB Pack page.
    • The pack must comply with the rules regarding third-party modification discussed below.
      • Yes Sir.
    • The pack may not generate income, either directly from purchases or donations, or indirectly with ad revenue or merchandise, except that which is necessary for maintenance (eg server fees). This includes disabling/banning machines so that users must donate to have access to them or offering packages which include my items. These actions are also explicitly forbidden by the Mojang EULA.
      • I will comply.
    • You may not try to claim credit for any of my mods under any circumstance. This includes but is not limited to stating ownership, claiming to have contributed content (beyond merely suggesting an idea), and claiming that you are on part of a modding team with me.
      • You made the mods and that is how it shall be credited.

    In addition public packs must obey the following:

    • The pack must not use external mods to significantly change the way my mods work, such that a guide for the default setup would be misleading or useless for the pack (or vice versa), or that the mods' tech trees, if applicable, are radically altered, or that features are missing. This includes the use of MineTweaker and other similar tools to remove recipes or items! Config options native to the mod are of course free to be modified.
      • There are no modifications other then what are provided in the configs.

    Special rules for RotaryCraft, its addons, and ChromatiCraft:

    Because these mods are both very sensitive to modification and modifications can easily cause severe damage, certain restrictions are placed on modifying the way the mods work.

      • At some point before the pack is released, I need to be notified of each and every change made to my mods. I do not need a detailed explanation or the reasons, but I need to know what pack changed what in order to keep a record.
        • Changed generation of your ores where applicable to spawn following the COFH defaults
      • The pack author must have a fairly clear understanding of the effects their changes will have; for example, pack authors may not make changes without even having tried unmodified versions of a mod, or without understanding the system they are modifying.
        • Yes, I do.
      • A few specific kinds of changes require explicit permission from me to change; almost all of these are "sounds like a good idea but really a bad idea" kind of changes that I need to verify you are aware of the ramifications of making. A few examples will be given below. If you are uncertain whether the change you have in mind needs permission, ask me.
        • Nothing changed that would require explicit permission.
      • All modifications must be in good faith. Any modifications done in bad faith are totally disallowed. Bad faith modifications include but are not limited to:
        • Modifications intended generate headaches for me, such as by spawning bug reports
        • Modifications designed to enable monetization of my content
        • Modifications designed to "justify" taking partial or complete credit for the mods
        • Modifications designed to tarnish my or my mods' reputation, such as by worsening its stability or deliberately unbalancing it
        • No modifications are done in bad faith.
      • The mod's fundamental identity must remain intact. For example, RotaryCraft must not be converted to an RF mod, ChromatiCraft may not be turned into a ThaumCraft addon, and ReactorCraft may not be made to function like BigReactors. This is because packs are most people's first experience with my mods and I want the first impression to be both accurate and positive, something not true if the mod is heavily altered.
        • Rodger.
      • I will maintain a publicly viewable list all packs that make changes and what changes they make. This serves primarily as a record of who does what, but also provides a defence against people who want to blame me for the changes, as well as filtering out the occasional "I want to make changes that noone knows about" (that I cannot see a legitimate reason for existing).
        • Yes Sir.
      • Also for providing defence and reducing bug report count, I will be adding a functionality to my handbooks that adds a special config file that allows for a pack author to specify any changes they make, so that any pack-level changes can be documented in the handbook. All of the pack's changes to my mods must be documented here.
        • Ore generation changes will/are documented in the appropriate places.
      • The pack developer must make it reasonably clear in their pack description (or its equivalent) that they have made modifications to my mods and have gotten permission to do so, linking to the list mentioned above. This is to avoid both confusion and the risk of erroneously being reported to me.
        • No modifications requiring special permissions
      • If a modification starts spawning rumors, bug reports, harassment, or similar and the pack author makes no attempt to take responsibility or dispel the effects, the modification must be revised so as to try to keep its original purpose but stop causing problems. If this is not possible, or the pack author is unwilling to make that effort, the modification must be reverted.
        • I will take all reponsibility for all bug reports caused by pack modifications.
      • All modifications must be done though accepted tools, such as MineTweaker. Things like ASM or bytecode editing are not permitted, not least because they severely harm stability or carry a strong connotation of subversion.
        • All modifications are done through config option provided.

    • Anyone blaming me for the effects of their own changes will be held fully responsible as well as being treated as either dishonest or incompetent, whichever seems more likely
      • All effects from changes will be my own resposibility

    Mod Pack Mod List

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