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    Quote from HenkieDePost

    Listen, I also don't suddenly hate you for liking this game and I respect your opinion, so if you were offended by what I said it wasn't my meaning to do so. For me the cod chapter is over. I played those games long enough and the fact that cod can't even get a normal kniving system, quickscoping camping and all the other things, that just destroyd the series for me. I want to play a game which is realistic, and you can say cod was never meant to be realistic, but cod 5 was pretty realistic. After cod 5 it only got worse, and that's the reason why I like BF3 so much. I love the game that everything you can use have a tactical purpose, and that things which doesn't make sense, like XxX_360_Quickscopezzzz_XxX are not in BF3 because those things are the real gamebreakers for me. But then again, I respect your opinion and if you want to keep on buying cod, that's your money and I don'have anything to say about that.

    I wasn't offended by your post in any way, I was talking about Bindal.And yes that's what I am trying to acomplish.Get others to respect my opinion as I respect theirs, like you do.You have your reasons to like BF3 and I have my reasons to like MW3, and there is nothing wrong with that.
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    Quote from HenkieDePost

    Sorry Bodakan, but I am not very impressed about your counter to Bindal.

    1. The reason why he said this is not because of the fact that he was expecting to see a gravity gun, but because there is no difference in the guns. He never said anything about copying real guns, he said that all the guns are the same. And I know they are to resemble their real versions, but that's the problem of modern shooters. guns are almost perfect. Thats why WW2 guns are so much more fun to play with.

    2. You disagree, wow, I'm impressed. The fact that perks aren't fun is because they don't have anything to do with real war. They are just idiotic. In my opinion one of the reasons why battlefield is better is because it doesn't have perks. Perks only make the game easier for the player to play the game he wants it. It is only there to give the player an advantage but does a real soldier has 'a set of perks' to choose from? No, skill is what is important, not perks.

    3. It takes more skill than sitting in a corner, but that is the point of cod. In BF3 I never see someone sitting in a corner the entire time but in cod they need to make a entire strike package just to keep players from camping. Also, you are talking about skill but 90% of the players don't even use that package so it is just like kill confirmed almost redundant.

    4. It just looks cool, but that means that it is worth nothing. It doesn't add a single dollar to the total 60, but still there are so few 'improvements' Bindal could find, he put something that is in your eyes nothing to the list because there isn't anything else to choose from.

    5. getting points for capturing objectives ed. But that is the entire problem of these games. Players only want to do something for their team if they get points for it, and even than you can say they don't do it for their team because they only do it for their own points. There is NO teamplay and NO tactic except for rushing and camping that's it and you know that. And please don't say 'you probably have never played this game' because I have played cod since cod 1.

    6. See number 3 ;p

    7. 'still gets you something'. Well, great, but what is exactly the difference with the previous games? Why should you spend 60 dollars on this game because you got some new challenges which are almost exactly the same as cod 4 5 6 and 7?

    8. 3 new gamemodes for 1 entire new game... The problem is that there are so many gamemodes that 3 quarter of them are barely played. Take a look at kill confirmed, that lobby is pretty empty every time I want to play, and the fact is still that 3 new gamemodes for an entire new game still isn't impressive at all.

    9. This is true, but I know what I'm talking about because I've played the game. There is one thing which I disagree with, and that is the satisfaction of the playerbase. The playerbase isn't satisfied. by this time 90% of the gamers the game was designed for is long gone to battlefield. The reason why they get their money are the 12 year old kids who let their mothers buy it for them. That is the only reason they get so many money, because the amount of complaints on MW3 of people who are elder than 12 is enormous.

    10. I don't know anything about modding so I can't evaluate it

    Conclusion: you do your best trying to defend yourself, but seriously, calm down and look at what this game really has to offer. You can say hundreds of times that you love this game, but what about this: Compare this game to MW2 or another cod, and ask yourself: What are the MAJOR differences? Are there even any differences to begin with? You have to open your eyes and look at the facts, not at the opinions because that's what this war is about. If you look at the fact, you can indeed see that you indeed have been milked (probably again) dry of your hard earned cash. This game just isn't worth your money. You couls just have bought MW1 and started playing that game. It has almost the same weapons, camos, campain, gamemodes, challenges, etc etc, but it is a lot cheaper.

    I'll try to cut it short cause I'm tired of all these wall'otexts :smile.gif:

    1.WW2 guns are funner than to play I agree, but that doesn't automatically make modern guns unfun(is that even a word?)
    2.Skill is not the focus of COD.The point is everyone can play and be good with not much effort.Attracts a lot more players.
    3.But I use for that sole purpose.I want to see me being better than people who have some kind of advantage over me.Sometimes I even disable pointstreaks and play to see how better I got.Just because skill is not the focus of MW3 doesn't mean it's nonexistent.
    4.I said it wasn't a feature.My bad.
    5.Well that's the case with most of the fps-s today that involve an exp system.Motivates the players.Older games were more competitive and didn't need that kind of thing.If you played cod1, cod2 and CS you'll know what I'm talking about.
    6.see 3 (lol)
    7.He asked what is new and I said what was new.
    8.Kill confirmed has a lot of players, maybe we're playing on a different platform.It isn't impressive, but having more than twenty total is.
    9.I was thinking that mw3 would sell less than mw2 but it broke the records, again.Means still has a lot of players.
    10. :cool.gif:

    Don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to make you or him love MW3, I was just trying to explain why it's possible to like it which was the point of this thread(I provided arguments for that sole purpose). And by the looks of it we're getting nowhere.He doesn't understand why I like the game and I don't understand why he hates me for liking it.We're obviously trying to reach an understanding here.Oh and it's not about how much has the game changed or how much it costs, it's about the feeling you get when you play it.I like that feeling and nothing will change it.
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    Mine is bold

    Quote from Bindal

    New weapons - which all play the same
    All modern military shooters have guns that play the same.Because the guns are made to imitate ones from real life.What, were you expecting gravity guns and MIRV launchers in COD?

    New perks - which aren't really doing anything AND are one of the gamebreakers (as they are too powerfull and too easy to level)
    I disagree(everyone can use them)

    Strike Packages - which are just "pick one of the three pre-set variants of killstreaks you prefer" (except the third one, which gives you perks. THAT is a goddarn gamebreaker deluxe). It could easily be added to the previous games.
    They aren't preset variants, you choose what you want to have.Also I don't see anything wrong with specialist SP.It actually requires more skill than sitting in a corner and waiting for your choppa to get the kills, imagine that.

    New camos - really? TEXTURES FOR GUNS? If they would at least do something like, in dunno... work like actual camo is supposed to work and make you less detectable... but they don't.
    Well, when you think about it, it isn't really a feature.It just looks cool

    revamped killstreak system - it's the exact same. Kill X people to get Streak 1... don't see any kind or revamp worth noticing. And no "assist now count as well" is NOT a worthy notice.
    Actually you don't get points only for killing people.You get them for completing objectives eg. capturing a flag on domination or planting a bomb on demolition, or by destroying enemy pointstreak awards.Gives objective players a shot to earn something.

    Pointstreaks - basicly just another name for Killstreaks. Hooray. You don't get anything different and don't really have to do anything different other than "kill people"

    new deathstreaks - never needed. Heck, the only deathstreak ever needed was "Painkiller". And other shooters already had that AGES ago. It's called "Spawn Protection".
    But it is a feature.Also there is no painkiller in mw3.

    New Leveling System for guns - uhm, what's different there? In MW2 and in MW3, you unlock new attachments by using the gun in normal gameplay. There is no difference.
    Yes, there is.Atachments, camos and proficiencies unlock when you level your gun.You don't need to do stupid tasks to unlock atachments like "kill x people with y atachment to unlock z atachment" or "get x HS to unlock camo y.Just play with the gun and you will be rewarded.

    new challenges - whoopdie-****ing-do, more stuff nobody ever needed as they don't give any kind of reward other than EXP.
    Still gets you something.

    new gamemodes - no? I only see gamemodes I saw in other games already and also done better. There is nothing "new" there, just recycled.
    Team defender, Kill confirmed and Drop zone are new.And of course there are game modes from previous games, it keeps the game from getting stale.Also they can't just invent hot water, not all gamemodes will be fun.

    So... what's the reason now to buy it? Seriously, you're just lying to yourself and you don't even notice it. MW3 was made to milk the francise, it's so obvious, nobody who's smart won't notice it (which, considering that most of the playerbase is below the age of 16 - yes, a known statistic, nothing I made up - is not even a surprise)
    So...what's the reason to hate it?Seriously, you don't even know what you're talking about.Whether Mw3 was made to "milk" the franchise or not, they are doing what was planned.Making shitloads of money and keeping the playerbase satisfied.

    Also, yes, in MW3, it's not possible to modify your FOV - if you do, your game might even get banned. That is, if you can even modify it in the first place. Check the official Steamforums about that.
    Yes, IW said it was "unbalanced" so if you change it they'll probably ban you(there are fov changers out there).
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    Quote from Bindal


    Some of those are just wrong.All you did was insult me and told me that my decisions are idiotic and without a reason.
    Just because the game is similar doesn't mean it's the same and provides the same experience.

    And let's see about those features: new weapons, new perks, strike packages, new attachments, new camos, new Proficiencies, new maps, 3 new gamemodes, revamped killstreak system, new poinstreaks(killstreaks), new deathstreaks, new leveling system for weapons, new challenges. When I said MW3 is similar to MW2 I meant that in a good way.Mw3 is Mw2 with new stuff and without stupid ****.It's got the same gameplay that we all know and love.And admit it, if the engine and graphics changed, nobody would say anything about the game being completely the same as previous one.

    You also said that I have no justification for buying a game, which is utter and complete BS.I stated my reasons and if you can't accept, them that's your problem.And may I remind that by your way of thinking , over 15 million people bought the game for no reason and are dumb to realize the game is stupid.Btw, you never said if you played the game or not.

    P.S. I did some research on fov in MW2 and it is changeable.Not sure about MW3. Link
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    Quote from Bindal

    That's what I said - they didn't change anything. There is NO JUSTIFICIATION, why MW3 is is sold as a full-priced sequel when it's exactly the same as MW2. And no "it's fun" is NOT a justification - that's an idiots-statement.

    I don't know if you are talking about moral or legal justification, but they modded the engine a bit, added new guns, perks, poinstreaks, maps and stuff.Made a few changes here and there and they got themselves a game they can sell at full price.
    Quote from Bindal

    And no, dedicated servers are NOT there because nobody set them up. Because they don't support anything. No fixing, nothing. Not even EXP can be earned there.
    Same for the setting - they aren't there. But they are BASIC SETTINGS ANY PC-GAME SHOULD ALLOW TO CHANGE RIGHT AWAY. Why people care? Because it SHOULD BE THERE WITHOUT ASKING!

    I'm pretty sure there are dedis:

    The reason for restriction to mod the game and gain experience is hacking.Imagine getting on a server, getting a kill and instantly becoming level 80, 10 prestige.There's nothing to stop someone from doing that.And what basic settings? If you are talking about fov, not many games can change that without using console commands (except Minecraft :biggrin.gif:)
    Quote from Bindal

    And here are some plotholes:
    Why is the Russian Federation invading Europe, when they send their own president to them for peace-talk?
    HOW could they invade Europe within less than one week? ALL AT ONCE? SUCCESSFULLY?
    And how could they do that after a horrible fail trying to invade the US less than a week before?
    Why are characters, who survived the previous game now suddenly gone? (Ramirez)
    Why are characters, who survived a previous MISSION suddenly gone? (Frost - the rest of Team Metal is there in a later mission, only Frost is not. For no reason.)
    How can Soap survive a car-crash at fullspeed (MW1) and getting stabbed into the chest after a boat-crash (MW2) but NOT falling out of the second floor of a building?

    I didn't say there weren't plot holes, I'm just saying that they won't ruin your gaming experience because they are not easy to notice unless you take a closer look.
    Quote from Bindal

    I could go on a while... fact is, MW3 is nothing but MW2 with a different name and a nearly-non-existing logic-missing SP. Anyone with more than one working braincell avoid that game and - if he really NEEDS an unbalaced, broken game - can play MW2. It's cheaper, but otherwise 100% the same game (you said it yourself), only lacking some of the balancing-issues.

    It's your opinion that the game is "broken and unbalanced". Mine is quite the opposite though.

    Quote from Bindal

    To simply ask a question - why should I buy MW3 in the first place, when even YOU admit that it's the exact same game as MW2 when I already have MW2 or can get it for less than half the price? Name me ONE thing, what justifactes spending almost twice as much on the same thing.

    New features(a lot of them),balancing and fixes, getting bored of MW2.Don't know if these reasons could appeal a guy like you but they are enough for me.Also according to your statement you haven't played MW3 at all or at least long enough to bash the game with such passion.
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    Quote from Bindal

    MW3 is hated because not only it proves what haters always stated about the series in general - it ALSO proves that there are fans (including you, OP), who are still too dumb to realise it.

    MW3 is nothing but a MAPPACK! Seriously, there are only MINOR changes to the game. 95% of the models and animations are copy-pasted from MW2 (Which in return copied a lot from MW1). 90% of all balacing-issues were not only not fixed, they were partly made even worse.
    Then of course the big PC-issue "No dedicated servers", which was one of the biggest complains in MW2. Not only that was not changed, they also screwed up the net-code making the gameplay basicly broken.
    Then of course the thing with "no modifing of basic settings" like the FOV. In MW1, you could do it. In MW2, you needed mods, but you still could do it. MW3? BAN HAMMER!
    Then there is the SP. It's only 3 hours long (Even the at least decent - not good, but decent - SP in MW2 was twice as long! And MW1 had basicly the FOCUS on it!), the story has more plotholes than swiss cheese and said plotholes are large enough to fit a BATTLESHIP through.
    The only thing, which COULD have saved MW3 would be the Spec Ops mode but... too short, too buggy, only 2 players and - if they didn't change anything from MW2 - not even public gameplay.

    Yes, there are tons of reasons why haters hate MW3. And there is no justification, why those reasons are there. Nor is there any reason why anyone should LIKE the game. Or spend 60 bucks on this mappack. Unless you love wasting money, of course.

    No matter what you say, I and others will still like the game.It doesn't matter if the changes are small or nonexistent, game is still fun.That's because there was no need to change something that is good. I personally think that COD is the of the most-balanced Fps-s I've seen, even though there are some OP stuff(face it, every game has them). Also , dedicated servers are there and who cares about fov and other stupid ****? People just wanna sit on the chair and play the game.Yes the campaign is short and is criticized for that but that wasn't the focus of the game(I also don't like when a FPS game has a long campaign). And what plotholes?I played the story just fine and didn't notice anything.You'd have to be a real lurker or a strict critic to find fault with those.

    And like I said in the beginning the justification for not changing much is because people like it the way it is(read: MW3 breaks sale records). Oh and before calling someone dumb for liking a game that you HATE, take into account that people have different opinions than you.Not to mention the people who never played any cods before mw3 and like the game nonetheless.
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    I use winamp for music and BSplayer for videos. But seriously how has no one mentioned BSplayer?I thought it was more popular.
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    Well it's really important to learn the maps and get aware of your surroundings.Depending on the map, choose the right weapons eg. on small maps like dome , choose close range weapons and for big maps with a lot of open spaces (seatown I guess) choose a mid/long range weapon or a sniper. Of course, adjust your secondary accordingly to fit your needs.
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    Quote from Degraded

    Apologies, had the wrong mobo in there. Also, I know the 990fx intel works with the Phenom II because I know people that have been using them together. Also, where can I find a motherboard for $70 dollars? It needs support for the 8gb ram and the rest of the rig.

    This is the cheapest reliable Motherboard I found on amazon Link

    This one is 100$, but it's a lot cheaper where I leave, that's why the price I said was a little low :biggrin.gif:
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    The motherboard you listed is way too overpriced, and also it is an intel MB so it won't support the amd Cpu you listed.You don't need an expensive MB if you don't won't to overclock, so get a cheap one for 70$-80$.Just make sure the cpu fits in and it will greatly reduce your price.
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    Assassin's creed
    Deus ex
    Heroes of might and magic
    Lara Croft
    Age of Empires
    Command and conquer
    Mortal Kombat

    These are of,of course, game franchises.Each of them has a lot of separate games.
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    Install windows 7 x64 and download an XP-theme for it if you don't like the look.Plain and simple.
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    It takes 1,5 minutes for windows to boot up and 3 minutes for all other stuff to load.I think I need to reinstall soon, boot time annoys me very much.
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    Quote from sss

    hey i checked the log of it and i found this:
    ERROR: PhysicsLib - Failed to create PhysX SDK

    what do i do to solve it?

    Install a new version of PhysX maybe?
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    Age of Empires, Call of Duty, Return to Castle Wolfenstein...

    Best medieval-ish game soundtrack IMO

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