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    Hey, so, little suggestion (maybe random). I don't know if something like this was brought up previously (I don't really think I can handle reading 253 pages of comments XD), but why not extend on the idea of the Grottol? I have 2 main ideas.

    1, making the Grottol have various forms (for axe and shovel), kind of just to complete the sort of 'tool trio' already in the game (cause hoes are not harvesting tools).

    Maybe they could have different behaviours depending on the form, e.g. instead of just running and burrowing, the sand one could drop a pile of sand on you, and if successful, could then run away, our the wood one would block your path with trees or something, or they could just run away.

    2, same concept, just making them their own mob.

    I completely understand if you find this redundant, as it literally is just a copy and paste for the most part (not literally of course, but you know what I mean), but then, because of that, it could just be a little something to add, which shouldn't be too difficult for you! I just feel like the Grottol is one of the most forgettable for me, so having a sort of trio, I think would make it more interesting!

    Sorry, but this isn't what I'm looking for. I just feel like it would make the original grottols feel less special if you could encounter other versions of there elsewhere. Other features are coming for grottols that will make them more exciting.
    Quote from Edetnak»

    Hello! This mod really is amazing and frankly it has made the world a lot more fun. However the lanterns are messing with some of my farms and I would like to know their in game id so I can try to modify their spawn rates in my world.

    Thank you for your time!

    You can use the configuration file to modify their spawns however you want.

    How have they been messing with your farms?

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    Quote from daekao»

    sorry for my english i'm using the translator

    I have an idea for a mob that controls the magic of aeromancy.

    This would be a large wooden face that controls two wooden hands. They would release blizzars and mini tornadoes.

    When you kill him, they drop the talisman of wind.





    edit: his name is clowoo

    Sorry, this isn't really what I'm looking for.
    Quote from MalroktheIII»

    Dark Scryer (Capnomancer)

    Found in various places (Desert, Badlands, Nether, Places like that) within a decent sized tent. It sits in front of a fire. Its head will track the player around the tent, waiting. Once within, the player can do a few things. The player can trade for some things, which change every day (In exchange for other lesser mob drops (eg, lantern goop, naga fangs), you can be trade Anything from a lesser version of its robes (which make you resistant to fire, not taking damage for the first 2 seconds of being on fire), to diamonds/emeralds/ender pearls, to scrying ash(it is craftable by other means, put a ender pearl in a furnace), and more) If attacked at this point, it will throw a orb. which causes a explosion, at the player (no terrain damage, lots of smoke, smallish amount of damage) and vanish in a puff of smoke, not to be seen again (either forever, or for a absurd amount of time (10-20 minecraft days?)).

    You can also throw one of a few items into the flame. Scrying powder will create a puff of smoke. After which, the Scryer says a prediction, which will come true (kinda like the witchery crystal ball, now that I think about it.) Blaze powder, which does the same thing, except most of the neutral predictions are gone, and it is replaced by some really good predictions, and some really bad predictions, both ends of which more are extreme than the scrying one gets, bone meal, which is like scrying powder, except worse (less predictions, most neutral, some bad, almost no good, and all are less extreme), gunpowder, which is exclusively bad, and has a chance of exploding (making the scryer leave), sugar, which gives a random potion effect, and divining dust (made through smelting a eye of ender) which is even more extreme than the blaze powder, but also has some extra neutral predictions. (predictions can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minecraft days to take place, at random) (some of these interactions can be taken out, although most use the same framework, so it should be easy if you have one in) (other possible interactions could be the lantern jelly, nether wart, etc)

    If you somehow manage to kill the scryer before he escapes, you will get his robes(with the full set when using ender pearls, a puff of smoke appears when you teleport, you get jump boost, strength, speed, temporary fire immunity, 5 hearts absorption, armor equivalent to leather otherwise), and the scryers eye, which when right clicked on a fire, will change the fire (will float above it), allowing you to have the gift of prophecy (same as normal) without the hassle of a trip into the middle of nowhere.

    This is kinda neat. I'll hold on to it.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    So, I was think about my Moonlight Guild (Mostly how I couldn't come up with anything for them), when I thought about the Fay Lizard. This thought lead to how sometimes the moon is associated with illusions, and that I should make the Moonlight Guild a group of illusionist assassins capable of summoning illusory duplicates or turning themselves invisible (With particles showing where they are, like with the Illusioner). They can also have bows/crossbows (Can't decide) so they have range.

    Interesting idea! Cool.
    Quote from Gillymoth»

    How about: when in Peaceful mode, all the mobs form a conga line and start dancing around the player, or on April 1st, whichever works better.

    All mobs? Kinda ruins the game, no?
    This would take a lot of work for a feature that most players wouldn't see and would ruin gameplay for those who do. Even if it's funny.
    Quote from ssj_boomer»

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I am using your mod in a modpack of mine. I'll link the modpack to you if you want to check it out after I finish it.

    Cool, have fun!
    Quote from AJU»

    Will things spawn in the Twilight forest?

    I manually added code that prevents my mobs from spawning in non-overworld dimensions. This was due to overwhelming player complaints about bad interactions with other dimension's biomes.

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    Quote from Ddak4»

    Ooh now I’m really excited for the stalkers, the werewolf like transformation was a great touch! And crescent shaped blades was my idea! I’m glad you want to incorporate it! The four armed demon monkey is giving me general grievous vibes! The canopy navigating code sounds really complicated we’ll be waiting patiently

    as for the extra moon magic elements you’re thinking of adding, I’m not sure you need anymore, these mobs sound pretty complete to me

    Quote from boomphobia»

    Oh boy, am i excited for the stalkers! I thought there couldn't be more interesting "civilized" mobs other than the barakoa, but the stalkers seem very promising. Could barako lose 1# spot in my heart? We'll see.

    Glad you guys like the concept!
    Quote from Phasmat»

    Don't have much to contribute, though I do want to say I'm very fond of the painting sorcerer concept.

    Yeah, I think it could be fun.
    Quote from MalroktheIII»

    An Idea:

    Ore-Bug/Stone Demon Queen:(found underground) It starts off as an egg, but when the player gets close enough (20-30 blocks?) It will crack open, revealing the ore-bug queen. Its carapace is made of stone, and pickaxes do more damage against it. It has two large claws, and a set of mandibles. Despite that, in its current state, it is relatively easy to kill. It only has 50 or so health, and its claws only deal about two hearts of damage. As such, it wont drop good items. A decent amount of stone, some carapace, which can make armor that is slightly worse than iron, and a stone claw,which you can either place as a trophy, or craft into weapon that deals as much damage as a stone sword. A bit disappointing, of course. But, the player doesn't have to kill it yet.

    If the ore-bug survives the initial encounter, it will wander around, eating ores (and grottols), growing more powerful, in tiers of 5. The amount required to go up a tier is decently large, and grows larger per tier. Coal will give it a acid/fire ranged attack. Iron will increase its health and armor class. Gold will give it a charge attack, Increase its size, and give it some hp. Diamond will increase its claw damage greatly, and improve its hp and armor. Lapis will give it the ability to lay eggs, and will make it more reclusive. Redstone will give it a AOE electric attack (which also activates redstone around it) Emerald will give it... uhh... something. Nether quartz, if it somehow gets its pincers on it, will give it more pincer damage, and a long range laser attack (if it has levels in coal, the laser also gains any modifiers the coal attack has, as it replaces it) which deals more damage than coal, has longer range, and can break blocks weaker than obsidian over time (as the player would likely force this occurence, as there is no way it could get nether quartz ore otherwise, it gives it a lot of extra power).

    Each ore will also change the ore bugs drops. Coal will make it drop gunpowder (or some fire acid) in increasing amounts per tier, Iron will make it drop iron carapace, which makes armor slightly better than iron each tier that goes up will increase the percentage of the carapace that is iron carapace (it needs to be at least iron 3 to eat diamond, emerald, or redstone). Each tier of redstone, the orebug will an increasingly powerful redstone crystal, which, when placed, can either project a redstone field, or a damaging electric one(if its this one, it needs to be powered), of a radius equivalent to the tier (tier one can effect one block away, tier two can effect two, etc) Emerald will make it drop something. Gold will increase the knockback of the claw dropped, and will just make it drop more (of everything) in general. Diamond will make its carapace slightly better than diamond as with iron, the percentage of diamond carapace compared to iron or stone goes up, up to 100%, it also increases the damage of the claw. Nether quartz will make the claw have high enchantability, and, if stacked with diamond, deal more damage than a diamond sword it will also grop a tiered nether quartz crystal, which, which can be used to craft a tiered laser drill, which when powered by redstone, can break blocks(each tier increases the hardness of that block, and the range of the laser (still cant break obsidian), which could be used to make mining machines. Lapis will make it drop eggs, which can be used to get your own orebug minions. At tier 5 lapis, it drops a version of its original egg, which you can pick up, place, and hatch (leave it alone for 10 minutes). The new orebug queen will be just as hostile, but you can place it into a more controlled environment.

    Speaking of lapis, once it reaches tier one, it will try to make a lair (by carving rooms out of the rock), where it can lay its eggs. There are 4 types of lesser orebug which can hatch from the egg: the worker, which looks for, and grabs ores/grottols and brings it to the queens room(the queen will stop eating after tier 5, so this could be useful) the sentinel, who guards the hive and can accompany workers, the vanguard, who guards the queen who birthed it (ranged attack, tier 3), and the royal (can only be done at lapis tier 5), will try to get far away from the hive, morph into a queen, and make its own. At tier 3, the queen will no longer leave the hive. Its lair will grow naturally over time as the workers break blocks and steal ores. The player can get eggs in two ways, either killing the queen to get a few, or by stealing them with a silk touch tool (they hatch in 15 minutes after placing, and will identify the player as their queen)

    This feels a bit too complicated to me, not to mention that the core mechanic (while cool) relies on absolutely destroying the world's underground. Sorry, it's not what I'm looking for.

    I am wondering if it is possible to have a Pharaoh in the mod for the desert? The idea is that it has 2 fases. fase 1 in it's coffin, using magical spells and summoning minions to attack up far range. (hp can be 80, but damage taken is reduced) and when his coffin breaks, fase 2 goes active. the minions die, but he gets a speed boost, attack boost and damage boost. He is then unable to use his magic, but used brutal strength.

    Yeah that's pretty neat. It could go well with the hieroglyph/snake charmer idea, combined together into one.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    Oh, you liked the original? I think I could go back. I revised the original to be more moon/night based. Now the Moonlight Guild is a group of necromancers, because one of the many things the moon is associated with is the undead. I haven't really planned it out fully, though.

    I just thought it needed more revision before I could really decide.

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    Quote from Ddak4»

    I’d love to see you’re most recent ideas on the stalker, you should definitely post them soon

    Heh alright, I'll share a bit more. Keep in mind that none of this is final, and I won't start work on them for a long long time.
    The mob concept relies very heavily on a mob movement system I've been brainstorming that will allow the mobs to navigate around tree canopies. They'll be able to use trees and tree-like structures to move through the world without touching the ground using some cleverly calculated jumps.
    During the daytime, they'll resemble small, pale monkeys wearing horned headdresses. Like Barakoa masks, these headdresses will vary between individuals. They'll flee from players and be very difficult to interact with.
    At night, they transform into intimidating mandrill-like beasts. Their textures will turn completely black except for their eyes, teeth, and tinted glowing tattoos. Their figures will become larger and more muscular, their headdresses will flare out, and their horns will grow slightly larger. They'll also grow long claws on both hands. I've planned a completely seamless transformation animation so there won't be any obvious model-swapping or popping.
    At night, they'll move in small groups through treetops. They'll follow above a player they've found for a certain amount of time or until the player looks up at them, at which point they will scream and leap down. They attack with claw strikes, leaping towards the player to attack and away to dodge. Like the Barakoa, they'll attempt to rotate out attackers so the player can't focus on any one target. I'm planning on having them occasionally drop their claws, which will work as a quick two-handed weapon that allows players to perform a leaping strike. I'm not sure if the headdresses will be drops as well.
    They will also have a chief, who will only be encounterable at night, likely only during a full moon (heavy uncertainty surrounding how he will spawn / where players can find him). The chief is larger than the regular tribesmen and has four arms instead of two. I was planning on equipping him with claws like the regular tribesmen, but someone suggested crescent-shaped sickles the other day and I think I really like that for him. He will move with extreme acrobatics and use his extra limbs to attack relentlessly (lots of animation work for me oh boy). The specifics of the encounter are not developed yet, but I'd like to think of some moon-related magic he could call on. There's gonna be a secret similar to the Barakoa secret here, and a new potion effect called "Canopy's Call" which will let players free-run through trees automatically simply by sprinting.
    Everything is subject to change, but I'm pretty happy with it so far.
    Quote from Dr_Rex»
    Quote from BobMowzie >>

    I kinda like the latter idea. Like they maintain some kind of prison holding back a powerful and dangerous entity. Players could decide to help free this entity or enter the prison and destroy it. Would require a lot more design thought.
    I feel like there's enough golem-building in the game already, and adding what is essentially a coal golem would feel a bit redundant.

    I gotta agree with you on that redundancy on the golem aspect! With Minecraft already having three different golem-ish building types, it's almost boring by itself.

    Anyways, to go along with the idea of a dangerous entity that would be a threat to the Coalite race, I've got two ideas that could fill this void. The first one, as stated earlier, could be from a part of the nether being a living fire entity of a sort. The second, on the other hand, is a intelligent being that has a desire to complete something that would involve metal to be smelted with a high intensity, which it eyes the Coalite's shells as the perfect fuel in order to create such a masterpiece. Defeating either one, whichever one that spawned with that certain Coalite village will make it so that the Coalites will offer special items, such as swords or pickaxes, or a good fuel source as an option. The abilities of each mob, however, is something I need to dwell upon more, unless anybody already has some good suggestions on how it should work.

    Good thinking, I'll let it ruminate in my head as well.
    Quote from 4Point»

    OK, so, uh
    The Mowzie's mobs logo
    I say it gets turned into a mob for the mod because why not
    It looks like a bat-like thing, with the Vertical sticks on the M looking like wings and the V shape looking like a face
    I'd think it's be a flying, batlike mob that moves incredibly fast horizontally but struggles to gain vertical height due to it's wing positioning
    i'd also think it'd dive at you in an attempt to either bite or impale you with that face
    edit: no, not like a phantom, i think it'd try to dive fast enough to where it'd get itself stuck in the floor if it missed.

    Well, I can give a reason "why not". If I were to develop a bat-like hostile flying mob, I'd like to give it a more exciting design than just an M with eyes. The logo is just a logo.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    After a while of contemplating I have come to the conclusion of getting rid of the Moonlight Guild and replacing them with something easier to create: The Hellfire Guild, a fiery group of warriors and the enemies of the Winter Order.

    The Hellfire Guild comprise of warriors using one of three weapons: War hammer, great sword, and battleaxe, all of which a oversized and require two hands to use properly. Their melee attacks also inflict fire damage.

    Aw, I wasn't opposed to the core concept.
    Hm, this idea is suffering from the same indecisiveness of the original Moonlight Guild suggestion. Why create 3 different weapon variants? There's no reason for the variation; they all sound like they'd function the same.
    Quote from ShadeEntity»

    I think this is my second bad idea but oh hwell, what about a brawler type monster, like a bipedal fighter that when the player finds them, the player can challenge them to a 1v1 fight, and it could have these rough looking gloves and/or gauntlets (but not made of metal) on each hand.

    The gloves(?) could be used by the monster to punch with both hands, one after another, and to pull their hands together to block. Maybe also be able to make a quick sidestep to avoid a player attack, but if the player does best them in combat, they will give up their gloves and the player would be able to make rapid punches with a glove on each hand, along with a blocking ability like a shield if they crouch. (both gloves must be won for them to do damage)

    I'm not too sure how or where this would appear, but I think on the outskirts of villages or in forests their hut or home has a chance to spawn. Maybe make it a challenge like the player must wear weak armor and use a specific weapon to participate in the fight.

    Cool thinking! An enemy using boxing-style moves. Tying this with some related themes would make it a really strong idea, and might help decide where the player might find it.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    Alright, after a while of thinking it over, I came up with a rudimentary move set for each Hellfire Guild Warrior

    Battleaxe: Basic Swipe, Burning Lunge (The warrior ignites themselves and lunges at the player, dealing knockback), Flame Slash (The warrior slashes their weapon, launching an arc of fire at the player)

    Warhammer: Basic Swipe, Magma Quake (Think Reinhardt's "Earthshatter" attack), Fireball (The warrior summons an explosive fireball and hits it with their hammer, launching it toward the player)

    Greatsword: Basic Swipe, Flame Slash, Fire Spin (The warrior's sword ignites, and they spins rapidly to create a ring of fire around them. This attack deflects arrows.)

    Keep in mind, this is NOT final. Things may change.

    I really suggest you pick the one you find most exciting and ditch the other two.
    Quote from MagpieGD»

    Is there a way to adjust the spawn rates?

    The reason I ask is because I'm trying to run this alongside Biome Bundle, and I've been running around through a bunch of different worlds trying to test if the various mobs still spawn in the modded Biomes, but because most of the mobs are so rare (I think) it's really hard to tell.

    Wroughtnoughts still spawn underground pretty frequently, and I've seen one group of roaming Barakoa in a modded Savanna biome, but no villages as of yet.

    I extracted the .jar and have been looking around through the files. I found the BiomeDictionaryHandler, and used a Java Decompiler to read it (or maybe just an appoximation of the original code, I'm not really sure how decompilers work this is new to me). I found the lines where the mobs are assigned there specific Biomes and saw that it uses references to some specific Minecraft library that I'm not familiar with. The thing, Biome Bundle biomes all include the original MC biome they are a variation of as the first word of their name. Do you have any idea if because of this, Mowzie's Mobs will still spawn in corresponding Biome Bundle biomes?

    I also scanned through the fml_cache_annotation.json. I'm not familiar enough with minecraft modding to tell exactly what it's doing, but it definitely appears like it's supposed to have some influence on spawnrates. In my forge mod configuration menu, there's no config menu available for Mowzie's Mobs. Is my forge just not working properly? Using forge for minecraft 1.12.2

    Woah, that was way more involved than you needed. First of all, all of my mobs use Biome Dictionary to spawn in modded biomes. Second, there's a config file for Mowzie's Mobs in your config folder that lets you adjust spawn rates. If you aren't seeing a certain mob, try waiting for night; some of them use light levels to prevent spawning inside player structures.

    Hey, thanks for the reply glad you like the idea. A quick look back at the lava kraken idea, it is pretty decent, I think everyone feels as thought those large lava oceans are lacking lol. Whether or not you want to go with that idea is completely your choice, I'll like to point out that the idea is pretty much fledged out by another modder, yet he never released it. TangoTek tried his hand at this idea and it pretty much is exactly how the other user's post described it. Here's a link to a showcase video of his idea in action. As far as The Nether Core item goes, I don't know what direction to lead it in. Maybe have a lava surfing feature if equipped in your empty hand slot? Create a similar sized wave to the of the Lava Golem's and use that to ride around on lava. (Of course this item grants immunity to fire whilst in your empty hand slot)

    I also went back in the posts to read what aman3712 had posted for the monkey guru and the idea is great. I also looked at his other ideas as well and loved them too. Yes the talisman does seem to veer off the powers a bit, only containing one of the mob's movesets, I appreciate the item though; very nice reward.

    I'm going to go ahead with another idea, mainly reviewing your Ent suggestion. Ill follow your general plans on what it needs to be and Ill try to work in accordance with that. If you already have it all planned out thats fine.

    Oh, I've seen this. TangoTek makes some great stuff, but I felt that I could push the concept a little further.

    Somewhere located deep within heavily ancient forests lie a mythical meadow. These meadows produce a feeling of natural beauty, with their lush plant life, calm ponds, and abundant forest creatures. These rare occurrences are known as Mystical Meadows, and they are inhabited by beings as old as the Earth itself. Acting as the centerpiece of the whole scene lies a single elevated dirt block. (This can be surrounded by stone bricks, mossy cobble stone, etc.)

    Inside these meadows you'll find an abundance of trees who you feel as though are living. They tower above the player and hold a grey hue to their bark. Picking at their leaves will result in a possible seed drop. Using your clues you can probably figure out that maybe you should plant the seed at that odd centerpiece you saw earlier. You plant the seed and either use bone meal on it or let it grow over time. Once the tree is finished growing, you'll notice that it is not like the rest. You see that it still has the same grey bark as the others but with almost vein-like glowing green trails throughout it. This tree does not produce the same seeds as before, rather they are of pure natural power. (Dont know what to name them)

    Planting said seed into the ground will result in a lone sapling peeking through the earth's crust. From here, it will rapidly grow into a large tree whilst taking humanoid shape along the way. The earth shakes, the ground begins to uproot, and the sky goes dark as the large figure stands over you. Letting out a bellowing roar, the now newly arisen Ent shall fight at your side for the brief time it has.

    The Ent is seen to be very tall (Sizes may vary upon spawn, but they will never be shorter than 5 blocks) when compared to the player and still shares the traits as the Mystical Meadow Trees in terms of appearance. Appearance traits might include:

    -Vine/moss beard, - Tree foliage in place of head hair, -large branches erupting from upper back, etc.

    Ent Playestyle:

    Although they appear tall and intimidating, they lack speed and act more as tanks than anything.

    Melee: The Ent has long extruding branch limbs so his melee attacks have plenty of range, they have pretty decent damage as well given their size. These melee attacks are slow moving and can be avoided if an enemy keeps their distance or runs around them. Attacks mainly consist of over exaggerated swipes of the arm, and sometimes a stomp which produces a fair knock back.

    Ranged Attack: Should an enemy keep a distance, the Ent can fire back with a root-based attack. Thrusting his arms into the ground, the Ent calls upon the roots from underneath to attack the foe. This attack shoots in a linear 2 block wide 8 block long ground based attack, if it successfully lands on a target it will be reeled in a bit closer to then Ent's range of melee and deal slight damage.

    Ranged Attack 2: If an enemy is out of range of the root-based attack he will grab the ground below him and hurl a ball of dirt/stone at the foe. This attack arches over a great distance but is slow. The direct impact will deal a heavy amount of damage whilst the AOE damage will only take about a heart. If hit directly, it will slow down the foe for a brief amount of time. (This ranged attack's effect can stack)

    Weaknesses: Ents being trees obviously have the weakness to fire as well as axes. Axes in particular have the ability to slow down the Ent even more.


    -Death: When an Ent dies, he will leave a spot of land fertilized where he passed away.

    -Expires: Should the timer on the Ent summoning expire, he will retract back into the ground, leaving a lone Mystical Meadow Sapling behind.


    -Everywhere an Ent walks he will leave behind a trail of fertilized plant life if he walks on top of dirt.

    -Obviously Ents would have a hard time getting past tree lines and other weak-block obstacles so maybe bend the rules on mob griefing? (Perhaps setup a config file for it?) if there is another work around thats fine too; I cant imagine Ents not being able to fight correctly in their own setting.

    -The Dynamic tree models look really nice maybe add similar tree shapes such as those? (Maybe make it compatible for the Meadow Trees?)

    Cool concept, I'll keep these ideas in mind for sure.
    Quote from user-100052243»

    Very cool mod! Maybe you could make a creature for the coral reef biome if you ever intend on updating to 1.13? It could camouflage depending on the type of coral it is the nearest to, also it could create a little bubble tornado to keep you underwater so you have to kill it before it drowns you. I think it would be a cool idea. Keep up the work on the mod, it is fenomenal! Also, the naga is so frickin cool, l o v e it.

    I'd love to! And yes, I intend to update.

    Hm, I'm not sure if these mechanics are quite what I'd be looking for for a coral reef mob. I think the concept needs a little polishing.

    Glad you like it!

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    Hoo boy okay here we go.

    Quote from Dr_Rex»

    Hmm, I just had some ideas pop up, but I don't think it would be a good idea, since it would be making them put way too much impact to the world. One that may work is that maybe if you trade high enough with them, they'll teach you how to create others of their ilk, but like a downgraded way, with instead of coal, a different material. For example, they tell you how to create more of them in order to make your own village of them, but they're made of a new type of ore that would make them inferior to the original Coalites. Or, maybe each village is destined to hold something back from a different dimension, something that would eliminate (or consume) their race, like a living fire from the Nether or something along those lines. Now that you mention the gameplay appeal they should have, it's a lot harder to find something that would make them worth the time. But all I got so far is possibly something they are holding back from a different dimension, like a living fire that will consume their entire race since they are pretty much made of a good and efficient fuel source, or they will give you a "blueprint" for lack of a better term, of themselves that will be inferior to them so that they cannot be replaced.

    I kinda like the latter idea. Like they maintain some kind of prison holding back a powerful and dangerous entity. Players could decide to help free this entity or enter the prison and destroy it. Would require a lot more design thought.
    I feel like there's enough golem-building in the game already, and adding what is essentially a coal golem would feel a bit redundant.
    Quote from Ddak4»

    How about a pack of camouflaging mollusks that turn invisible and attempt to latch on to you; you’d have to watch closely to see the bubble trails they leave behind to find where they are before they strike! Their beaks can also be venomous so the antidote potion is even more useful

    they’ll be found in open ocean

    they could drop an item called an invisible ink sac that, when consumed, lets the player turn their armor invisible along with themselves

    i got this idea from real life mollusks like cuddlefish and octopi, those two animals can change their color and texture to seamlessly blend in with their environment as if they where invisible

    Cool idea, but it sounds much more annoying than fun. Sorry, but this isn't what I'm looking for.

    Quote from Ddak4»

    Perhaps the mob alerting mechanic is curse cast by some kind of witch or gremlin mob? Basically a magic debuff caused by some kind of mischievous creature

    Maybe! That would align with the personality of the design.

    Quote from CatosBobu123»

    Yeah. Now that I drew it I can sorta see why it may not fit MM in your opinion. But if you find the core idea of a support mob that gets you a light effect interesting, I think that said mob, whether it is a white mushroom frogman looking thing or not, could drop glowy goop that you could mix with the lantern gel to create a shiny mixture that you could tip your arrows in at the crafting table. Maybe when you fire it at mobs it will flash for a brief second so brightly that all mobs in an are will have the light effect and maybe even blindness, making them ironically able to spot you only at a much smaller distance? Idk.

    Isn't there a potion effect for this already in vanilla Minecraft?
    I like that idea though, a way to "scan" for mobs in an area and reveal them through walls.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    All right. Here goes nothing...

    Moonlight Assassin Attacks (Other than normal melee):

    Dash: The assassin dashes towards the player, striking them.

    Throwing Dagger: The assassin throws a dagger at the player.

    Moon Blast: The assassin harnesses the power of the moon and sends it hurtling towards the player. There is a 1 second delay as the assassin charges the spell up.

    Lunar Slash: The assassin charges up the dagger and slashes, sending an arch of energy hurtling towards the player.

    More attack ideas would be very much appreciated.

    They could drop the daggers, maybe? I haven't thought a lot about their drops.

    I also have the idea of a Moonlight Guild boss. They would have all the same attacks, plus some, and would be stronger and faster. I don't have an exact name, just "Guild Master (Name)".

    This isn't really what I'm looking for. None of these abilities have anything to do with the moon aside from the ability names. Like, you can't just color a projectile silver and call it lunar magic.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    I didn't really understand that, honestly. Why don't you give what you think first so I can hold it up to my thoughts.

    If I make a fire themed mob, it won't just shoot red spheres. It would set the player on fire, dealing continuous damage after hitting.
    If I make another ice themed mob, it won't just shoot blue spheres. It would freeze the player, and maybe make the floor slippery.
    Same design principle needs to apply here.
    Quote from Ddak4»

    Maybe the moonlight assassins are a clan of stealthy rouges that can be hired for money, if you pay ten gold or something they'll be your minions for a little while and they’ll help you fight mobs or other players, and maybe if you choose to fight them instead then they’ll drop unique loot like a special crescent shaped blade perhaps?

    Thats what I would do, what do you think?

    Stealth feels moon-like, yeah. I like the crescent blade, too. Not too sure about the mercenary characterization, though. I feel like it takes away from the mystical nature of the cult.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    That makes me think of an idea I forgot to tell you about, where they have no powers and are rarer during the day and during a new moon.

    That's more in line with what I mean, sure.
    It's beginning to sound a bit like the Barakoa's rival tribe now, actually, which I haven't really shared more details on. Maybe I should write out my plans for that soon.
    Quote from Ddak4»

    alright this is pretty cool, however what would a player do once they joined, would they go on missions or do specific tasks, i feel like going this route potentially makes the mobs too complicated, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work

    Oof, yeah that sounds like it would escape the scope of the mod.
    Quote from Ddak4»

    This sounds a little fun but I feel like it’s a bit much for Mowzie’s mobs, I mean an entire quest system sounds like it can be its own mod all together


    dreadwalker9 has earned the respect of the jellyphish kingdom by using a Hollow Knight profile pic.

    MMORPG system deviates too much from this mod. Perhaps a beast that feeds off moonlight might be a more fitting idea.

    Image result for xenobeast

    Cool, but what would it do?
    Quote from aman3712»

    I've also been thinking about one of Mowzie's older ideas of a possessed suit of armor that tries to out itself on the player and I've been coming up with ideas that expand upon it XD

    What if for the possessed armor, it's actually being controlled by a floating heart with an eye at the center of it that's hiding inside of it. Standing about half a block higher than the player, it could be an elite enemy that wields a longsword and shield, and it's attacks could include basic melee attacks and blocking, as well as throwing pieces of it's armor at the player. However, the player would be able to knock these pieces of armor to the ground by hitting them at the right time, causing the heart to lose a piece of it's armor.

    If the player manages to wack away enough armor pieces, the floating heart will be exposed, allowing the player to go in for the killing blow. If the player fails to attack the heart quick enough, the heart will start collecting it's lost armor pieces again. This was just a quick little brainstorm I decided to post XD

    Ooh, that's neat. Sounds an awful lot like the Wroughtnaut, though.
    Quote from redcrow55»

    Me gustaría proponer un mob.

    (Ni idea del nombre)

    Descripción: Es un anfibio parecido a una rana, en cada lado de su boca tiene dos grandes comillos parecidos a los de un mamut y tiene dientes muy afilados sobresaliendo de su boca. Está cubierto de moho, algas, ramas, un gran tronco de arbol en su espalda y demás cosas del pantano, llegando a crecer también pequeños árboles sobre su espalda.

    Su tamaño sería de unos 4,5 bloques de alto 6 de largo y 3 de ancho y viviría en los pantanos, obviamente.


    Mordisco: un simple mordisco que envenena al jugador.

    Cañonazot:el tronco de su espalda actúa como un cañón, disparando un proyectil que hace mucho daño.

    Supersalto: el monstruo Salta y cae encima del jugador con gran fuerza.

    Oleada de insectos:Escupe diferentes clases de insectos que atacan y molestan al jugador.

    Insectos que genera:

    Insómoles: pequeñas moscas que genera en grandes cantidades, no atacan al jugador pero dificultarían su visión y movimiento, poniéndose enmedio del rango de visión del jugador haciendo que solo viese un enjambre de moscas a su alrededor.

    Hornzets: son avispones de mediano tamaño que pueden volar y atacan al jugador pudiendo paralizarlo con la picadura de su aguijón.

    Mol: un escarabajo no volador, ataca cuerpo a cuerpo y tiene bastante vida.

    Se me ocurre que llegado a un punto del combate el monstruo envuelva al jugador con su lengua de rana y lo estrelle contra el suelo o algo así, pero sería muy difícil de hacer.

    Drop: tal vez pueda soltar su estómago para que el jugador pueda generar insectos, o tal vez su tronco-cañon para que el jugador pueda disparar.

    That's pretty cool! I would recommend choosing either the insect spitting ability or the tree trunk cannon, but not both. Both are very characterizing, but neither have much to do with the other and they don't really work together in combat. I think the insect spitting move is more exciting. I'll keep this in mind.
    Quote from boomphobia»

    I would like to revisit an idea i made some long time ago. It was first part of the necromancer idea, but now it is a stand-alone idea, without having the need of a necromancer encounter.


    As you explore your world, you may run into a ritual looking structure. Having a ring in the middle of it and on top of the ring, is a floating skull (not a skeleton skull). Once you get close to the skull, it starts summoning skeletons. Some armoured lightly and some that are a bit challenging to defeat. Once all the skeletons are defeated, the skull will drop in the sircle and a red demonic portal opens from the ground. There he is summoned, Bryn'Troll. A tall skeletal looking creature that resembles Stallord. Right when he is summoned, he starts attacking.

    Bonespike Graveyard: He swings his arm close to the ground and bonespikes come out of the ground, travelling 5-7 blocks. They only stay up the ground about 3 seconds and go back in. If a player is stuck on them, they recieve 1 hearts of damage per second. You can get out of them by jumping.

    Breath Of Decay: Bryn'Troll places his claws on the ground, moves his head a bit forwards and releases a breath of decay that damages and applies wither. His head follows your movement while attacking.

    Black Pool: His stretches his hand and slams it on the ground. There forms a sircular pool of dark red/black energy. It gets bigger overtime and then disappears. Everything it touches, is slowed and weakend. Physically weakend. This means that it receives more damage than usual.

    Once killed, he will drop his fang. This will allow you to have control over bones and to some extent, corrupting.

    This is part one. Next I'll describe the abilities of the "Fang Of Bryn'Troll"

    This is much better than before. However, I wish the different abilities worked together more to create a more coherent experience when fighting it. Something that characterizes the fight itself, maybe something that players can learn to strategize around, maybe something that ties together both a strength and a weakness. Your designs are cool and your lore-building is interesting, but I feel like this is the aspect of your suggestions that is often lacking.
    For example, Barako is a stationary boss mob. All of his abilities revolve around this in some way; he cannot advance towards you, so he relies on powerful ranged magic and minion mobs. His solar flare has low damage but large knockback, and is used to throw players that have closed in back into his gauntlet of stronger attacks. His solar beam only comes into play once players have damaged him a bit and maybe figured out a strategy - building a ceiling or moving erratically - and is designed to somewhat work against these strategies.
    The Wroughtnaut is a simpler example. His encounter is defined by this loop of baiting an attack, dodging, then striking if he's vulnerable. The stomp was added to break up this loop a bit with something a bit different and unexpected; it's not very strong, but alleviates some of the redundancy. Once players have figured out his weakness and grown a little too comfortable avoiding his swings, he'll start swinging twice in a row. This builds on what players have already come to understand about the Wroughtnaut and makes them pay more attention and readjust to the fight again. Finally, once players have learned to play around this - usually by running behind him - he starts to use a spin attack.
    In both cases, all of these abilities work to create a cohesive experience surrounding the mob and interact with its strengths and weaknesses. They are not simply a combination of different moves that just look cool. The frostmaw probably employs this design philosophy the least of all my mobs, and I suspect this is why it is many players' least favorite.
    Quote from SwinnyKing»

    Hey i am letting you know i am using your mod in a modpack and will credit and link this page, its called moody magic on technic if you want to check it, thank you and superb mod!

    Cool! Thanks.

    Mob Idea: Nether mini boss Lava Golem??? (Name suggestions needed)

    Located inside one of the Nether's many lava oceans lies a ginormous lava golem of sorts. Its resting place can most easily be identified where volcano-like formations and spires litter the area. When in range, the lava golem will burst out of the lava cesspool and roar in anger as someone has trespassed into their home.

    MoveSet: The Lava Golem is stationary and cannot move, however, it has a wide array of ranged attacks that can deal with an enemy from a distance.

    -Lava wave: used mostly for crowd control or for a wide range of effect, the golem sweeps its hand across the lava's surface creating a tidal wave directed towards the player. This will deal some knock-back as well as the same effect a player would have had he been submerged in lava for a short period of time.

    -Magma Boulder: A huge boulder comprised of magma blocks is hurled towards the player after being excavated from the ground by the golem. This boulder does a high amount of damage when hit directly, and a small amount of AOE damage if landed close by. Knock back varies on direct or AOE damage.

    -Volcanic Call: If the player should get too close or if the golem feels as though his life is in danger, he will let out a bellowing roar. This will cause the player to be launched back many blocks should he be within close proximity if the call is emitted. Ontop of this, magma cubes will begin to spawn near the scene in aid of the golem. (Maybe introduce new mob lackey?)

    Fighting Strategy: Although the golem exudes a strong presence and seems almost unkillable by any normal means there is still one unorthodox method of fighting; Water. Using splash water bottles directly on the golem will cause its body to cease up for a short while, during this time, the player can start to chip away at its rock based body. Note: After the golem awakes from this state, he immediately knocks back the player using his Volcanic Call.

    End: Once the golem reaches its breaking point, it will then begin to crumble away leaving nothing behind but a pile of netherack. Upon the netherack will be some leftover nether quartz as well as the players big reward; The Nether Core.

    NetherCore: The Nether Core is a powerful shard of energy infused with that of the Nether's own will. Crafting this on an anvil with any armor piece will yield a unique effect dependent on the location. (Maybe have shard equip onto weapons as well ??)

    Boots: Grants the ability of walking on lava by turning the respective lava source blocks into magma blocks. (Works much like the Frost Walker enchant)

    Pants: Anything that were to directly hit you would receive a brief fire effect.

    Chestplate: Any damage done to you is voided for the first 3 hits. afterwards, your armor would receive a minute cool down; During this cool down any damage to you is treated normally. After the 1 minute timer resets, the effect takes place again.

    Helmet: Crouching whilst inside a lava source block will cause a 5 block high wave to form infront of you. The width of this wave is solely dependent on how many lava source blocks are adjacent to your current position. (Max wave width being 7 blocks) the distance the wave will travel will be 10-20 blocks far. (This number can also be tied in with the width of the wave, so if the width of the wave is large, so shall the the length that it travels be.)

    This is pretty cool! It feels a bit similar to the lava kraken suggestion from a while back. I'm not sure that both make sense, so I'd likely adapt one of them or combine them much later on. We'll see.
    I'm really not keen on this drop, however. I feel like in most cases mob drops should be immediately useful, but of course this isn't a rule. I also feel like instead of doing all of those different things, we should just pick the best one. And probably least importantly, it doesn't make intuitive sense that this 'core' item would do these things; maybe change it to an item that more directly relates to its ability.

    Hmmm, Vadamagma doesn't sound too bad. As far as the pyromancy magic goes, I feel like the "use creature abilities" card is getting a little too old. Almost all the mobs in the mod consist of dropping an artifact of sorts that allows the player to utilize said mob's abilities. Frostmaw, Sun Chief, Ferrous, and soon to be Geomancy for the upcoming mob. I liked the Follliath plant seed idea because it differed from that path, same with Naga drop as it provided a useful poison resistance potion. Now I believe the Nether Core could be reworked, but I just wouldn't know what direction to lead it in. Thanks for the criticism though.

    I feel the same way, yeah.
    Ah, but the mob that grants you geomancy will not use the powers in the same way as the player at all.
    Quote from enzo7098631»

    Make all structures generated by the mod support the /locate command. This way players in creative trying to see everything in the mod don't have to go spectator mode and look for everything.

    Oh yeah, I gotta do that. Gotta figure out how...
    Quote from enzo7098631»

    also, making a resource pack for this. the Wroughtnaut texture is NOT mine. I was browsing through the forums and saw this re-texture and decided to put it in a resource pack. the texture is by Prohecy_Wrecker and you can find the original post on page 77 of the forum/thread. I'm gonna add more textures but I'll probably just edit the hue since I can't properly texture.

    Oh yeah, I remember this!
    Quote from kiwa_rai»

    You should have a social media about the next updates and releases! It'll be very useful and cool to see you posting.

    Unfortunately, there's no news at all. Any social media would be just empty.
    I'll have new stuff to show in due time, and will share it here.
    Quote from 4Point»

    1/1000 chance for ferrous to be retextured to a LoZ iron knuckle
    sorry i just don't have any genuine ideas
    also considering the sunbeam on ferrous is a mario reference, why not just go overboard and make it get two references

    The mario thing is an easter egg. Turning the mob into a Zelda enemy would come with expectations and fans constantly complaining that it behaves differently. Then people would want more Zelda content, and next thing I know Mowzie's Mobs is a Zelda mod.
    Quote from daekao»
    I hope you like it :creeperdance: by Alvoria

    Cool! Is it a mob suggestion? I'm going to need a bit more explanation.
    Quote from MagicraftMods»

    If you go through with the snake charmer boss idea, it would be cool if the reward for defeating the boss was an item that allows the player to become a moving painting as well. I have no idea if this is even possible, but I just think it would be pretty neat!

    Yeah that would be awesome. I can't even think of how to get the mob to do this, though. We'll see.
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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.4: Down below and up above!

    Sorry for my absence here, everyone. I’ll have replies for everything soon.

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    Quote from aman3712»

    I saw! I'm super glad you liked that idea! I'm also curious to see how it's obstacle courses would work in game!

    And honestly, I'd imagine that warlock tower idea working more in favor for my Librarian idea, due to the stark similarities. I can definitely see how the chaotic demon design could be a bit overwhelming to deal with; my initial idea was something that was just really bizarre and uncanny, and fought the player in a way that no other monster/boss does as of yet. For my monster ideas, I try to theme them around bosses/mini bosses, in that they have their own strengths and weaknesses; Librarian is a super glass cannon that relies heavily on his collection of magic, while the Tiki Guardians rely on synergies between each other XD

    I see, yeah the thinking there makes sense. I'll hold on to it.
    All high-quality ideas, all in my huge backlog of things to implement.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    That is a valid question! I imagine it would drop a magical item, possibly one of it's buds. It would allow the player to summon an illusory duplicate of themselves, which hostile mobs would prioritize over the player (except, of course, the Fae Lizard or any wizard mobs, like the Winter Order). This would allow the player to escape any hairy situations.

    Edit: I forgot to add the items recharge and durability! This item would have a slow recharge and have five (This could be changed) uses before it's used up.

    That's pretty neat. I'll keep it in mind.
    Quote from boomphobia»

    A new tribe on the swamps. I'm not sure of the name yet, but they would look similar to Murlocs. Their tribe would be located in near or in the middle of a swamp lake. Their houses look more like shacks. In the middle of the tribe is the elder of group. These creatures are armed with wooden spears and stone daggers. They attack in groups and retreat when alone or greatly outnumbered. The elder is a different colour, bigger in size, wears little decorations and is equipped with a stone decorated staff. These creatures are very territorial. You can give them food like fish to calm them. The elder when approached, will give you a similar trade that barako does, but instead will trade a heart of the sea, which in return he will give you the Swamp Totem. More on this later. You can also attack the tribe. Their culture demands that they worship the strongest being they come in contact with. Which means that if you take out their elder leader they will automatically worship and serve you. But it's not an easy task. They will protect their leader at all costs. Even the elder has some tricks of his own. He will unleash a stream of bubbles from his mouth which will deals damage and has a chance to put you in a floating bubble for a couple of seconds. When the bubble bursts, you'll fall. He can also call upon the "Thing Of The Deep Waters". An octopus like tentacle will raise from a near body of water that will attack the enemy. If you successfully take out their elder, they will obey you and the elder will drop his staff that allows you to make a (their name here) follow you. In multiplayer, if someone kills you, they will take control of the tribe, as they will worship a stronger being. Now at the Totem. Placing the Totem on the ground and actvating it by right clicking will summon a "Thing Of The Deep Waters" from a near body of water. Which will slam your opponents or wrap around them and send them flying in the air.

    I like the idea of a swamp tribe and murloc-like creatures would be fun. But mechanically you've essentially just re-skinned the Barakoa - a village with a larger stationary boss version, remote magic attacks, the choice of inheriting the boss' powers or controlling the tribe. It's way too similar in its current state, and doesn't carry the same thematic justification. Sorry.
    Quote from boomphobia»

    Maybe it's the way I presented the idea which makes it seem like it's similar to the barakoa. They would be more disorganised. The totem trading mechanic can be changed. It's just that trading was the first thing that came to my mind.

    I don't know what you mean by "disorganized". I don't feel like the level of order in their combat addresses the similarities closely enough.
    Quote from boomphobia»

    Now that I think about it, they're behaviour is kinda similar to the Barakoa. Maybe some of them ride big frogs? They don't go hunting in packs like the barakoa, but instead hunt underwater for fish. As for the frogs maybe they are individual species but are inslaved or tamed by these creatures.

    Having them mounted on toads or hunt for fish are nice choices, but they don't change the fact that players interact with the mob the same way that they interact with the Barakoa.
    Quote from 4Point»

    So i decided to make another one, but instead of it being this big scary monster, i went ahead and vouched for a small, neutral mob that can be either a help or a hindrance while caving.
    a small, cubic creature where most of it's body is it's eye. it wanders the caves in small groups, scavenging on the various drops of the cave-dwellers that have fallen in combat using the small mouth located on the bottom of it's body. it defends itself by shooting singular small fire-charges out of it's eye, which deal no impact damage but inflict a small burn. if you hit one, all nearby Ibok will aggro onto you and start pelting you with weak fireballs from a safe distance away. they're also resistant to fire, but due to their low health pool, that doesn't really matter.

    Ibok can also climb walls using their tiny feet, and they look kinda cute doing it. (Foot movement animation would look a bit like a caterpillar's foot movement)

    Unique benefits: feed it anything that's both edible and found in caves (spider eyes, rotten flesh) and it might become temporarily "tamed" to you. it'll follow you around and ignite any enemies that aggro onto you, as well as draw aggro onto them instead of you, in which case they will try to run away so it isn't hit. they will leave after 10 minutes of assisting you.

    Drops: 1-2 Fire Charges, 1-2 Ibok Hide
    Ibok hide can be used to craft the Firewalker Boots, which give immunity magma blocks and act as if they have fire protection 1 already on them. they have the same durability as leather, however.

    Basically, it's less a lurking horror and more of a small ambient creature with a few neat side effects. it also gives you fire charges which are a pain to craft and basically useless, so that's nice.

    I appreciate the change in tone of the idea! They're kinda neat, but I'm not very excited by them. I'm also not a fan of mobs that drop "hides" and other miscellaneous parts; I have a philosophy that mob drops should be somewhat immediately useful and should avoid the template "[mob name][generic body part]". Sorry, I don't think it's what I'm looking for.
    Quote from CatosBobu123»

    A quick idea that I just pulled out of my colon because I'm not really writing this idea in an attempt to get my mobs in the mod I'm pretty much writing this just because I want attention :^(

    Anyways here it:

    A pale white half-human half-toad looking thing that has yellow, transparent, glowy mushrooms on it. It pukes transparent, glowy, yellow goop onto you, has 10/15 health(idk), the RoF of a skeleton and a 50% chance to deal 1 damage to you if you're unarmored(with as much knockback as a regular egg/snowball) but gives you that glowing white outline effect(i forgot it's name) for 30 seconds(maybe 40 in hard mode), allowing all hostile mobs(or neutral if they have a grudge on you); not just silverfish to not only be able to see you through walls made of any types of blocks, solid or not, but also target you through them if they previously had no idea you were even there to begin with; and effectively pathfind their way towards you. Vanilla zombies have a mechanic where if they're hit there's a chance for a zombie to spawn, maybe the mushroom frog's effect will increase that chance? As if more zombies will get to spot you now that you're glowing? Maybe it will also increase the distance required for a mob to target you(so now skeletons can shoot from farther away, etc.). The spawn rate is pretty low, but if the threat they pose is not too great and they aren't too much of a nuisance this might increase. Maybe there could be a mob that gets blinded by this effect so it would be kinda sorta maybe somewhat beneficial to get the effect on you? Idk. That's pretty much it.

    Sorry, but it just seems a bit random? I don't feel a connection between the design and the mechanic. This isn't really what I'm looking for.
    Quote from willmichu»
    I need this mod, can I change it for a diamond? : 3

    What would you like to change? I can't make any promises...
    Quote from Ddak4»

    I really like the idea of a mob that alerts other mobs to your presence, kind of like a support class

    I do as well! But it should have a larger design concept that justifies the mechanic.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    The Moonlight Guild: A group of sorcerers, knights, and assassins who use the power of the moon for spells and attacks.

    Moonlight Sorcerer: Wearing robes and wielding a crystal staff, Moonlight Sorcerers attack from a distance, as well as support others of the Guild by healing and shielding them.

    Moonlight Knight: Equipped with armor and a crystal sword and shield, Moonlight Knights charge at the player. They use magic, but prefer to use melee.

    Moonlight Assassin: Using twin daggers, Moonlight Assassins are quick and use magic and melee equally. Their favorite spell turns them into living shadows, completely invisible except for the occasional wisp of black smoke the emanates from them.

    I'm open to a moon-themed guild, but the mobs you just described have absolutely nothing to do with the moon. You've also described three completely disparate mob ideas; it would be a stronger design choice to choose one and flesh it out fully, unless you can thematically or mechanically justify the variants.
    Quote from Dr_Rex»

    I kinda got an idea, probably needs to be fleshed out more later.

    Creatures called Coalites. Coalites are slightly bigger than a human, with a little bit more bulk to them. They have a shell of condensed coal, condensed enough to where none of it will really fall off, unless they get pretty messed up. Their joints aren't really protected, as coal doesn't move well on joints, so that is covered with an equivalent of leather. The shell that they are born with is very fragile, so when they are created, and how they are created is from others taking organic creatures, like bats, and melding them to create another of them, they begin to assist others of their species to look for coal, in order to create a harder shell for later on in life.

    Coalites are a semi- civilized species, living in underground villages a decent distance from the surface. They can't really see in the dark. Instead of torches, like others, they make bonfires with excess coal to light up their village. They do not require anything to breathe, and their diet usually revolves around bats and zombies, as they aren't able to farm.

    Coalites are very good at working with metal, as they can shed some of their shell to control flames better and create very fine weapons and tools. Their weapons usually consist of swords and spears, and their tools like pickaxes. They can't create bows or anything with a wooden handle, as they don't have any sort of wood available to them.

    They are wary to outsiders, but are willing to trade if the price seems right to them. Since Coalites run off of coal, they use it as their main currency. If any of them are attacked, the village will retaliate and kill the offender.

    Anybody know if there is any other way of fleshing them out more?

    These are cool! I can really picture them fitting into the game. Apparently, so does everyone else!

    In describing them, you seemed to have really developed the 'science' behind how they work and function biologically and sociologically. But the idea is missing actual gameplay interest; the ways in which players interact with these mobs is totally generic, no matter how exciting the design idea is. I'd love to see more development in what unique role they play in the game and how an encounter with these mobs will feel unique to players.

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    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    You know what? I decided to improve upon the Fae Lizard. It now can summon illusory mobs and duplicates of itself, because fae are trickster creatures and masters of illusion. The illusion mobs deal no damage and disappear when hit, but still get in the way of the player. This allows the Fae Lizard to escape. If the player continues to give chase, the Fae Lizard will make illusion duplicates to confuse the player. These duplicates also deal no damage and disappear when hit. It uses magic blasts as an offense as well, but will sometimes use the poison clouds instead.

    Much more interesting! But why would players chase the lizard? If chasing it is dangerous and yields no rewards, players will simply ignore it.
    Quote from Anchaenth»

    I believe it would be better if everyone that keeps on suggesting whatever comes to mind and using this thread as a chat created a chatroom, discord server or the like for chatting and refining suggestions before sending them here. That way you save Bob and yourselves time and keep the thread less polluted with posts like:

    It helps everybody. You could even help one another create a mod for what you'd like to see in game but has been declined in this thread.

    I don't disagree with you, but frankly I don't mind posts like that.
    Quote from Anchaenth»

    I said you should make a server, not Bob. You already know each other from this thread, making a server would be pretty fast and need minimal moderation. There was an attempt to create one not long ago, I believe by PCAwesomeness, which might still be alive. They are indeed polluted, from the 248 pages, almost half of that are replies that could've been sent in a single message, users talking to one another about things a little unrelated to the mod and ideas that haven't been completely thought through which are suggested multiple times. I am not implying any of you should stop posting, but that those that suggest more frequently could possibly gain something from organizing their ideas somewhere else, buffing or nerfing them accordingly before sending them here, though I don't know if discord would be a good option as it tends to kill forum threads.

    Again, you're not wrong, but this is just the nature of public forums. I've accepted that many posts won't advance discussion and many suggestions will be underdeveloped.
    Quote from silkepus»

    I have a question. How did you make the frostmaw horns look kinda 3D?

    That uses a special ModelRenderer class developed by a friend of mine. It does basically what item-in-hand rendering does to give textured planes depth.
    Quote from aman3712»

    Back at it again with another monster idea I came up with while at work and thinking about Majora's Mask XD

    The Inkubai

    A malevolent yet bizzare demon obsessed with painting, the Inkubai appears as a tall, imp-like monster with multiple arms, paint stained all over it's lanky body, and a staff-like paint brush it carries around. Pretty much, the Inkubai looks like a chaotic, abstract piece of art XD

    Found within it's lair deep underground, which could appear as a large room full of works of art and paintings it has hoarded over the years. Once disturbed, the Inkubai will begin to laugh and grunt maniacally, doing bizarre dances and movements before diving into a portrait, beginning the fight. The Inkubai's abilities would go as followed:

    1. Jumping into one of his portraits, the Inkubai will come out from another portrait from a random side of the room, performing one of his attacks before fleeing back into a portrait.

    2. Using the portrait nearest to it, it'll start painting on it and create a random threat for the player. These threats include various paint monsters, bombs, paint projectiles, paint lasors, etc.

    3. Occasionally, the Inkubai will bounce out from one portrait and begin to hop across the room towards another, creating splashes of damaging paint that fly randomly. If the player hits him with a ranged attack, though, the Inkubai will fall over and get stunned for a little bit.

    4. Once at low health, the Inkubai will create two paint clones of itself; although these clones have much less health than the player, they follow the same behavior of the Inkubai, and can create absolute chaos of the player does not kill them quick enough.

    Once defeated, the Inkubai will drop his brush, the Artisan's Folly, allowing the player to splash damaging paint onto enemies, as well as create paint monsters to aid them in combat!

    Oh, hey! Not sure you saw, but your simian geomancer idea is coming next: The Sculptor.

    Ooh, this is pretty cool. My only concerns are the underground setting and the chaotic demon-like design; maybe a calm, collected warlock in a tower would fit the painter theme more. I'll keep it in mind, but no promises.

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    Quote from boomphobia»

    A Phoenix like creature. During a heat wave/super heat, a (creature name here) will spawn. They don't fly particularly high. You can take them by setting it on fire via flit&steel, fire charges, fire arrows or anything that shoot fire really. Eventually it will be tamed. You need to be careful as they can light you on fore by shooting a fire ball at you (not the vanilla fire ball which deals terrain damage). It's not as big as the Naga. You can ride it without a saddle. While riding it, you can right click with an empty hand and it will shoot a fire ball at the direction you're looking. Holding CTRL while riding it will make it propel forwards, flapping it's wings rapidly and setting everything in fire in a small radius around it, except you. You can make it to not spread fire on the config. You can also use it as a living furnace. Smelting ores and cooking food. Also, the heat wave occurs only in deserts. Sandy wind starts to blow and you screen becomes brighter, giving the feel of a super hot environment.

    I will not be adding heat waves into Minecraft; this feels disjointed with the goals of the mod.
    I'm sorry, but this isn't what I'm looking for for Mowzie's mobs. We've seen flying mobs with projectiles already, and the naga will soon become a flying rideable mob. The living furnace ability is different, but doesn't make sense mechanically.

    I'm concerned with the frequency of suggestions I've been receiving from you. Please be careful not to put quantity before quality.

    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    Well, I found some old drawings and decided to turn them into mob ideas. Ideas to improve them would be appreciated.

    Fay Lizard:

    The Fay Lizard is basically a lizard, but with six legs, a large under bite that curves at the tip, and three red flower buds along it's back and one on the tip of it's tail. I imagine it being able to spray the player with some sort of plant spore stuff, which could inflict nausea or slowness or something.

    Nehal (NAY-hal):

    All I can say is that it looks a lot like the Gobblewonker from Gravity Falls, but with a small smooth head, an under bite (again), six flippers (what was my obsession with six limbs?), and a webbed frill thing running down it's neck, body, and half it's tail. I think it could use some bubble attacks? I don't know. Like I said, these guys need some fleshing out.

    The visual descriptions are interesting, but without a unique mechanic or role in gameplay, there's no justification for these creatures to become mobs in the game. As you said, they need more fleshing out.

    I often find that "beast" suggestions are more difficult to flesh out. They often devolve into tooth and claw attacks, which aren't new or interesting at all. Maybe the occasional projectile, maybe they're tameable, but they all end up feeling same-y. Strangely, these types of mobs make up 90% of my suggestions. It seems people are resistant to suggesting "sophont" mobs or magic wielding mobs, possibly because they require more careful and intensive design. Still, if you think of an interesting beast mob, don't hesitate to suggest it.

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    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    Hello! I have two ideas for desert mobs I made a while ago, and I would like to hear your opinion!

    Cavictul (KAH-VICK-tul):

    A worm-like creature resembling a cactus. When you get too close they will attack using the thorns (Which provides a Thorns effect) along their sides and their large jaws. They can also launch the thorns at you as well, but it's uncommon. To tell the difference between a Cavictul and a normal cactus, check the coloration, for Cavictuls are a blue-green color instead of just green.

    Miraj (Like mirage):

    A large, tan snake with arms (Not a snake person, just a snake with arms/front legs) with the ability to camouflage (Their yellow eyes are still visible though). They also have a poisonous bite, and have been known to steal weapons and use them.

    Please tell me what you think!

    I feel like the cavictul fills a niche that the foliaath already covers. Sorry, but I'm not interested in it at this time.
    Stealing weapons from the player is much more frustrating than fun; I don't think it would work as a good game mechanic. Without that, it seems fairly generic. It's a poisonous melee mob. It can turn invisible sometimes, but that feature doesn't tie in to the rest of its design. I think you can get more creative than just a snake with arms.
    When I think of mirage-themed powers, I think of making things appear that aren't really there. A mob that can conjure illusions or mind control others might be more fitting.
    Quote from Sweet_Brew»

    Would it be possible to make a giant fish mob that eats you and you have to do stuff inside his stomach like Lord Jabu Jabu?
    Dunno if you're a fan of adding new dimensions, but you could make a mini dimension for inside his stomach if you do use the idea.

    I would love to do this, but think about it. If two of these mobs existed in the world, a player that gets swallowed by one and a different player that gets swallowed by the other would end up in the same stomach dimension. It just doesn't work...

    I will be using this mod in a forge mod pack soon

    Okay! Thanks for telling me.
    Quote from boomphobia»

    The Nadiel.

    When you venture into the roofed forests of the overworld, you may come across an egg. That's the Nadiel's egg. You need to protect it from Undead mob attacks. The egg needs 5 minutes to hatch. Once it's ready, you can click the egg and the nadiel will hatch from it. Because you protected him, he will give you an item or effect (not really sure at this point) that gives you nature magic. The nature energy from the item/effect will slowly be drained when you use abilities, but it doesn't regenerate overtime like the ice crystal. You can restore nature energy by going to the Nadiel and he will empower you again.

    Some ability ideas.

    -Rise Of Roots: (Right click the ground with an empty hand) The player calls roots from the ground to smack his enemies or wrap around them and send them flying in the air. You can call roots from grass (any type) or dirt (any type except mycelium).

    -Leaf Storm: (Shift and hold right click) The player will gather leafs from trees around and create a vortex of leafs around him. Everything that gets close is damaged and knocked back. When the player releases right click, the leafs will be scatered in an arc, damaging anything. You cannot use this ability if there are no leafs around.

    -Nature's Gift: (CTRL and right click) This ability has different effects based on who you target with it. If you cast Nature's gift on a tameable animal, it will tame it instantly. If you cast this on a tree, it will summon a Treant. They are powerful allies of nature and the player. If you target a player, he will become a "Druid" like you, but will only have the first 2 abilities. This can be casted anytime and anywhere as long as you have nature energy within you.

    Yes, the missing eye idea works too. I would need some more thinking about it. I need to think how will the player get it. Finding it seems like a good option, but I don't think a chest is the place you will find an Undead dragon's missing eye.

    I've turned down the nadiel suggestion already. I'm afraid it still isn't what I'm looking for.
    The nature abilities are interesting, though. I'll keep them in mind.
    Quote from boomphobia»

    I don't think reading suggestions really affects his progression on the mod. And since Necromancy probably won't exist, I need my Druid dose to get over it lol. If aquamancy becomes a thing, I'll probably just slay the mob and store the item inmy artifact room. I don't really like elemental magic even tho they're cool.

    Well, the more I have to read and respond to, the less time I have to work. You write a comment for me every day, Boomphobia, and over this summer I have probably typed just as much text in response to you as I have in the Mowzie's Mobs code. I don't mind, but you should know that I don't have unlimited time.

    Robert, I know I just said everyone should dial back on the suggestions, but Aquamancy doesn't count, right?

    What if, when you're on land, you just have to use a water bottle just once, then you'd gain a water flow bandoleer from the character's shoulder across to their hip? Like this, but without the green and less ball-blobs:

    Image result for ranno

    When you right-click, it flows out into the previously-mentioned ring around you. The ring moves when you punch, effectively increasing the range of your punches and hitting all around you. Double tapping shift while sprinting allows you to ride a miniature wave, increasing speed but reducing turn ability. (see Squirtle's dash animation from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

    When you thrust the ring forward as an attack, you can press right click again to pull it back towards you, damaging enemies along the way.

    That's all.

    -The Jellyphish King

    I never said that! I just wanted everyone to be aware that it takes me time to process everything.
    The bandoleer is a cool idea, but I'm having trouble imagining what it would look like in-game. Definitely want to add a mini wave surfing ability.
    Quote from KemurDuhLemur»

    I made a grottol spawner and nothing is spawning, do i need to have a certain block near the spawner or something?

    Oh, if I remember correctly, they need to be well below sea level and unable to see the sky to spawn.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    I have a question. Why do all Frostmaw(s?) have an Ice Crystal? It seems kind of odd to me.

    It's just a design choice. You want a scientific explanation? I'm afraid I don't have one; this isn't Game Theory.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    Yes, I know that. But the Ice Crystal is an artifact, not a part of them. I'm wondering how and why they have it.

    Oh, I see. Who says its a man-made artifact? Oysters create pearls naturally inside their shells.
    Quote from boomphobia»

    Yes, more lore would be fun. I've always wanted a lore aspect to the game, not only the one at the forums, but in-game as well. Like a story. Like mob connections here and there. So much could be done and it even might be planned. I can't wait for the future of MM

    I'm afraid I won't be providing a detailed lore for the Mowzie's Mobs world. I feel that the fantasy is more intriguing when certain things are left ambiguous. Players imaginations fill in the gaps in ways that are much richer than a textual story is. It also lets my mobs be generic enough to fit certain roleplay scenarios or adventure maps they weren't designed for.
    That being said, I love slipping in hints and design details that imply a greater world than the one presented. The sword in the Wroughtnaut's back and the skulls around Barakoa camps are good examples. But exactly what they mean is left ambiguous.
    Quote from dreadwalker9»

    That, kind sirs, is why I was asking. Lore. Lore makes a game fun.

    I disagree. I have always had more fun playing The Legend of Zelda, for example, than games like The Witcher (though both are great games). Both are fantasy worlds, but the Zelda world has far less specific history and explanations behind its locations and enemies. This ambiguity enhances the fantasy, in my opinion, by showing without telling a larger story.

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    Quote from 4Point»

    NGL Mowzie, i wanna see how you would create a set of automatons...
    Anyways, time for a mob suggestion. this one's been done nearly to death and i know you won't do it, but i may as well drop my version of it here.
    Unbound Enchanted Books
    Spawn Rarely Underground
    Drops: 1-2 Enchanted Paper Shreds
    AI: A Pseudo-Flying Enchanted book that either attacks you at range or supports any nearby enemies. they can only contain one enchantment, and there is hardly any visual difference between them.
    Different Books:
    Shoots a constant beam at you, locking you in place. can do this for 10 seconds before stopping and recharging for 20 seconds. if hit during this state. the binding automatically stops.
    Shoots a small flaming projectile at you, setting you on fire.
    Gives Skeletons, Crossbow Pillagers and Unarmed Melee enemies a temporary knockback buff.
    Gives Melee-Weapon Enemies a temporary damage buff.
    Projectile Protection
    Gives all nearby enemies a temporary 50% Damage Reduction from Projectiles.

    All AIs: Will dash backwards if approached, and getting too close will have it produce a point-blank magic burst, sending you flying backwards.

    On Death: On death, the cover folds back (aimed at the ground), and the standard galactic alphabet (enchant particles) appear and flow rapidly into the pages book. after about 7 seconds, it will slam shut into a enchanted explosion, dealing no block damage and either performing a final buff to all nearby enemies, or debuffing players at full strength. (For example, binding would be on for 10 seconds and unable to be interrupted) this causes the book to explode into paper/leather debris.

    Enchanted Paper Shreds
    The only drop from Unbound Enchanted Books.
    Can be crafted into Enchanted Paper using 9 of them.
    Craft the Enchanted Paper into a book using leather and three Enchanted Paper for a random medium-tier enchanted book. can also be a blank enchanted book, which has high enchantability.

    Eh, I don’t think automatons would really fit. I always hate it when high fantasy works introduce robots.

    This is a cool idea! It has been done similarly before, though. I’m not sure I’m interested in creating this, though, as there’s not much room for the sophisticated animations and modeling I enjoy so much.

    Also, why not have it just drop the enchanted paper? Or even just drop the book directly? The extra crafting steps seem pointless to me.

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    Quote from boomphobia»

    Ooh. Finding an item to complete the Undead dragon? Sound really cool. Maybe when you click the skeleton dragon, a message pops up saying that the Heart Of Darkness (or any other name) is missing. The heart could be found in dungeon, stronghold, nether etc chests. When you right-click the skeleton dragon with the heart, it appears on the dragon's ribcage and radiates dark energy. Then the dragon rises and plays an awakening animation.

    Hm, I would really prefer a visual hint rather than a direct message. Like one eye is missing; a smart player would think to go searching for the other eye, even without the game telling them to.

    Thank you for responding. I do. Not feel discouraged, if anything I feel enlightened. I did not know you were leaning towards that style that fits romantic fantasy as opposed to a darker fantasy. Doesn’t help that while giving you the list I was binging Dark Souls like a mad man, but today I’ll correct my mistakes.

    First Off, we got the Rust Demon. As much as I tried to work with him, he maybe fit for being rehashed into the Rust Ferrous. However, some of his traits could still be used.

    The Abyssal Champion might be another mob fit for the End along with the Cosmic Snatcher.

    For the Architect...honestly, I don’t know what that word was, however, bringing up the amount of blocks it could go through, it could be safe to say that if it hits a wall it can go through, 1-2 blocks might be good. It’s not so that it can break blocks, but it’s to add to the idea that the strength and speed of that attack is insane, albeit easy to dodge.

    The Amalgamate has taken some time to be redesigned...and my god, I think you’re gonna love it. So, instead of some horrid abomination, what if it’s two knights that basically share the same legs, being fused back to back. Their attacks revolve spinning and such. That’s if they’re both conscious. If one were to be knocked out for a bit, the other would target you and use “special” attacks and vice versa.

    The Fiend? Scrap it. Just scrap it.

    The Cluster? Renamed Gilgamesh and bring it down as a territorial mob.

    The Corruption and Afflicted do not infect/corrupt. The Corruption is End exclusive and the Afflicted is Overworld exclusive. Think of the Afflicted as being remnants of the corruption. These guys are the only connection to the Corruption, and therefore just wander aimlessly.

    The Glutton has gained 2 new attacks to sort of defend itself/reach the goal of getting the player. As a defense mechanism, the Glutton will curl up and release a cloud of poison. If the player is farther away than expected and/or simply can’t reach them, it will spew a corrosive bile that wears away armor, the other idea being it works as a ranged poison. Also it’s ability to swim through lava has been revoked along with the tunneling feature.

    The Harbinger is totally redesigned, not even being a spider-like creature. It is now a more traditional samael goat demon in appearance. These guys are like a fusion between a pyromancer and a sorcerer...The weapons it wields are a staff with a broken rune on the head and a dagger. When killed it will drop said staff and dagger. However, there’s a catch. The damage dealt with this staff will be considerably weak, and there is a way to buff the staff. If you get four staffs and four daggers and place red stone in the middle, you upgrade the Harbinger Staff into the Heretic Staff. It gains the magical properties of the staff with the melee power of an iron sword.

    The Alpha and Omega was a rough concept, but with your idea, you brought things into a better light, so I think I’ll add a little more. As with sand being connected with time, they are able to “reach” into time and grab any weapon they see fit. They could have a shockwave sand blast to keep foes off of them while not doing much damage. They live in the desert because they see sand as “holy soil”. They see any other clan as inferior because they couldn’t understand “The Power of the Sand”.

    The Swarm/Host mob may actually have a use. So, if you kill a swarm, the drop swarm essence. If a Host is killed, they drop a broken gauntlet. If you take a gauntlet and surround it in swarm essence, it becomes a swarm gauntlet. The swarm gauntlet would have a limited amount of uses until the gauntlet reverts back to its broken state. It makes it so that killing the swarm has an actual use than just saying that they’re in the game because we need a hive enemy. The hives themselves could be broken to hive fragments, which when surrounding a swarm gauntlet turns it into a Hive Gauntlet. All it does is boosts the amount of uses the gauntlet has. The Actual Host has been revamped, so as said in the previous post that it creates a few hive blocks in a certain area. This idea I still like for the most part. The boss itself gets a major fix. Now, the boss has a chitin shell on its back to further create more swarm. However, I wanted the swarm itself to tie with the host so that it provides a unique experience. So, the Host does the usual bite, claw tooth and nail stuff due to its primitive nature. However, some attacks can be prevented for a little bit by hitting/shooting and exposed hive on its back. This will prevent it from doing any swarm based attack. But it also prevents a new feature being added. This boss can create a swarm of...swarms to cover itself and heal itself. It will generate about 15% or so of its health back. So taking out that exposed hive will temporarily stop these functions.

    Now, as per custom of the end of these, I would like to say that...I’m not finished. I have many more ideas in mind, and with a better direction of things, I can at least add one new mob so far to the ever growing list:

    The Sentinel:

    In the credence of looking at some of the designs of The Legend of Zelda, I came across a few that stood out. I decided, well why not fuse them. So imagine the fusion of a darknut and a stalfos. That’s what it physically looks like. Attribute-wise, I took inspiration from that abhorrent game I’ve been playing, Dark Souls. So, as you know, skeletons in that game don’t go down easily. I decided to bring that element to this mob. The mob will turn red and do an animation that makes it look like it died, however it will get right back up and keep swinging. You kill it again, and this time it goes down for good.

    Attack List:

    Sword Slash

    Bone Heave

    Shield Bash

    “Forge Wroughtnaut” was the name I was holding onto. I particularly liked the hammer and flame column attacks. Still, it’s a low priority mob.

    I agree about the abyssal champion and cosmic snatcher. I can’t make any promises, but I’ll hold on to these ideas.

    I think I can convey strength and speed with good effects and sound design. As a whole, though, the Gilgamesh mob isn’t exciting me too much. I’ll have to give it more thought.

    I agree. The fiend wasn’t really working.

    That’s a good choice for the cluster, but the mob as a whole isn’t really there. Tentacles that interact with the world and other mobs don’t really work in Minecraft. Having it drop meat feels like a excuse because nothing better comes to mind. Overall, I don’t think it’s what I’m looking for.

    Well, now the corrupted and the afflicted don’t do anything special. I don’t think this one is going to work either...

    I still don’t feel like an encounter with the glutton forms a cohesive experience. It doesn’t lend itself to unique thought or strategy and, while armor corroding attacks are a new idea, it still just boils down to a simple range and melee mob. I don’t think the design themes or mechanical themes are particularly strong or cohesive. Sorry, I’m going to have to turn this one down.

    The new harbinger is a lot more appealing. What environment would be appropriate for such a mob, though?

    When I think of time powers, I don’t think of the ability to procure weapons. The sand blast is okay, but why would they want to keep players away if they’re using mostly melee attacks? This isn’t quite right for them. I’m also not sure why there should be two of them; that decision would need to be justified mechanically. Think about what are some mechanics that ONLY a time/sand mage duo could implement, how will they work together to create the mob’s strategy, and what kind of strategy could players develop to beat them. It’s totally okay if you can’t think of anything; I’ll hold on to these and give them more thought, too.

    I’m still not sold on the swarm. I don’t think it makes sense for an insectoid monster to drop a gauntlet. I’m having trouble understanding certain elements of your suggestion, too. The chitin shell creates more swarm? A “swarm of swarms”? I like the idea of having a hive structure built into the queen’s thorax, but I’m not seeing the rest of the design working.

    So the sentinel is an armored skeleton that reanimates once after you kill it. But this doesn’t actually impact the fight itself; it’s still just a plain melee mob while you’re fighting it. Also, I don’t know what a “bone heave” is.

    This is getting a little overwhelming, to be honest. Maybe we could dial back a bit and only suggest the best of the ideas you have? I think you can tell when an idea you share isn’t really working. You’ve given me plenty of interesting ideas already; don’t feel like you have to share every single idea you come up with.

    It takes me months at a time to come up with a great mob design. Spitting out an idea each week will likely compromise quality.

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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.4: Down below and up above!

    Sorry for the lack of response lately, everyone! When suggestions pile up, it gets harder and harder to do my big blast responses.

    I appreciate the feedback and have taken into consideration some of the issues my ideas may give. So to give some new continuity, I’ve changed the designs, ideas, and locations of the flawed types and “variations” to make each stand out while still holding some sort of functionality as to the original concept.

    So, instead of the Rustmonger being a Ferrous reskin, what if it’s a big demonoid with rusted armor covering its body. It’s head is the weak point not due to the unarmored status, but because the skull is exposed on a mostly fleshy face.

    The Abyssal Champion could be a dude whose limbs have been stretched out due to said corruption, giving him a lengthy appearance. Still has the Greatsword and Shield due to the corruption giving him beyond human strength. The skin you can see under the armor due to stretching is blackened a bit, like black mixed with ashen grey. His location instead would be in the Mansion. His attacks would still be the same.

    The Grottus is now the Architect, keeping the same functions without the diamonds. It’s body instead just covered in obsidian. It’s back is almost plated in this shell like an armadillo. This allows for the constant rolling. If it hits a vertical surface, one of two things will happen. If it is less durable than cobblestone, it’s going eighth through it. If it isn’t, it will stop it for a brief moment.

    The Amalgamate is simpler in design. It’s a humanoid creature with a growth that formed from its chest, taking away its jaw. The rest of the body is normal. The arms that were described above are used as types. Pincer, Crusher, and Burrower.

    The Fiend is now in the desert, as it makes sense due to its scrawny appearance combined with the lengthy appearance. It now acts like a scavenger.

    Now I’m going to take the time to address 4 new mobs that would create some havoc, one of them is in the ocean...and that one is...

    The Cluster:

    The Cluster appears to be an enlarged fish, and you might just gloss right over it. When it opens its mouth and three tendrils come out, well you might as well embrace death. The reason these guys are called the cluster is due to the pack mentality these fish have. They will swim in groups of 3-5, and will quickly drain your health if you are unprepared. They drop cluster meat. Very savory.

    Attack List:



    The Corruption and Afflicted:

    Vaguely resembling a human shape, these primordial beings only goal is to spread. Their tar pitch skin and singular eye in the middle of its head is a common trait. As said, their goal is to spread, and will do so at any cost. If they come across any humanoid mob, they will “infect” them. These mobs that succumb to the corruption become the afflicted. The afflicted are the same skin tone, however have a more humanoid shape and lack the ability to infect until they mature into the corruption.

    Attack List:



    Spew Corruption



    The Glutton:

    The Glutton is a worm human hybrid encountered in the nether. The Glutton has a long, fat serpent body with 4 limbs used for movement. It’s head is split down the middle, with a set of teeth and a fat tongue used to sense prey. They are hostile to everything and with do whatever it takes to get to its prey. Hell, they’ll even tunnel through the ground and go through lava to get to you.

    Attack List:


    Body Slam


    Let's see here...
    I think I'd rather use some of the ideas for the rustmonger for the loose Forge Wroughtnaut concept I mentioned.
    I'm not sure about these changes to the Abyssal Champion. It still seems inappropriately powerful for the mansion structure.
    As for the architect, what do you mean by "It's going an eighth through it"? You mean it breaks the blocks? I have a pretty strict rule against mob griefing... I'm not sure I understand the name either but that can always change.
    The changes to the amalgamate don't really resolve its issues. Sorry.
    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "scrawny" and "lengthy" in your description of the fiend. I don't feel that a large lanky figure with a leaping attack is interesting enough to warrant its addition. Sorry.
    The cluster seems way too dangerous for a pack mob, and much more annoying than fun to encounter. Sorry, but it's not what I'm looking for.
    I've had other suggestions for "infection" themed mobs. But I feel like players actually don't want this in their worlds. Eventually, they'll change all mobs into these infected mobs and strip the world of its variety.
    The glutton kinda revolves around griefing blocks to stand out as a mob, no? Otherwise it's just a generic melee attacker.
    I feel like these ideas drifted away from the atmosphere I'm going for with Mowzie's Mobs and have shifted towards a more horror-like genre. You're also suggesting a lot of "tooth and claws": mobs that, as simple beasts, can only attack players with melee attacks like biting or slashing. A mob encounter should be an experience, not just spam left-clicking things that look different.

    Quote from boomphobia»

    I've always wanted to play with special artifact items, but I couldn't find a mod that did that. Most mods that add artifacts, only give you vanilla buffs. So here is one of the ideas.

    The Leviathan

    It's an aquatic creature (obviously) that lives deep in the ocean. He holds the sercret to find the precious sea relic: The Tidestone

    The Leviathan is quite large with wings/fins on it's body. On his head he has a bright green crystal, almost looking like prismarine crystals. It's very agressive so it will attack players on sight.

    It's main attacks are a Bubble Blast which will damage the player constantly and also remove their bubble bar (oxygen bar).

    A charge attack, tail swipe and a jump attack, which the leviathan will jump in the air and splash down, creating some kind of wave that will deal damage and sink everything that the waves caught. When it's killed, it drops a Crystal that allows the player to track The Tidestone, acting like an eye of ender in someway. The Tidestone will be in a altar near ruins.

    The Tidestone allows you to use the water abilities that the other guy mentioned. The bubble attack and such.

    The Design of the Tidestone is taken from Hearthstone and the leviathan one is from Monster Match.

    This is kinda cool, but I'm not sure a serpent mob is possible yet. The planned nimbus drake will be my test for such a mechanic.

    Quote from boomphobia»

    Book Of The Dead

    A super rare artifact that can be found on Stronghold or Nether Fortress chests.

    You can hold it on your hand, and it will open. While holding it, you can right click any tamed creature and link your soul with them. What this does is that whenever you take damage, your soul linked mob takes it instead, but there is a catch. The soul linked mob health drops to 5 hearts and you can only have 3 active soul links.

    It's second ability introduces a new mob. The Bonewyrm. It's a skeleton dragon/wyvern the size of the naga that lays dead and lifeless on the ground on ice and swamp biomes. Idea taken from Ice&Fire dragon corpses. Shifting and right clicking with the book on your hand will create a mist around the Bonewyrm and he will rise to life. They're around 15 hearts of health and deal 2 hearts of damage with their melee attacks, but their real power is their Breath Of Decay. Which deals damage and applies the Decay effect.

    Decay effect: It's an effect that deals constant damage and which prevents you from getting any other effects for the time that it's applied. Also it spreads to other players or mobs around the infected player or mob, in a 5x5 area.

    The Bonewyrms corpses are not common.

    Both images are taken from Hearthstone

    The idea of finding and interacting with a dragon skeleton appeals to me, but I don't think the connection with the book of the dead makes sense.
    Hm, what if the dragon skeleton is missing one gemstone eye? Players might find or loot the other eye somewhere else in the world, and solve the puzzle by placing it in the skeleton. This could cause the reanimation you describe. The decay effect is kinda neat: I don't think we've seen a 'silencing' effect like that before.

    Hey! I'm royalty! Being The Jellyphish King is no small deal. All jellyphish should be treated with the utmost respect. *indignant noise*

    In all seriousness, though, I'd definitely like that as the ocean's boss.

    "The other guy"... Humans these days...

    Oh! My apologies, Your Majesty.

    Alright guys, back at it again to give off ideas that will have players swelling in joy...or fear...depends how you see it. Today we got 5 more to throw down.

    The Cosmic Snatcher:

    Taking inspiration from those particular Cthulhu lookin guys from all reaches of fantasy, the Snatcher is a floating humanoid mass of tentacles and eyes. These guys are located in the swamps, and it makes it all the more perfect to utilize their special attack. Being ethereal, it has psychophysical attacks which allows it to used ranged attacks, one of them causing levitation. This makes it a challenging foe to conquer.

    Attack List:


    Ranged Bolt



    A demonic monster hailing from the underground, their appearances are frightening. It’s as if a human was twisted into the vague form of a spider. Being able to scale walls and such, the difference that this guy has from any other spider is it’s overt size and ability to wither.

    Attack List:


    Web Spray



    The Alpha and Omega:

    A cult found in the deserts, these guys are known for creating vicious sandstorms. They work against the Winter Order as eternal rivals, seeing themselves as the beginning...and the end.

    Attack List:



    The Swarm:

    An expanded idea on the huge insect idea, the swarm are giant insects resembling a cross between a beetle and a wasp. They can come from blocks called hive blocks and will keep spawning until the block is destroyed. The mob that can be encountered that lays down these hives is called the Host. The Host resembles an amphibian/reptilian/insect hybrid, taking the physical shape of a large frog, while having a chitin shell on its back. It’s attacks involve summoning the swarm or using the extendable second jaws in its mouth

    to bite you.

    Attack List:





    Vicious Bite



    Ooh, more! Okay let's see.
    Hm, I'm getting even more horror vibes from some of these. I'm going for a bit more of a 'romantic' fantasy (not the 'love' kind of romantic, but the romantic art movement emphasizing the glory, power, and beauty of nature.) Think The Legend of Zelda rather than Dark Souls.
    I like the Cosmic Snatcher as an idea, but I'm not sure the swamp is the right place for it. I imagine swamps are very heavily drowned in plant, water, and maybe dark magic. This kind of arcane ethereal energy might work better in the end.
    I don't feel that the Harbinger is unique enough to warrant its addition. I'm not interested in adding a more powerful spider, even if it looks cooler.
    Alpha and Omega have something interesting going on. Not sure what the sand theme has to do with their role as the 'beginning and end'. Ah, this gave me an idea, though; hourglasses really tie these two themes together. They could utilize a magic hourglass in the encounter somehow as a weapon or mechanic. Will need to give this more thought.
    I've also gotten a lot of requests for "hive" mobs like the swarm you've described. I'm not opposed to the core concept, but the issue is that I don't feel that the individual mobs making up the Swarm do anything particularly interesting. It needs to be more than just a reskin of a mob-spawner dungeon.
    Sorry I had to turn so many of these down. I hope you don't feel discouraged.

    Quote from boomphobia»

    About the Alpha and Omega cult mobs. The name doesn't make any sense for the mob's name. I think you can do better with the naming as it doesn't fit the desert or cult theme. It's a pretty generic name in my opinion. I like the idea of being rival to the winter order but the beginning and the end part doesn't really make sense, does it? Controlling sand is cool but you could explain the abilities a bit more rather than just making a name for them in a list and nothing else.

    I suppose I agree that in its current state, the name doesn't make direct sense. It's a bit interesting though.
    I would like to counter your last request here, though. I really don't need detailed descriptions of abilities and attacks. In fact, I find that the most interesting and effective mob suggestions I've received have been just a couple sentences describing its design and an overview of what the encounter would be like as a gameplay experience.

    Quote from imrcandyi»

    Will your mod support "baubles"?

    I don't plan to. I don't really see why it should. Is there a particular interaction you had in mind?

    Quote from xxlio10990755»

    Great animation effects, perfect motion design, feeling playing MH! ! !

    "MH" meaning Monster Hunter? Thanks!

    I have a suggestion. It's a simple variant of the Grottol.

    Mock-up texture

    (A mock-up texture I made for it)

    Meet the Quartz Grottol. He is very similar to his Overworld cousins, except for the fact that his shell has quartz on it, and that he is immune to fire.

    He'd drop Quartz(2-3 pieces?) instead of the one Diamond. That's it, it may not be a fancy new mob, but I personally think it could be a nice bit of variety.

    Sorry, but I really don't see the point. The grottol is design to be a rare overworld diamond crab. Adding variations in other places in Minecraft would detract from the uniqueness of the original grottol. If you can also find them in the nether, finding them in the overworld becomes less special. In a way, it kinda works against variety, by making the nether and the overworld even more similar.

    Quote from user-100241510»

    sorry if i ask, but what are the mobs in future development? And can i use some of the mobs like the naga, the lantern or the grottohl in a fiction i'm writing?

    Future plans are listed in the original post under the "Plans" spoiler. You may use them, as long as you do not earn any profit from the fiction and you credit me and my mod wherever you publish it.

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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.4: Down below and up above!

    Here's another idea for one of the on-land abilities: Leviathan ring.

    It's like how waterbenders from Avatar manipulate a flowing circle of water around them, and can thrust it forwards as an attack

    Related image

    Maybe you could right-click a source of water to create the ring, then right click again to blast enemies. It would probably work great with the Mo' Bends mod so all the kung fu-ish stuff looks good.

    Edit: If you are holding a water bottle, you could consume the water to make the ring.

    Also very cool! I feel like the ability could work without water nearby. I don't want to limit the ability too much, and the whole "water in the air" explanation works just fine. Unfortunately, I can't make it compatible with Mo Bends.

    Quote from boomphobia >>

    I think it's called Hydromancy but that's not important.

    You could use either, like Geo- and Terra-. Aqua is from Latin, Hydro is from Greek

    I suck at quoting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    That is correct!

    First post on here, so here we go. This mod is an absolute testament to what mobs could be like. This mod combined with better animations makes this mod shine brightly. I’ve got an absurd amount of mob ideas that are both original and/or take inspiration from other games to an extent. I will limit myself to 8 of the 22 I had in mind, so if you want to hear the rest I’ll do another list. So starting off at number 1 we got

    The Rustmonger:

    The Rustmonger is one of two variations of Ferrous. This entity spawns in the nether, more particularly the nether fortress. The appearance of the Rustmonger does resemble the Ferrous mob to a degree, however it is

    A- Rusted to hell and back

    B- Wields a Greathammer

    C- The weakspot is the head this time around, with this entity lacking any helmet. It’s head resembles a scorched human, with more of a skeletal appearance.

    The attacks of the Rustmonger are similar to the Ferrous in more ways than one, however his attacks have a variation that involve fire. As for an example, he would have the sweep attack, but the variation would have a longer windup with an audio cue. The only attack that gives him a stun period is a flame pillar. He will shove his hand into the ground, and in doing so will leave him vulnerable.

    His drops include the Greathammer and the fire rune artifact, which allows for the player to replicate the flame pillar.

    Attack List:

    Swipe (Variation- Flame Wave)

    Hammer Smash (Variation- Shockwave)

    Flame Stomp

    Flame Pillar

    The Abyssal Champion:

    The second and final variation of the Ferrous type enemies. The Abyssal Champion spawns in the stronghold, patrolling the halls...or busting them down. He does what he wants. Anyways, the Champion has the same physical build, the differences being

    A- The armor it wears is made of bedrock, with a black corruption spread throughout its body.

    B- Wields a Greatsword and Shield

    C- The weakspot on this thicc specimen is its chest, where the core of the corruption is, indicated by an eyeball.

    The attacks this time are significantly different due to the shield it carries. The sword and shield is imbued with the darkness, which creates interesting attacks. The sword can launch waves of darkness that eat away at the flesh. The shield can send players flying with a knock back blast. The stun this time involves the Abyssal Champion to charge up an back energy beam from its eye. You can hit it as it’s charging up, stopping the attack.

    His drops include the Greatsword and Shield along with the Abyssal Rune Artifact, allowing you to create the dark energy beam.

    Attack List:

    Slash (Variation- Dark Wave)

    Overhead Slash (Variation- Darkness Trail)

    Abyssal Stomp

    Beam of the Abyss


    An adult Grottol, the Grottus is a vicious fiend that lurks throughout the underground, particularly in mine shafts where they create nests for the Grottol. Grottus resemble giant rock lizards with diamonds protruding from their face and back, thus making them rather formidable. Their attacks are swift as they are brutal, being able to roll into a ball and roll at prey at horrifying speeds. Their tails are barbed in diamond spikes, being able to eject them at will towards the player. One can only hope not to run by these fellows, let alone more than one.

    These guys drop diamonds....WOW...

    Attack List:



    Spine Shot



    Hailing from the swamps, these horrid monstrosities lumber in search of their next prey. Their bloated and bulbous bodies produce a poisonous gas that slows down any player. The creature itself resembles a water logged corpse with one arm that holds either a hook or sword. Their size is as intimidating as their attacks, either it be slicing at the player, or spewing the toxic clouds at the player. The drudge is a foe to be reckoned with.

    Attack List:


    Poison Spew

    Poison Trail

    Lumbering Charge


    Residing in the Taiga Biome is this being of flesh and chitin. The Amalgamate is a huge mass of multiple beings fused together and hardened over by chitin into a mushroom shaped golem like creature. With 3 arms, each having their own unique properties and features. One arm is a mantis shaped clam, being able to swipe at a player from a distance. The other arm is clubbed shaped, used for brute melee force. The last arm is a tendril, being able to root itself into the ground and attack the player from below.

    It drops Chitin Fragments. These fragments will help create the chitin armor.

    Attack List:

    Mantis Swipe

    Ground Pound

    From Below

    The Fiend:

    In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the fiend awaits your arrival. With a quadrupedal stance and lengthy limbs, this creature is built for speed. This creature’s skin shines with the abyss, making this creature foreign to its environment. It’s leaping ability makes it unpredictable as to how it will attack.

    Attack List:



    Body Slam

    That was all for now, if you liked any of these and/or suggest improvements/changes feel free to do so. In the meantime, I shall wait.

    Glad you like the mod! Let's see here...

    I gotta say first, I'm really not a fan of mob variants. Most of the time, a variant will weaken the uniqueness and disjoint the themes of the original mob. Why not develop an entirely new mob to suit the roles you've described here?

    The Rustmonger is a cool thought. There were some loose plans for a "Forge Wroughtnaut" variant a while back. It elaborates on the original Wroughtnaut's design by using a hammer instead of an axe, which can't get stuck in the ground. Haven't thought of much else for it, so maybe some elements of this Rustmonger concept could work.

    The Abyssal Champion sounds way too difficult for a stronghold enemy, and I don't feel it makes sense as a variation of the Wroughtnaut. As its own mob with a new design, it could work. I'll hold on to it.

    Sorry, but I feel that the grottus takes away from my design choices of the grottols. It could work as its own, unrelated creature, but would need to be redeveloped slightly. I don't feel that it should have the leap, spine shot, and roll attack, and should just focus on the rolling attack as its primary mechanic. I'll hold on to it, but no promises.

    Drudge is really cool. Simple, but stands out. I also appreciate that its use of poison makes the naga fang item more relevant. Thanks!

    Not a big fan of the Amalgamate, sorry. I feel like the design might be confusing for players, and that choosing just one of the three weapons you've described would be a stronger design choice.

    The fiend sounds awfully similar to the plans for the tribe that rivals the Barakoa. These plans are fairly fleshed out already.

    I appreciate the suggestions! You get right to the point with each one and don't dwell on technicalities or specific numbers. If you feel that any other ideas are worth sharing, please do.

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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.4: Down below and up above!
    Quote from boomphobia»

    Actually we do. In the trailer you see a goblin fall into a hole. Also, hytale seems to have a lot of mobs and bosses by itself. Don't you think adding Mowzie's mobs would be kinda pointless?

    The trailer was created using very early development footage. It is likely that such a bug will be fixed before release.
    It’s not pointless if it brings something new and exciting to the game, regardless of how much content already exists.
    Quote from mashycreeper»

    What is the priority list for mobs?

    No list. Sculptor is next, Phoben and Stalkers will likely follow but no promises.

    This is definitely my favorite Minecraft mod. The models are great, and everything is extremely creative. What really stands out to me, though, is the Earth Talisman. The idea of the elemental miniature ability set is great, and well executed. This was my idea, and while I don't have nearly enough modding skills required to make this, I was hoping you could find some way to implement it. This isn't a boss concept, but rather an item that might fit.

    Here's my proposal: Aquamancy.

    I know you have an aquatic-based creature planned, and this could be a drop. Soul of the Sea, an upgraded heart of the sea. It might be used to craft a True Conduit, kind of like the conduit. While the creator is on the same dimension as it, they gain the following affects when submerged:

    • Your swim speed is normal, except while sprinting. Sprinting greatly increases speed to make sub-aquatic traveling much easier.
    • Right-clicking with an empty hand while not sprinting will throw a bubble projectile that will envelope the first mob it hits. The mob will then rise towards the surface at high speeds. When they emerge, they will float in the air for a few seconds, which is where the next ability comes into play.
    • Right-clicking with an empty hand while looking straight up will allow the player to shoot upwards, bursting from the water. While briefly hanging in the air, the player can right-click again when aiming at an enemy floating in a bubble to zoom towards them and unleash a devastating punch. The punch will knock the target far back, leaving the user to splash back down into the water.

    Thanks for reading, please give feedback!

    Edit: Mining speed could be increased in water, too.

    Thanks! I’m glad you appreciate what I’m going for with that. I have a few more abilities that I plan to add to it, and I’d like to make tunneling easier to execute. The abilities will interact and work together, kinda like a character in a hero-shooter game. Fighting game style inputs will reward practicing and learning the moveset. And of course, I’d love to create magic for other elements as well.
    This is awesome! Exactly the kind of abilities I’m looking for: combining movement and combat in a way specific to that element, not just shooting a ball of water. I’d love for aquamancy to work outside of water in some way, though. Maybe different abilities are available on land.
    Quote from boomphobia»

    To be honest I was expecting something else when you said Aquamancy. I think it's called Hydromancy but that's not important. Aquamancy is characterized with the ability to control water and manipulate it, which I don't see much except the bubble ability, but I see what the point of the idea is.

    I'm guessing the range where you can use your abilities is limited, because you have to built some kind of conduit. Correct me if I'm wrong but the aquatic mob Mowzie is currently planning to add is an Angler Fish type of mob, so I don't see the soul of the sea as a potential drop for the mob. Amd lastly with the aquatic update we already have a conduit so adding a similar thing isn't the best, but that's my opinion on this idea.

    It’s less about directly using water, and more about how a wielder of water magic would fight. Propelling oneself through the ocean into dolphin-dive punches is very in character for an aquamancer, I feel.

    Frankly, I might not go with the conduit. The means by which you acquire a power like this will need to be carefully designed and might depend on whatever mob rewards it.

    The angler fish themed mob is rather tentative. I’m not very excited about it. I agree that it wouldn’t make sense to reward players with elemental mastery for killing a common fish enemy. But what’s to stop me from making something else for aquamancy?

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