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    I have a theory I'd like to bounce off you guys. I have played roughly 15-20 worlds, each time I create a huge mine or giant tower/temple/structure, the bigger the structure/mine the worse the problem becomes. When I leave the structure, even just a few paces away I can place blocks with no issues at all. I believe that large structures where substantial amounts of blocks have been placed or removed become glitchy. This problem affects almost anyone with a well developed world who plays on an older computer or laptop with a feeble OS, limited RAM, old or limited video cards, or a heavy amount or adware, bitware, spyware, etc. Before you tell me to change priority settings, change in-game video settings, use 'Game Booster', or defrag my computer, know that I have tried all of that and this problem has not changed. My friend has a custom built system unit with top grade videocards and parts and his minecraft worlds run smoothly despite large structures or being heavily developed. So, my suggestions: 1) Deal with it 2) Buy a very nice(expensive), game oriented computer 3) Buy custom video cards, expand RAM, and devirus, defrag etc. 4) Build small. Three is kind of multiple on one but you get the idea. If your blocks/torches are double placing near large structures or developed parts of your game but you can place blocks in untouched areas without any issues, then this theory might be on the right track. So if this theory checks out with any one else in the community, or not, feedback would be much appreciated.
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