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    posted a message on NewCraft City Server! ♦{New Map!}♦{PvP Wild}♦{PvE Cities}♦{Economy}♦{Drugs}♦{Join Now!}
    In-Game Name: BlueGold10
    Would you like to be a member of our community?: Well, of course.
    Age (Not Required): 16
    How Did You Find Us?: I was trolling through the forums
    Did Any Member Refer You/Help You Apply?: Nope.

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    posted a message on Ω The Oligarchy of Nirigore Ω [Recruiting][Accepting allies][New Agion][Government][Economics]
    1. What is your IGN?: BlueGold10

    2. What is your age? (Must be at least 12) I am 15 years of age

    3. What is your timezone? (EST, GMT) American Eastern Standard Time

    4. Do you have Skype? (Required) Yes

    5. What is your skype username? presidentblargh

    6. Do you have a mic? (Not required) Yes

    7. Have you been in any other clans before? If so, list. I left Minecraft for a while, but before that I was in the RMM

    8. What are your special skills? Explain (3-4 sentences required and must be legitimate sentences) I don't have too many special skills, honestly. I'm kind of a jack of all trades, as it were. I do farming and food acquisition most of the time, and I've gotten pretty good at that. I'm not terrible with a sword, either.

    9. Maturity? (1-10)? Oh, I'd say at least an 8.

    10. If you read the rules, you know what to write here: Beta

    11. Anything else you would like to add? Not in particular, no.
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    posted a message on Modern City Role Play Server
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    posted a message on Modern Roleplay Server [ModernCraft] Coming Soon, Sign up today!

    I wish SHerlock City would have survived, no moderns ever do! Good luck with this one, and I'm looking forward to it!
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    posted a message on Modern City Role Play Server
    Minecraft Name: BlueGold10
    · Real life age: 14
    · How you found this post: Forums
    · IC Name: Daniel Jaynes
    · IC Age: 24
    · Gender: Male
    · Ambitions: Daniel has ambitions of starting a legendary department store in Sherlock City.
    · Personality: Intelligent, but a little confrontational. Not good at fighting, but likes to pretend he is. He is rather shrewd and has a good eye for politics of any sort, social to business to government.
    · Preferred Job: You know, eventually Chairman and CEO of whatever he decides to call his department store.
    · Biography: Daniel grew up travelling a lot. He never spent a spring break or summer vacation at home, and went to a lot of big cities. He was always impressed by the big department stores in the big cities (Marshall&Fields in Chicago, Wanamakers in his hometown of Philadelphia, and the whole of Fifth Avenue). He always wanted to be a part of that business, and coupled with an interest in politics, has guided his life by these ambitions. He grew up in a happy, loving family with two younger sisters.

    Edit: Email: [email protected]
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    posted a message on ~+THE ROMAN EMPIRE / PvP / Ancient Building / Light Roleplay / 7 Years Active +~
    IGN: BlueGold10
    Age: 14 years
    What time zone are you in: Currently American Eastern
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: Around a year this month
    What are you particularly good at (PVP, mining, farming, redstone, etc.): Hmm. I'm fairly good at farming. I used to suck at PVP, but I can stand my ground now if I have appropriate equipment as opposed to my opponents'.

    How much experience do you have in that field: I build farms in most every server I live in, and I have served in faction war servers for ever, including several raids.
    What branch of jobs are you interested in (Military, Civil, Political): Military.
    What exact job/position do you want to have: Optio to start? I know that that could be construed as overambitious, so Legionary would be good.
    Have you read the rules: Yes. Vae Victus!

    Name any clans you've been in: PAECT, the brief stint in the Royal Minecraft Militia. That's all I can remember at the moment.
    Are you a fan of the historical Roman Empire: I read translated Livy for fun. I'll leave you to intepret. (SCIPIO!!)
    Do you promise to be active: Yes, sir. *Salutes*

    Do you promise to download one of our skins: Yes, sir.
    What do you think we expect from you: I believe you expect honorable service and a fun experience from me.
    What do you expect from us: I expect interesting activities, a few conflicts, the like.

    Do you understand you have to check this thread regularly for updates: Of course.
    Do you understand you must read the new members' guide (link below): Yes.
    Tell us why you think you'll be a great Roman (in a small paragraph): I am an excellent tactician, and I know how to utilize the ground around enemy positions to serve in demolishing them. I will face any foe and be prepared to fight to the death if necessary. I can shoot a bow and arrow and am a good RPer. To cap it off, I am faithful and resolute and will not fail my leaders.
    Anything else you want to add:


    Edit: nevermind.
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    Quote from llama12

    NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,1.1 came out and now our server is "outdated"NOOOOOOO

    Can't it be updated?
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    Not a problem, I can see your side and it would be very annoying.

    Now I just hope my app goes through...do you have a Nether base yet?
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    To pilot: I'm sorry if I misunderstood the wording of the op page, which I did in fact read. I aspire to a chief or Mayorhood IN THE LONG RUN. I said if that's too high for me ever to obtain, I'd settle for Villager. In retrospect it wa vague, I'm sorry.
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    My Minecraft Username: BlueGold10
    What position I aim for: I aspire to a Chief of Mayorhood, but if that's a little too high I'd settle for a Villager. Maybe a Warrior if I get enough arrows.
    Why I'll like to join the clan: This sounds like an excellent, well-run clan that can introduce me to a great server.
    What I can do for the clan: I am a master herbalist, and can run an excellent shop for all plant needs. I can chief a Nether outpost, since I love the Nether. I'm also a moderately skilled shot with a Bow & Arrow, all the better to terminate Ghasts.
    If I'll join the server or not: Of course, this is above and beyond a great sounding server.
    My loction/time zone: I live in Pennsylvania, USA, so Eastern Standard Time.

    PS. I'm glad you liked the EoE sprinkler idea, it really does look nice. Plus, attendees can get free Eyes of Ender, so bonus figs all around.
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    posted a message on Bring Back Beaches!

    I support this cause!

    I once had a beach house on a server before 1.8...finest house I ever built. Greatest living I ever made, too.
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    Is there any place for me to review the other Kingdoms? I don't want to commit myself to the North until I know my other options.

    Edit: Also, for the fireworks show on Mr. Creeper Day, could the admins spawn stacks of Eyes of the Ender and place them in dispensers? I was experimenting with MC fireworks in my Creative SSP, and throwing those up in the air makes for an excellent sprinkler.
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    Thank you for posting this, i'm coming to your server!

    However, I want to check out the other Kingdoms before making my choice. Is there any way I could be whitelisted, but keep my join-Kingdom application until making my decision?

    I am willing to go without build priviliges until I formally join, to put any suspicions of griefig out of your heads. I'm not a griefer.
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    posted a message on Enderknights
    Sounds amazing!

    This will be fun.

    Banners, anyone?

    Also, maybe build a EnderTemple? EnderCastle?
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    posted a message on Natural Diasaters!!!
    You forgot volcanic eruptions.

    That would be excellent indeed. Add some personality.

    However, then if you go underground you are impervious to floods(provided they aren't blockbreaking), tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. A volcano could harm you if lava was able to tunnel into your cavern. Maybe earthquakes could cause some blocks to collapse, with the crushing effect of gravel and sand. Not the entire cavern, just a few random blocks. And allow them to make sinkholes. That would be interesting.

    In a desert, sandstorms? With a suffocating effect hitting about 6 hearts per minute?
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