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    posted a message on So, the forum is being closed for new messages, where do we go instead?

    I'll be using Discord to attempt to bring my map series back and keep it afloat.

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    posted a message on The Burnt Lands Renatus--An original series from the 360 now on PC.

    Waaaay back in 2013 when the Xbox 360 version was in its prime, I released a series of adventure maps called the Burnt Lands, which got quite a few plays before the 360 community slowly shrank and died out. For a couple years the series lay dormant and incomplete due to lack of players and motivation to make more. I wasn't done with the series, though, dang it, and now I've begun to remake every map from the ground up in 1.12.2 (I like using the commands there more), updating everything the best that I can while staying faithful to the originals.

    These maps will not have a download link like literally every other map. As I'm trying to stay as faithful as possible to the original (and I kind of need to be there for witnessing Jewel Challenges), I will instead be using Discord and Aternos server hosting, which won't cost you a thing!

    To join and keep updated on the maps, follow this link or add FluffyPhoenix#2137 on there.


    The Burnt Lands #1 -- Volshon's Test

    "Welcome to our lands. Before you can go about our world, you and a partner must prove yourselves worthy to us. Pass our test and we may welcome you in."

    Map type: Linear, co-op, puzzle.

    Pre-requisite: None.

    Number of Players: 2.

    Difficulty: 3 / 5.

    Player-rated difficulty: ---

    Length: 50~100 minutes.

    Texture: Mass Effect.

    Bird: Volshon.

    Map Description:

    TBL #1 is your first stop in the map series. You will not be permitted to participate in other maps until you and a partner have cleared this map. This map is a mostly puzzle-based map with a bit of parkour that cannot be completed without a friend. I will be there to help you if you have nobirdy else, though. The texture pack is a dated version from the 360 version and has been modified slightly by me to make a couple textures not be the default, like birch doors and redstone lamps.

    Jewel Challenge:

    Complete the map by finding all 12 Music Discs hidden throughout the map as well as do not rage quit any room. A keen eye and a slow pace through each room is key to receiving the Topaz.

    The Burnt Lands #1 pictures

    Spawn area, now lacking the healthy water chest. A puzzle room involving holes needing pointy. Everyone's favorite room involving glass and lava...and a glass pane pun. A more involved puzzle where the players must communicate what is going on and where to go. "Doorkour," because someone needs to should flip the switches so the parkour can be done even though people still solo it.

    The Burnt Lands #2 -- Land of the Birds

    "Well done, you are indeed worthy to explore our lands, but be warned, some places aren't the friendliest to humans.... Can you restore our old altar? It's quite the task, but will show your true skill...." Map type: Free-roam, complete the monument.

    Pre-requisite: Complete Volshon's Test.

    Number of Players: 1, however you may bring your partner from TBL #1 along. (Note all players must be present if more than one participate.)

    Difficulty: 3/5.

    User difficulty: ---

    Length: 6~9 hours.

    Texture: Your choice*.

    Bird: All.

    *This was made using the pre-1.13 textures, so any normal texture pack should be fine. Any wool-changing packs will make it a mess, though, so...like, don't use the Mass Effect one again.

    Map Description:

    Now that you are worthy, you are free to explore and play this map and TBLM #1 and TBLM #2 as you see fit. In TBL #2, your mission is to trek across the lands and locate the pieces to the birds' altar. Once all 10 are located, head to the altar and complete it. Once completed, you will have gained favor in the eyes of everybirdy....

    Jewel Challenge: Complete each section as you think I meant for it to be completed, meaning if you can jump it, then jump it. Pillaring/bridging is no fun. In addition, you will need to find all 10 specially named books scattered throughout the map. These books will have “Book (number)” in their title to differentiate them from other aesthetic books. Receiving the Emerald is quite the challenge.

    The Burnt Lands #2 pictures

    Good ol' Faerra, just as ugly as it used to be while still somehow being improved.

    At least there's an actual monument this time, and it updates as you add more pieces, so it won't be an empty room of sadness by the time you're done.

    The Heights received a major overhaul visually. I also had to basically cut a mountain into two mountains, so that was...something.

    Sonsville is more visually appealing. It's not Grian level, but it's something. It'll probably receive more work once I transition to 1.14+.

    And here's an interior. One thing the 360 couldn't do is have custom heads or permanently lit furnaces, so there's that.

    The Burnt Lands #3 -- An Uncertain Future

    This map is not yet complete. "Nobirdy know what lies ahead, but the future has become brighter thanks to you. A lot has been left unanswered to you. Allow us to help answer those questions and tell you where you fit in. Map type: Linear branching.

    Pre-requisite: Complete Land of the Birds.

    Number of Players: 1

    Difficulty: N/A

    User difficulty: N/A.

    Length: N/A

    Texture: Unknown, probably Default.

    Bird: Diashun.

    Map Description:

    Power has been restored, but what are you to do now? You’ve been through so much and probably have many unanswered questions. This map is to help answer those. This is intended to be a lot less action-oriented than TBL #2 and a lot more interactive. In this map I plan on taking on the persona of each of my characters, allowing you to more freely interact with them while still receiving necessary information. You may even get more information, depending on what you ask each bird. Dialogue will be slightly affected by your total amount of Jewels as well as how you’ve played through the maps. I want each player’s experience to be as unique as possible.

    Jewel Challenge:

    I am unsure what the challenge for this map will be since a lot of the map is unfinished. I plan on making the Jewel a Diamond, however.

    The Burnt Lands Mini #1 -- Twisting Corridors

    Disclaimer: By the end of this map, you may hate me. "Welcome to my area of our realm, human. You may have gained their favor easily, but get through here and I may respect you...." Map type: Maze.

    Pre-requisite: Complete Volshon's Test.

    Number of Players: 1+

    Difficulty: 2 / 5

    Length: 20~45 minutes.

    Texture: Any.

    Bird: Shazöl. Map Description:

    My area is a...simple maze. Make your way through six floors, each of which having its own theme. Easy, aye? Keh, maybe not. Don't expect your "left hand" rule to work here.

    Jewel Challenge:

    Find the Happy Hole for each floor (you will know it when you see it) and gain access to the final room after doing so. An Onyx will be your reward.

    The Burnt Lands Mini #2 -- Fun Run

    This map is not yet complete.

    "Everybirdy needs a break from the stresses of life, especially after anything Shazöl put you through. I have created a simple course where you can race your comrades and have fun doing it~"

    Map type: Race, parkour.

    Pre-requisite: Complete Volshon's Test.

    Number of Players: 1+

    Difficulty: 2 / 5 Length: 6~10 minutes.

    Texture: Any.

    Bird: Auren.

    Map Description:

    A fun race through the various terrains of Thê Bûrñt Lâñds from the plains to the heavens, all while using Speed II. It's not too difficult, but also not too easy. Not recommended for those who have little or no parkour experience. Invite a friend...or six, and have at it!

    Jewel Challenge:

    Defeat both me and a friend in the race (These don’t need to be both at once). However, I refuse to race you until you have gone through the course at least once. You may, however, race a friend if you both either have or haven't been through the course. An Amethyst will be your reward.

    The Burnt Lands Mini #3 -- A Warrior's Test

    “Hmm-hmm, you’ve done well to complete our altar, though I question your…interesting fighting style. Let’s see how well you can do in a given situation!”

    Map type: PvE.

    Pre-requisite: Complete Land of the Birds.

    Number of Players: 1

    Difficulty: 4 / 5

    Length: 30~50 minutes.

    Texture: Any

    Bird: Fiegra.

    Map Description:

    Most of the time we have everything that we need to easily clobber monsters, but every now and again we don’t. It’s time to see how well you can do with what you’ve got!

    Jewel Challenge:

    Complete the map in Hard difficulty. This challenge uses a pseudo-checkpoint system. I will keep a record of every time that you’ve cleared a room, and after ten clears, you will no longer be required to complete the room again. Of course, you very well could obtain the Ruby without skipping a single room!

    Also, I will kill off any mob variants such as baby zombies and mobs wearing armour or with enchanted weapons as the map was made before these existed…that, and fighting a skeleton in full chain armour with only a golden sword is a little too unfair for my tastes. If you can kill it and get armour from it, then more power to you!

    The Burnt Lands -- Jewel Road

    Jewel Road is a series of bonus areas accessible to only those who have obtained the Jewel in a map. Each map will have an entirely separate area of roughly equal size to that of the regular version of it. This area is completely optional to play and is intended to be an incentive for those to strive to obtain Jewels and a reward for those who have. Jewel Road for each map:

    [Done] TBL #1 -- An entire course in the Nether with puzzles using concepts not found in the main map as well as scrapped ideas that didn’t make the final cut in TBL #1.

    [Not started] TBL #2 -- The whole map is being redone and turned into “The Hostile Lands,” which is inspired by Vechs. All the dialogue will be changed and two more Altar Pieces will be added, along with an "improved" altar! Regeneration and keepInvenotory will be off and it will always be in Hard difficulty. This will be brutal and unfair, have fun!

    [Not started] TBL #3 -- Unknown.

    [Done] TBLM #1 -- A new maze in the Nether. It has ten floors as opposed to the main’s six.

    [Not started] TBLM #2 -- A new, slightly shorter course in the Nether!

    [Not started] TBLM #3 -- Since the first version of this map was made before witches were even in the game, this will have pretty much everything after witches.

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    posted a message on [Moved, see comments] Thê Bûrñt Lâñds -- A series of maps for the 360~

    And the maps series will continue on the PC for sure! TBL #1 is completely done, Jewel Road and all! The rest of the maps are in progress.

    To join, follow this link or add FluffyPhoenix#2137 on Discord.


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    posted a message on [Collection] Mithey's Maps ~ Terra Restore and More!
    Quote from doggieboy9»


    If anyone still wants to be able to get information about these maps after June 16th, I found this project page Mithey made.

    Bless and thank.

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    posted a message on [AC] The Library

    Not every day I see a map that's nearly eight years old get an update.

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    posted a message on Ortland - The Largest Adventure Map In Minecraft

    I'll give it a look and see how it goes. The map size looks promising at the very least.

    Half an hour in and I already sequence broke it thanks to the vines. I personally am not a fan of barriers being all over the place to prevent players from getting to somewhere, and I've already taken fall damage multiple times because of this. Reworking the area with higher walls, fences, or further jumps that can't be made are better, but that's my opinion. Also, lots of free spawn eggs, so that's a thing.

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    posted a message on Damage while on Stonecutter

    If villagers commit suicide on cacti easily enough as is, I can imagine how quickly tan entire village would die to that.

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    posted a message on Villages are just way too fragile

    Which is why mine are immediately shoved into a 1x2x1 hole until I decide what to do with them.

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    posted a message on Is Minecraft getting boring?

    I've been playing since 2012 and have yet to be bored of it. I just don't play it so frequently that I burn myself out.

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    posted a message on What edition do you prefer?

    I miss the close-knit community that once was the 360 edition years back. That is the edition I prefer, but won't ever have again.

    Now I play in 1.12.2 until I can move my custom survival ahead versions.

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    posted a message on [Collection] Mithey's Maps ~ Terra Restore and More!

    So you're making Terra Restore Reborn while I'm making the Burnt Lands Renatus. Hmm, neat.

    Question: Should I wait for it or should I play what I can now?

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    posted a message on Can you play on a friends world without them?

    Yo dm me on something on Xbox.... CoOl Doddie

    Six years later and suddenly I get a reply out of absolutely nowhere. How do people even find these?

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    posted a message on The Infinite Dungeon - A Never Ending Procedurally Generated Map!
    Quote from samfisher_1»

    Is that the Adventure Room that traps you?

    Yeah. I actually can't even get in it a second time without crafting (which I never got a single log in hard mode) or giving myself a button. Inside all the doors and stuff are gone, as well as the little winding staircase and platform to the wither skeleton room. The web chest was still there, but that was about it.

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    posted a message on The Infinite Dungeon - A Never Ending Procedurally Generated Map!

    I went about 4,200 blocks east until I finally unlocked the retreat, which I ultimately did by farming a level 1 zombie spawner for the last 150 points. The infinite part seems to be working fine, but the mini dungeon is still broken. Upon completing it for the first time, any subsequent times going to it without reloading causes all buttons, levers, and doors not to spawn, effectively trapping you. Also, the blindness and possible night vision from the blaze chest cause the place to become totally black, so you may want to run a /effect clear command there to remove night vision.

    I also don't know if it's me or the map, but the shulker rooms never had shulkers after the first two times.

    Otherwise, all that's left to improve it now is more rooms with more mobs and bosses.

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    posted a message on Limited number of Item X? Really?

    The older systems have a limited amount of memory, so entities are limited so that they game to still attempt to run with lagging horrendously.

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