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    posted a message on Will there ever be any new weapons in the near future and who would like to see more weapons in minecraft?
    I'd like spears and battleaxes.
    Those would fit the "I'm alone" theme of single-player, and it doesn't stray far from bows and swords.
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    posted a message on MC 360 Co-op Map
    wolf--Thing is, the map will go through a few cycles before its completion, and the hardest parts are just far enough apart that if you sleep at one, the other will have the opposite time when you get there, so I lose regardless of the time. ._.

    rush--I do not need anything complex for it; and it's a 1-person doorway (the players are unable to reach one another most of the time), so that wouldn't be useful. The area is also very small, so I'm looking to see where I can hook up a button/lever before the person can progress if they fail the part. =\

    All it is right now is a pressure plate which activates a repeater loop, which forces two pistons to stay active even if the plate is destroyed. I think adding another light in the room should prevent the problem, but the annoying problem with "stuck" pressure plates is a burden. ._.
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    posted a message on MC 360 Co-op Map
    This topic has been locked upon my request.

    If you wish to participate in Thê Bûrñt Lâñds, please click here to be redirected to the official topic.
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    posted a message on Minecraft (XBOX 360) Canyon Survival Map
    This is the 360 version.
    Most people are either too lazy or don't have the means to download this (at least from my perspective).
    If you want people to try it...

    1.) Sell it--make it sound like a big deal.
    2.) Devote time--If you want it more likely to be played, give the Gamertag and leave the world open to whomever wants to do it.
    3.) Copy the file--Have mutiple worlds for mutiple players.
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    posted a message on How rare is a charged creeper?

    Lets put it this way.

    I've been playing Minecraft XBLA edition since its release and I've never seen one.

    This has been the same case for me.
    However, I did see an Overworld Zombie Pigman.

    -Lazily didn't read 3 pages of posts-

    To put it simply: If you aren't trying to find one, you are most-likely won't find one...and God help you if you do.
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    posted a message on So, the biomes are going to change again, right?
    Quote from ChikkaBowWow

    I remember the hubbub when this first happened.

    Was I the only one who didn't care? :huh:
    I had a forest-to-desert shift and I personally thought the the trees and ground looked beautiful with their "autumn" colours.

    But yeah, it'll probably shift some with confused pine trees and snow where they don't belong...again.
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    posted a message on So, has anyone done this before?
    World height: 129 (128?).
    Possible height: That - 1 (assuming everything is removed).

    If the base-height ratio is 1:1, you would not be able to fill up even half of the map with it.

    ...And you'd make a massive gray blob on the map.
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    posted a message on perfect
    Quote from Dimitri360

    My biggest problem is that I'll get knee deep in some big project than the motivation will leave me and I'll leave it and start a new world. By the time I come back to it, I've forgotten what I was doing and usually just leave it there. :huh:

    One thing I found to some-what avoid this problem is to compete with or play with someone else.

    If you compete to complete something versus someone else, you'll be more driven to keep going. :steve_csi:
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    posted a message on I'm just a little curious
    I have a 2-player co-op map that I made.
    It didn't drain my life, but did take a while to make. :mellow:
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    posted a message on New biomes in UNEXPLORED parts of map? Please?
    It is quite possible.
    I went into someone's world which was about 10% explored.
    This world was created near the very beginning before Clay spawned properly (meaning you get virtually 0 per world).
    While exploring I came across piles of it.

    So yes, if you have never spawned chunks in a world, it is possible new biomes will be there, though the may abruptly end due to the pre-loaded chunks.
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    posted a message on [CTM] [Collection] The Lonely Lands by isaac_bardin [1.4.5]
    Congratulations, man, you made me finally have a reason to make an account here. ò-ô

    I'm going to review the entire map all at once, and I know I'll be repeating parts others said, so bear with me. :unsure:

    Intersection I

    Friendly Start

    I loved the ice trees here, so much that I put two of them in my 360 world. The Stone behind it worked very well, too, but the random Lapiz did not. The random floating Redstone Lamps had me a little confused as well. :huh:
    I liked your waterfall troll and the Snowball of Pain. And coming from Vexian maps, I was paranoid with the Coal. ._.

    Deep Dark Caves

    Not much to this part, though the random Obsidian seems a little out of place. :unsure:

    Intersection I

    First thought: "Uhh, what? o-O" If it wasn't a giant box, it may have looked a little better.
    Every coloured seemed...okay in here except the Emerald Ore--it stood out too much for me. The Melon Blocks did supply essentially endless food, though. :rolleyes:

    The Mossy Halls

    A very simple start to the map--I like that. However, I think a few pieces of Cobblestone should be amidst all the Moss Stone. It would look more natural if so.

    The Stone, Stone Bricks, and Moss Stone looked good in the cave area, but the Bricks contrasted too much. =\

    Brick Forest

    I liked this place a lot. The trees here were rather unique and the Pumpkins growing combined with small ponds added to the atmosphere of the area.
    The Fire Charges never shot out at me in here...you may want to look into that. The Living Quarters seems nice and homely, and was a good break from the onslaught. The Cave Spider waterfall near the end trolled me so much--I kept looking for something in there, but there was nothing.
    And the last thing...what was up with the random Bedrock wall behind the Moss Bricks (I think that's what they were)?

    Crazy Maze Cave

    Again, the Obsidian seemed out of place here...gray and black-purple clast too much. =\

    The lavafall to the Void was trolling, too, since at this point I still didn't have water. Nonetheless, the challenge posed was somewhat worth it (if I remember the prize correctly). I did wuss out and tunnel past the void, though. No fun path, today.
    The End Stone, Stone, and Vines did blend well, though, so nicely done, there. :steve_joyous:

    I read multiple posts about the mob spawns being a problem here. I never really had too big of a deal with them, but then again, I'm used to tons of mobs at once....

    Intersection II

    Intersection II

    This looked better than the previous--the Logs and Leaves went together well, and the lake at the bottom with Lilypads was a nice touch. By the time I reviewed this, the place was inundated with Vines. xnx
    I did find the Obsidian, too. :obsidian:

    The Tunnel

    Now this was an interesting area that I hadn't seen until this map. I like the Sheep break in the middle, too. All this fighting and suddenly! Sheep.... Only thing that could be changed is the Blaze and Enderman spawners. I got through the Blazes and then just walked right past the Endermen.

    Safe Haven

    Sandstone, Birch, Glowstone, and Vines looked nice and some-what natural together, and the skylight was a good touch.
    The cavern looks nice, too, though the floating fences didn't hit well with me. Also you may want to make it slightly easier to get out of the water.
    I loved how the player was supplied with base materials. That's cool you give us a chance to chill from the pandemonium and be creative. :lol:

    The Wildwood

    First thought: Burn, burn!
    Errr....yeah....I liked this place, too, and loved watching it go up in smoke.
    The chests in here probably could've been hidden better, maybe amongst the trees instead of being on top of them saying, "Hey, here I am!"
    As for the Wool section, those Spawners gave me a horrid time for some reason. Nonetheless, I eventually defeated them. As for the lava pit...Obsidian. :blink:
    The overall place had a nice look to it...until I made a Flint and Steel....

    Intersecion III

    Intersection III

    A nice, deadlier turn from the previous one, for sure. The lava added to the intensity of the room as well. The only thing is the Redstone Ore. The Ore itself looks good, but the perfect sphere of it do not. It looks way too unnatural. :steve_sneaky:

    The Arids Lands

    Two words: Excessive Vines.
    There seemed to be plenty of vines for a place supposedly lacking water, but they did look nice in the ruin-type section.
    Oh, and troll hole, what's up with that? :huh:
    As for the fortress, I unknowingly entered on the second floor by going around back and jumping up through there.
    Again, too much Moss Stone here. The place is supposed to be arid, thus having little plant life; and a mix of Moss and Cobble looks better.
    There is also a Pig Spawner on the right side of the first floor with all those Spawners (seen from the entry way).
    As for the roof battle, that was the random chaos I needed to top of the section. o.o

    The cavern area was rather long, but the Iron made up for it...and made me paranoid of proximity/BUD bombs. :steve_tearful:
    The Void section was a troll to me, at least since I don't use Ender Pearls a lot. I suppose a risky bridging would be worth it, though.
    And the group of 9 Spawners...may have been too much for this. 2x2s would be okay, but piling that many Spawners in the end there still posed the risk of having the Wool ruined (I think there were Creeper Spawners in that part).
    The long jog back wasn't as pleasant as the trip there. ._.

    The Graves of Sezalb

    This place looks very nice. Everything except the Sponges blends together very well and the graves and dead trees add the perfect atmosphere.
    Maybe change the room from an almost perfect box to something less...boxy. =\

    The lake also looked very good. The darkness combined with the lit water really did a good job for setting a lonely mood. As for the Blazes...I enjoyed watching them sink into the water and die...again and again....

    Generic Obligatory Mine Area

    The explosion...random humour that made it enjoyable to start this section.
    More Obsidian...do you have a thing for placing Obsidian in walls? :blink:
    The place also had waaaay too many "circles" in it. I spotted circle after circle as I went through here, which makes the mine look too artificial...even if it is a mine.
    About "dying in lava again and again"...water bucket....

    Overall, the lava scattered looked kind of cool, but this place is way too large and dangerous if you want to travel back on foot...especially if you need to do it more than once. ._.

    Intersection IV

    Intersection IV

    Even if it was just a giant diamond, the colour combo worked well...until I broke a light and plunged it into darkness. <_<
    Oh, and SQUIDS! :o

    Hellgate Crypts

    Sorry, but no, this section was wrong in just about every aspect.
    The entire first half was exclusively more diamonds, which posed an interesting terrain challenege, but left me wanting something...less definite.
    And good old Void Wool...this thing was a headache for me to get due to my fear of falling.

    As for the second half...more no. All that was done was a re-made Nether Fortress with all Netherrack removed. You may want to remove some of the Gravel, too. I was able to fine a massive section of it and walk to a point where I could see the edge of the area you removed (I saw an actual Nether chunk). ._.

    I see what you got at by letting players see the Nether without 'Rack, but it just didn't work out. -_-

    Frostb®ight Cavern

    Well, the signs are different, so I don't know the name since both work (it is a bright cavern). And I don't know what the big deal on Brown Wool is, but that's for another thread.
    Coming from Vexian lands, I was horribly scared to mine the Diamond Ore here, but eventually I did. "Infinite" Diamonds was a pleasant surprise, though. :wub:

    Mushroom Paradise

    I enjoyed this section and started Leeroy Jenkins'ing the Pigmen.
    Now about that chest at the bottom of the workd...I felt royally ripped off there, but I guess the "fun" of getting there was the reward. ._."
    I have a feeling I missed a chest or two since it branches a lot, even though I found a couple hiding here and there.
    The place itself looked good and the Mooshrooms scared me more than once at night. :wacko:

    Intersection V

    Intersection V

    It's four hallways made of Obsidian with Bedrock in the middle. ._.

    Giant Evil Death Fortress

    Uhh, what? That name sounds a little too childish to be one of the last areas in the map. ._.
    That aside, the entry hall looked pretty good, and the Blazes were no problem this time since I had previously brewed up Fire Resistance Potions. Then I saw the portal...
    I yelped as I jumped in and was greeted by explosions...how unpleasant. :(

    A grassy End was...interesting, as were the Iron Bar trees--not as good as the Ice tress, but still fitting to the area.
    The fortress was rather bland--all you do is climb (or in my case Ender Pearl) up a massive spiral staircase while avoiding explosions.
    I see how it's supposed to be challenging, but it's not unique and could be easily done in Peaceful (but there's no fun in that).

    And for exiting...yeah...maybe you should set a sign warning people to sleep nearby before entering. Lucky for me, I broke into the Obsidian and made a small base there prior to entering.

    Vault of Magma

    Bedrock, Endstone, and Lava...a very interesting combination. I wouldn't call it pretty, but it didn't look bad either. =\
    This section was very easy, actually. I swigged a Fire Resistance and bolted through with only a with run-ins with the Magma Cubes.

    The boat ride was...a swim for me. Climbing to the Wool was interesting, too. I fell more than once when those blasted Magma Cubes fell upon me. :wacko:

    And the bottom was...intersting: Void Fog and Sponges make an odd combination, but they looked good beside pools of Lava.
    Last thing about this area, Lolololol, Squid farm.

    The Crater

    Again, no, this is the last section, a hole with Ghasts?
    This really wasn't a challenge at all. I used a Regen Potion and started picking away at the Spawners. The four on top of the Wool room were the only buggers in here. In all honesty, you lost your touch of the last section. You seemed to focus more on trying to kill us than making the places both challenging and appealing. =\

    Overall Review

    Well, the map was fun and some-what challenging. If this is your idea of "Easy," then I'm scared to know what your second map will be. :unsure:
    The shape of the map itself was...bleh. Running all the way from Intersection V to Safe Haven is too far of a journey. I teleported from the end to there--it isn't worth it to me.
    I read that you mentioned adding Command Blocks back, which is a good idea, but you then need to consider Blocks that will return you to an Intersection. That may require a lot of Redstone leading to secret doors in the Intersection/Haven that reveal buttons that teleport you back.
    Oh, and giant Obsidian Isaac. :mellow:

    My one request.

    Now that I've spent hours typing and flying around in the world to see everything a second time, I have but one small request: Could you please tell me the areas where the Bedrock, Beacon, and End Portal Frame are? :(
    I am a perfectionist and I cannot for the life of me find those three. :steve_blushing:

    And thus ends my painfully massive review.
    How's that for a first forum post? ;)
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