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    Name: Metsi

    Age: 19

    What do you wanna be: Voice/Body actor.. anything except builder. :)

    Contact: (Skype: Blogvampire) (Discord: Blogvampire#2503)

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    posted a message on [Q] What makes a good (vanilla) villager trader

    Trading with emeralds is never a problem to me. In extreme hills there is an abundance of emeralds. Even without fortune, just a mining trip gets me around 30-40 emeralds (without searching for them) The only trades I find useful are those that ask for 10-15 emeralds for diamond tools.

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    posted a message on Im Lagging all of a suddent with a good pc

    Clean your .minecraft. Sometimes it works. I suggest deleting the whole folder and redownloading the assets upon launching the game.

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    posted a message on Why is minecraft sooooo slllloooowww when recording?

    To record with OBS you have to change a lot of things from bitrate to output settings. If you don't know any of those words then you shouldn't be recording with OBS. And btw, for 600$ you could have bought a DESKTOP 5x better than that. (I did)

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    posted a message on Looking for a new partner to record with! 18 years or older ( Stupid Jokes and Intelligent Commentary)
    My name is Metsi.

    I am looking for a youtube partner for a NEW SHOW called

    :regen: by MissNyanolina 2HPGamers :regen: by MissNyanolina

    The show is basically two friends (Me & You <3) who talk about stupid random stuff while playing a game in the background.

    ~ quick demonstration ~

    Introduction ... Fart Joke ... Complaining about the game ... The End

    I can't do 2HP with just anyone. There are several requirements I am looking for in a candidate. To name a few:

    1. You must have a really stupid sense of humor. Not funny
    ( If that is funny to you, you are doing great so far )

    2. You must sarcastically laugh at my un-funny jokes. ( I will do the same for you )

    3. Focus on the commentary rather than the gameplay. Might take practice
    - I would prefer getting lost in a conversation over finishing a level/game.

    4. Be self-aware of what you say.
    - We can't just be making fart jokes the whole episode. Bring up a topic/story

    5. Be heard. Be funny. Don't be afraid of judgement!
    - Tell them your embarassing stories. Your opinion on chicken nuggets. Your idea for a movie. Make up a song of the current game as we play. Do funny voice-overs during cutscenes.

    A little about myself.

    My real name is Brian. I am 19 years old. I am very passionate about creating videos and I love the idea of creating content for others to enjoy. My previous channel (which I will not name) has had several hundred thousand life-time views but since I was stuck making content for that particular game I decided to move on and create a channel from scratch. I find a lot of things funny, especially in serious moments. My favorite games are Stardew Valley, Terraria, Borderlands 2, League of Legends, To The Moon, GTA San Andreas and Minecraft :iapprove:

    I will tell you more if you are interested.

    I'm hoping for a partner whose as old as I am or older. It really honestly just depends on the person.

    Comedic timing is everything! :D

    If you are interested!

    Contact me either on my skype: Blogvampire (Same avatar as forums) nick: Metsi

    Contact me here on the forums. REPLY BELOW or PM me

    I hope to hear from you. Even if you think you might not be fit for this, least you can do is try. After all, I'm just a dude looking for a friend! (:
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    posted a message on Hi5 Multiverse NEW YOUTUBE GROUP

    I'm interested in your group. I have been looking for a group for a while now or just anyone to record with. I'm highly dedicated in creating quality content and collaborating with other people is a must for me!

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    posted a message on Looking to expand our group!

    I'm highly interested. Sounds promising

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    posted a message on Youtube Series! Come join!

    I'm also looking for someone to record with. I can do modded or vanilla or any server type. Unfortunately I will have to be starting a new channel because my content has drifted towards another game. Which is no problem for me :) I'm free any time any day of the week.

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    posted a message on Recruiting for the Fancy Krew (A Minecraft Youtube Group!)

    I'm interested in joining your crew! I'm very dedicated to commentary except the videos I've done I have not uploaded to youtube but some other paltform. I will be starting to upload on Youtube. I currently have a channel but no Minecraft content. Which is what I want to record. I've got lots of other steam games too (:

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    posted a message on "Exotic" (New Set Of Mods)

    It sounds interesting, although I'm not at all sure what it will turn out to be.

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    posted a message on Coal's Weird Mobs Beta

    Hey. This is a really nice mod. One thing I would really love would be for you to add rare mobs. For example, a skeleton named Dr. Jones, a reference to Indiana Jones, but ...dead. And he drops a hat every time you kill him, A special hat, or item maybe. But he would be very rare to spawn and the player would feel very rewarded once it obtains the item dropped. I would love this because no other mod has this.

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    posted a message on I need your help

    Try force-updating MC

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    posted a message on Looking For Some Feedback On My Channel!

    It is okay, channel art upgrade recommended (maybe add icons of games u'll be playing" Some of your videos (that i saw) are way too long. You should start by limiting your videos to less than 8 minutes maybe. I've been told this before and it's true. 99% of youtube people watching will skip your video if they see it's like 20 minutes and you only have 20 or 40 or 70 subs. Try doing that, it helps on them staying for the whole video as well. Your commentary is good.

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    posted a message on Taking Spots for Recording Realms Server

    First Name: Brian[/b]

    YouTube Channel Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/blogvampire[/b]

    MineCraft Name (Whitelisting Purposes): Blogvampire[/b]

    Age: 16[/b]

    Country of Residence (Timezone Reasons): US[/b]

    Recording Schedule: 24/7 (anytime) normally just once a week but i can record and upload everyday if i wanted[/b]

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    posted a message on Looking for people to play Monster Industries with me i need 3 people per team including me

    Age: 16

    Channel: Blogvampire And I LOVE recording anything (:

    Skype: Blogvampire

    Mic(Needed): YES (i'm still a kid. but i can be mature when needed)

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