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    Could we pls get a separate bar for armor toughness like above hunger.

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    Hello all, sry for the problems on the last post. It had a problem with keeping space between lines and it didn’t save many of my edits.

    before I talked about gear progression. Now I want to talk about magic progression. Magic in Minecraft isn’t that interesting, it consists of: potions golden apples totems of undying and enchanting.

    It’s a shame that iceologer didn’t win the mob vote cause it could bring something related to magic.

    now I want to talk about my ideas on new magic features. First of all: the horn

    killing a goat has a small chance of it dropping a horn (or can be taken from them using an axe)

    with the horn u can put types of dust and powders in it. Like gunpowder blaze powder sugar red stone dust glowstone dust and such. After u put the dust in it u can blow on it 3 times before it needs refilling. Each dust gives u a bonus that lasts 100 seconds.

    here is a list of them:

    blaze powder: +50% damage (stacks with strength), sugar (+10% speed stacks with speed) red stone dust: +30% mining speed and +0.2 attack speed (stacks with haste) glowstone dust: +10% damage reduction (stacks with resistance) gunpowder: ur hits do +1 true damage (so 0.5 hearts of true damage per hit).

    you should also be able to make new types of dust. Like: wither dust from wither rose (ur hits apply 3 seconds of wither 2) golden powder when u put gold nuggets on a crafting table around a pickaxe and it gives u 2 hearts of absorption that stack with other absorption types.

    next are the wands. Iceologer got me thinking that it could drop a wand that has ice magic or something. Since there are items like that in dungeons. What if u could make wands with items that aren’t used for any weapons. Like amethyst crystals and emeralds. Crystals make a wand that inflicts effects to opponents. And emeralds make a wand that inflicts effects onto the player. To make the crystal wand u need 2 bones and an amethyst crystal. For the emerald wand u need 2 blaze rods and an emerald. To add an effect u need to either put it in a table with a potion of the preferred effect. The effects no matter the potion u add cant go above tier 1. For unobtainable effects and other effects u can use: golden apples from absorption, chorus fruit for instant effect of the fruit. Wither rose for the wither effect.

    the wands effects last for 10 seconds (unless instant effect like instant damage and chorus fruit ability) and have a 20 second cooldown. The cooldown is over when the wand starts glowing. Instant effects have a 15 second cooldown.

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