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    Nodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. xD

    The mod author is back? It has been a while since the last commit on github.

    Can I ask some question:

    When will RTG 1.12 come out? Will RTG 1.12 come out before 2019 end?

    What's RTG plan for 1.13/1.14 etc?

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    This will be updated to 1.11.2 in uh, eventually. I'm working on it.

    So, for anyone interested, I will be merging some (perhaps most of, we'll see) of the content of FN into Plants starting in version 2.0.
    I've already got the berry bushes, and the nether trees ready to go. I'm currently working on the crystal forest. Then I'll get to the rest. But, I will probably not continue FN as its own standalone mod, as the mod simply cannot be directly ported past 1.7. It would require a full rewrite, and there are already systems in place to implement a lot of this content in Plants as is.

    Will you integrate this FN into Plants?
    Including Biomes, Trees, Crops, Fruit, Flowers, etc...
    Will you change something? Especially trees, I don’t think they should change their shape, they are perfect.
    However, may you should change the sparseness of trees in Eucalyptus Forest, Maple Forest, Redwood Forest, because sometimes these biomes cause serious lag, you should add configurable parameters to the configuration file (Maybe also add an optional value for high-performance computers to use the original FN data.).

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