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    A little voice in my head told me to post some meaningful content on here, and that is what i have come to do.

    Clerk, if you have an event sometime soon, you should do another ice maze or something. I assume it takes time for those to be made, but i think it'd be awesome to have like, a three story ice maze, where on the 2nd/3rd story, there's dead-ends that have a hole in them or something where if you don't watch where you're stepping, you'll fall through to the first level. It'd take some effort to make it, but i think it would be insane to play.
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    Quote from allcapsrage

    -Going to snip this as it's a long post and i don't want my post length to be lengthy-

    Damn man. It sucks to see you go, and that really unfortunate(your story). I previously heard bits and pieces of it but i didn't think it was that severe. I don't know if Clerk wants me to say this, but if you just want to come talk and chill sometime, we have found a public Vent that we occasionally use during breaks from minecraft gaming. I won't post the info for it here, but i can send it to you over Xbox Live or some other form of communication, as i feel like if i post it here, i'd be crossing a line i don't want to cross.

    And if you decide you don't want to come hang for a little bit sometime, then i'll wish you the best of luck on your game. I'll be anticipating it's arrival :tongue.gif:.

    See ya man.(And i'm sorry if i was ever one of those people who asked "EVENT?!?!?!!!" in chats. I always enjoyed your events.)
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    Quote from snorunt444

    I really struggle to read this in depth cause of your grammar.
    All i got from this is that you are hating on our clans.

    True Nuff.
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    Good sir, it seems my lovely friend, The Attorney Blaze, has requested the payment of 100exp to him for the work he did earlier today.

    This wonderfully dressed Blaze is named Bleach_1 and this is really the only way to pay him, as if you tried to give him money, it'd just burn up in his hands! It started out as a curse, that he'd never be able to hold paper, but Bleach_1 didn't realize what it would turn him into.

    Anyways, you can just make out those exp bubbles to Bleach_1. He'd greatly appreciate it.
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    Clerkius, I had a feeling that i should ask you this question below:

    Need help with anything? :biggrin.gif:

    (P.S. The Server is Awesome. GET ON IT NAO.)
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    Quote from Neath

    : Faction Name :
    CNS Co.
    : Faction Thread :
    : Faction Website :
    Also none
    : Faction Banner :
    Also none
    : Leader :
    : Faction Members :
    Cidun, Neath, SgtStriker
    : Faction Description :
    We roll bases, and smoke dat ****.

    I don't know if faction restrictions have changed, but i believe you need 5 active members in a group to create a faction.
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    posted a message on [NEW] RP Salvation [NameWIP]

    So, i don't know if you need any help, but i'd be interested in this.

    Ktrey, sorry that i couldn't help much on keeping up that revival for the server. I did receive that email from you a while back, but i didn't know if my email to you had been received. Anyways, i can volunteer my time for this, as second semester is rolling by, i don't have any evening classes and a lot of my free time recently has been devoted to minecraft.

    I would love to write lore(writing is a lot of fun for me :tongue.gif:) and so i could do that as well as anything else needed.

    I'm glad to see all of you back together as well :tongue.gif:.

    ~Bleach_1(Soon to be Aelune)

    Edit: I believe ktrey and yahyahkeekoot have my Skype. I hardly use it, but i'm perfectly fine in using it, when need be.
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    Quote from infinitiesloop

    ModLoader crashing? Well that's not good. Use an older version. I don't really know which of all the versions listed is the previous version or if that was for MC 1.0.0 though. Here's a link -- I think -- to ModLoader as it was at the time I last released ControlPack. Try it?


    I just tried that one, and it opens the game like usual, let's me log in, and goes through the starting menu with Mojang's icon and everything. When it gets to that screen though, it takes a really long time, and eventually shows a crash report that closes the game before i have time to see/copy what it says.
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    posted a message on ControlPack - AutoSneak/Run,AutoTool,SmartFurnace,LOOKBEHIND+Lots More! [V6.0]
    Quote from infinitiesloop

    Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about this conflict right now, but I'm working on it. Things will get shook up once the modding API starts coming out, too.. no telling what fun that will be. Heh :unsure.gif:

    Infinities, do you know of a way to get this mod working? I don't know if you've seen Risugami's thread, but Modloader crashes Minecraft instantly now, and i really am wanting to download this mod. Have any suggestions?
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    Quote from >Ladon

    I am getting Response Code:502 when I try to log in. Sting also seemed to be having this problem(as seen in one of the pictures above). Any help?

    Yeah, Snorunt and Kraedi had that problem earlier. They eventually got on, but i have no idea. Clerk was in vent and after a few minutes of struggling to get on the server, he just starting exclaiming "Try now! Get on now, do it." and stuff like that. They were able to log in after that. I don't know what Clerk could have done though, so it's probably just a glitchy piece of coding or something on minecraft.net.

    I wish i could help more :/
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    Quote from Cragon007


    First off i must say that I am very sad to have missed the battle against FuzzNuggets. Secondly, rules should remain rules, X-raying is X-raying and it should stay that way, remember how coaliscool still continued to xray? No one can be trusted, and if a rule is broken and the person wishes to get unban, there should be no "unban" because if the person truly likes the server, they would not have done so in the first place. I will never Xray on this server, nor will i on any other, because I believe in playing the game the way it should be played.


    The battle was pretty sweet. We managed to pull some cool swag from the base(I got an inventory-full of D-tools and other helpful materials like Eye of Ender, etc). Anyways, i also agree with you on the part about x-raying. I've been sticking with what's happening against Keikko and Aidan, and i'd like to voice my opinion.

    I agree that X-raying is X-raying, and that once you do it, you're probably more inclined to do it again. This isn't always the case, but a lot of the time, it is. It also seems to me that Keikko is legitimately apologetic to the incident and while i can't say i know Keikko too much, his appeal seems... appealing. I can't find the right words, but to me it does seem like a second chance is in order(i'm looking as the first offense not an offense, as anyone would probably log off to avoid a death from a fly/speed hacker.)

    On Aidan's side, however, it seems like he's just appealing to you Clerk. I know i have no position to say much, but whenever someone else responded to his posts on this subject, he acted hostile, immature and just rude in general when it's a lengthy discussion that can't be ended by a "THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" to SGT.

    Keikko, i wish you the best of luck in your appeal, as it seems like you truly want to be back on this server. I never played with/against you on the server, but it seems like you faltered in judgment for a moment and that you'd take it all back if you could.

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    Quote from Aidansoccer

    : IGN :
    : Offense committed? :
    : Why did you commit the offense? :
    : i as a matter of fact, did not, i had been to this base before, just for a brief time, because one time he didn't patch up the entrance, and i saw someone, so i wanted to come back later, and it's not a "hidden chest" if it's directly behind a furnace, i mined an outline of the furnace, just as someone did to me before, its a raiding tip not a x-ray :
    : Why do you feel your ban should be appealed? :
    because i do not and will not ever x0-ray, i hate when people x-ray me, so why would i do it to other people :ohmy.gif:? and please i know you probably dont believe me so can you just give me a second chance?

    I also want to respond to this, like SGT has. Mostly just on that last blurb, where you say "because i do not and will not ever x0-ray".

    My response to that is: I read an article a while ago that approached the human mind. It talked about how one would cheat(in this case, x-ray) if there was little to no chance of being blamed. If one had a 100% chance of getting away with cheating, anyone would take the opportunity. It seems to me that you tried to take that opportunity even though you had a lower % of being successful.

    That's all i wanted to say.
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    Quote from luciencd

    clerk you need to liste to your people, and not abuse power, we need rules for admins, a bill of rights should be made,
    that would really make people like the admins better and if you respect them, less people will quit due to injustice.
    this is the only big server that has no lwc or faction plugin, and griefing and pvp allowed. i belive that the people that support the server should have a say in certain decisions.
    the nagurianstitution
    bill of rights:
    1. pvp and raiding, and griefing are allowed out of the safezone, no shooting arrows or such things from the safezone into the outer world.
    2. admins will not spawn anything for other players unless it is a kit.
    3. no locked chests, find a creative way to hide them without implementing LWC.
    4. admins will not be unjust to the players, and will respect them if the demand is reasonable.
    5. xraying is non-nagurian and you will be banned for it, if evidence is clear.
    6. if admins or moderators, abuse of their powers, you have the right to publicize it, and declare it un-nagurian on the thread.
    7. admins will not blow up user's creations for their personal enjoyment, in extreme cases, the vitim could be sent a .sav or schematic of their creation before it is blow up.
    8. constant harrasment, with but not limited to, swearing(a lot), inappropriate behaviour, nude skins, 3-d replicas of ****'*
    and stuff like that will cause that person to be kicked or banned for a just period of time.
    9. if guests are newbies, and dont know the rules at all, give them a second chance and have them apply for membership for in case the guest didn't know the rules.
    10. no tolerance for hackers, and spamming profanities and symbols that could be offensive.
    11. in events, show the prizes before hand, to avoid injustice and losing track of who gets what.
    12./spawn-ing and /home-ing out of combat is not allowed and is punishable, if you are attacked out of safezone, you can run back to the safezone and nothing will be against you, but if you attack someone out of safezone, near safezone, you cant retreat back to safezone. in other words anyone who hits anyone else out of safezone cant go back to safezone unless one of them dies, or both leave the combat(to the outside world of course).
    that is all. hope you implement this or less people will join the server than there could be.

    also, i think that guests shouldnt be able to mine under layer 30, and they should have a command, /tutorial to give themselves an explanation on how to apply when no mods are on.

    I think that the way things are happening now are great, but will also address this(with my point of view) according to each rule you've set. Also, that's what i see it more as. A set of rules, not "rights" in any way. Taking away from something(like rule #1) is not giving people a "right". It's taking away the "right" to shoot out of spawn into the outer world. If you don't want to get hit past that 100/100 area, then run like hell, or step 2 blocks toward spawn so the arrows won't do anything. That's my addressing #1.

    #2. The only other time i've seen an admin spawn items was for intentional purposes, like in an event or giveaway items. I've seen no abusive power regarding the spawning of items. (Also not a right. This is taking away from the admins, even though i've not seen it abused ever.)

    #3. Did we ever have LWC or locked chests? Unless someone was hacking to have a locked chest, i don't see why this would be in here. If Clerk has locked chests in an area because something was happening where if someone raided that place and took those items, they would have been benefited greatly. I understand if it's Clerk or Turkey locking a chest of bedrock or giveaway items so people don't steal them for themselves, when Clerk or Turkey would be using them to provide the server with something. Void this statement if he has recently added an LWC for donators or something.(Not a right, this is a rule. A rule regarding a plugin i've not noticed in-game.)

    #4. I don't understand when this would have ever been an issue. Just leaving it at that.

    #5. Not a right. Once again, a rule. Rule #2 on the front page also specifies such mods, and how abusers will be dealt with.

    #6. This is a right, but i don't see how this applies. Never before have i seen a mod or admin abuse powers. I've noticed that mods are more cautious(no offense) and Turkey and Clerk i've seen don't abuse their powers. If they abuse them, then go ahead. Anyone has a right to post something like that on the thread, and i don't think that it should be said like this, that they have the right. They already have the right to post whatever they want(well, to a point), so if a mod or admin abuses their powers(if ever), they already have that right.

    #7. Never before have i seen this, other than in spawn. And if the creation was in spawn's 100/-100 area, then it deserves to be blown up. It's annoying to see floating blocks in the air, and houses that people abandon 10 minutes into the game. Keep the safe zone clean.

    #8. I'm confused. You say this is a "Bill of Rights" but then say only Constant Harassment. I assume you mean "NONE" of that, and that's also a rule. (Means this isn't a right)

    #9. They should be a least courteous enough to stay on the front page of this forum for 30 seconds to read the rules. There aren't that many, and they should assume automatically that hacking isn't allowed. In the other cases, they should still at least read the rules first.

    #10. I didn't know there WAS a tolerance for hackers.

    #11. I agree, but in about 50% of the events, there's a clear winner and not much confusion. The only confusion i've seen is when people get angry and claim that "they didn't know there were inventory deletions before events".

    #12. "/spawn" and "/home" commands to be used out of combat is already punishable, with the right evidence. I've seen multiple people banned because of this. There is actually just NO possible way to enforce the second part, saying "NO! YOU CANNOT RUN BACK INTO SAFEZONE BECAUSE YOU WERE TEN BLOCKS AWAY FROM IT WHEN I STARTED HITTING YOU!" "ADMINS! BAN THIS PERSON!". It's just not realistic. If i saw that on the server, i'd rather not even take the time to join. I'd move on to the next one. A rule like that is just unorthodox and insanely hard to punish for. There's no tracker to say where someone was at one point, and then again at another point. In that case, it's the runner's voice against the attackers, when it should be an unbiased opinion.

    In general, i saw these as a majority of rules that were either common sense or started already. This didn't really seem like a "Bill of Rights" type of document.
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    Quote from JFX

    Thats funny, That was like six months ago and you tried to ban me for how long?

    Nevermind, I'll go back to playing minesworn, you can keep your low playercount.
    I just wanted to say hi to pyro. =(

    Low playercount? I think you're mistaken. We've had to raise the player cap during some times of the week. Having a server so full that players can't even log on, or even log on to the Vent server, is not what i would consider a "low playercount".
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    Quote from BananaLife

    i never acted hostile to any1, dont think i actually hurt anybody cause i did leave a path for them to leave the spawn
    also i didnt attack anybody, i started doing this because i got killed by 1 of the members (i dont blame him)
    wasnt planning on doing it again thought that would be stupid, maybe some other fun stuff but not this much

    I don't think you should be trying to validate your reason that you "didn't hurt" people. Even if you let a path at spawn, from what i can tell, the damage was a decent amount.

    Mass lava-ing the spawn is acting hostile in a way. Also, if you "didn't blame" the member for killing you, what was the reason for this?
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