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    posted a message on What The?!, Villager Breeding Was Already Diffucult And Pointless, And Now It's Worse.
    ...and once again, Jeb shows that he simply does not understand game design.

    This whole thing smacks of trying to make the player play with villagers only in the very specific what that he's supposed to, in complete contrast to the sandbox nature of the game. Players should not have to use trading if all they want to do is build a village. The amount of manual upkeep makes villagers, as a thing unto themselves, even more worthless. They're still so stupid that they insist on all crowding into one house, and now I have to constantly trade with them for this privilege?

    The point of trading was originally to give us a reason to bother with the idiots in the first place, remember?
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    posted a message on They are messing up enchanting in 1.8
    Quote from DragonHeroBlaze

    Great, so it's still essentially the same, except rather than being required to have a zombie pigmen farm, you will be required to have a large village and pray to the heavens that the villagers will actually sell lapis AND make sure you have plenty of emeralds to get it.

    Don't be ridiculous. What you do is you use the infinite village breeding glitch to create a constant stream of villagers, and a mechanism to sort through them. You dump the ones that have useless trades in lava, and then build a paper farm to milk emeralds from the librarians.

    Jeb's minecraft- abusing one set of broken mechanics to make up for another set of broken mechanics!
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    posted a message on What's your current stance of the Beacon? How to improve it?
    As I've said before:

    The beacon is fundamentally flawed from a balance perspective. It gives out buffs, which are usually things that you want while away from your comfortable base, but it's an item designed to be placed in one important spot and left there. What it really needs is a function that matches its design as a centerpiece for your base. Something that isn't provided by anything else.

    My best idea was to make it *highly* visible from ranges outside of loaded chunk distance. Have the game remember where every beacon is placed, and show a shaft of light in that direction even when the chunk is unloaded, up to 1000 or so blocks away. That would make it very useful, without mucking around in the space for other systems like potions or enchanting.

    Other random ideas off the top of my head:
    -Make all mobs peaceful within its radius.
    -Have the beam act like an elevator
    -Make plants grow faster in its radius
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    posted a message on 1.8 "Spoiler" thread (currently broken)
    Quote from Leftypower123

    Enchanting makes the player OP anyway though. People always harp about the days where you couldn't outrun your foes and you couldn't get enchantments so easily. I guess this makes it harder to get enchantments again.


    People harp about a lot of things. If the enchanting system is so OP, why not just take it out entirely? Making it cost gold to compensate for being powerful is the kind of thinking that gets shot down in the suggestions thread all the time for failing to understand basic game balance. If you've got the gold, then it's still OP. If you don't, then it's not part of the game anyway.

    It's the same kind of thinking that gave us the expensive-but-mostly-useless beacon.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.8 Speculation and Notes (Do NOT post what you want to see, here. Only what you think you will see.)
    Quote from Benjamin5349

    Can we make it a rule that any posts here must be accompanied with a source? Otherwise you will end up with nothing but a wishlist.

    I'll accept that challenged! In 1.8 I expect the following based on past experience, independent of my actual wishes:

    -Terrain generation will be monkeyed with just enough to create version borders again without actually fixing any of its current problems.
    -Promising but still flawed new features or feature updates will be included in the first snapshot. From there the rest of the snapshots will add random, unrelated features, leaving the major feature of the update unfinished and broken.
    -Several major bugs will be added to the game, and not fixed until at least 1.11.
    -The new snapshots will give people performance issues and FPS drops.
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    posted a message on New Worldgenerator generates Cluster of same Bioms
    Quote from Kwitcherbelyakin

    Stop being lazy in your exploration or I won't take anyone seriously.

    (lol at using "...or it didn't happen" meme. Memes aren't arguments, they're for little kiddies)

    You have brought shame to yourself and your family with this transparently dishonest defense of an obviously dishonest claim.

    If you want anyone else here to take you seriously, go ahead and do this:

    Generate a map using AMIDST with these five seeds:


    Then show us how one of each of these biomes is within 2000 blocks of the spawn:
    Ice plains

    That's just four biomes. Should be a piece of cake.
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    posted a message on New Worldgenerator generates Cluster of same Bioms
    The fundamental problem with how they approach biomes is that the biome itself is the beginning and end of how they generate terrain.

    What they should have done was start with an independent height map which could vary between having rolling hills, low plains, plateaus, extreme hills, canyons, areas with generally high elevations, and areas with generally low elevations. From there, they should have pasted biomes over the heightmap according to individual rules for each biome.

    That way, you can have more emergent behavior out of the terrain generator instead of seeing the same canned biomes over and over.
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    posted a message on New Worldgenerator generates Cluster of same Bioms
    Quote from Dolphin263

    I'd like to point out to people that the problems imposed by this is easily solved by using a tool like Admist. This is an option for anyone in single player (but you'll need the seed if you want it in multiplayer.) If you're about to say "but I think using Admist is cheating", that is your choice -- live with it.

    That is a really stupid choice to have to make, and it isn't a replacement for functional game mechanics.

    Exploration is actually a thing in this game. Or rather it used to be, back when there was a point to it. It was something that people actually wanted to do, and had fun doing. It was one of the fundamental aspects of the game, to the point of being one of the primary reasons that some people played it.

    Short circuiting straight to the end results of exploration using Admist is not a replacement for that.
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    posted a message on PREDICTIONS Of what might come
    I predict that, whatever it is, it'll be released in a half-finished state and cause performance issues.
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    posted a message on What would you rate 1.7?
    Quote from phenox124

    Therefore there are going to be bugs, so again, don't complain about somthing that will be fixed

    The problem is that we've got a history of bugs *NOT* being fixed, and several of the bugs are major enough that they should have been grounds for holding the update back a couple of weeks. I can't ride my horse across terrain without falling into ravines because of chunks being invisible until I'm two blocks in front of them.
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