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    posted a message on MalisisDoors 1.12.2-7.3.0 / 1.11.2-6.1.3 (01/02/2018)

    how do i keep custom textures for the doors? its causing a problem where the item texture is a pink error box (like in my hand) and it defaults to the texture in this mod instead of my custom 3d textures/models for the door

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    I am thoroughly confused in my predicament. I've managed to get swords working with damage predicates to where i have 23 different ones, yet i do the exact same thing for axes and it doesn't work. Maybe i have a simple flaw, but i have checked countless times. I've had plenty of problems with layer0 as well, where i made the fix of a damage 0.000 predicate as a layer0. The folders are set up the same and the axes work by themselves, just not with predicates.


        "parent": "item/handheld",
        "textures": {
            "layer0": "item/ball_mace"
        "overrides": [
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.000},"model": "item/devils_scalpel"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.001},"model": "item/ball_mace"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.006},"model": "item/chain_mace"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.011},"model": "item/star_mace"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.016},"model": "item/skeleton_staff"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.021},"model": "item/samuri_sword"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.026},"model": "item/master_sword"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.031},"model": "item/sledge_hammer"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.036},"model": "item/anvil_hammer"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.041},"model": "item/buccaneer_sword"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.046},"model": "item/devils_scalpel"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.051},"model": "item/dream_sword"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.056},"model": "item/flame_sword"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.061},"model": "item/wicked_sword"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.066},"model": "item/magic_sword"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.071},"model": "item/royal_buster"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.076},"model": "item/hammer"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.081},"model": "item/hunting_knife"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.086},"model": "item/incision_maker"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.091},"model": "item/knights_edge"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.096},"model": "item/long_sword"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.101},"model": "item/nightmare_sword"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.106},"model": "item/neuro_hammer"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.111},"model": "item/buster_sword"}

    DIAMOND AXE (does not work, but they work when not damage predicates, used as a single "texture pack")

        "parent": "item/handheld",
        "textures": {
            "layer0": "item/runic_axe"
        "overrides": [
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.000},"model": "item/runic_axe"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.001},"model": "item/chaos_axe"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.006},"model": "item/fire_axe"},
            {"predicate": {"damage": 0.011},"model": "item/hand_axe"}
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