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    Remake Pics:

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    Remake Changelog:


    - Initial Release


    - Added village files to City Hall

    - Added chest to Post Office

    - Fixed missing blocks in Fast Travel room


    - Added Mob Event room to Command Room in E400M basement
    - Removed V1 Villagers
    - Removed unused button


    - Tweaked Command Blocks


    - Added Bees around Village

    - Added Cheat Chain in Redstone District

    - Added Light Blocks to Vortex Base

    -.Added 1.13 1.14 spawn eggs to Spawn Egg room

    - Changed animals in Vortex Base

    - Fixed a Lamp Post

    - Fixed wrong blocks in S2004

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    Commu Village Remake is a command-block heavy role-play map based of my old 0.14-1.2 world Commu Village.

    Commu Village has 5 districts differentiated by a sword statue and build materials.

    Districts include:

    Redstone Sword District: Host Spawn and all business/job builds.

    Wood, Stone, Diamond, and Emerald Sword Districts: Host all residential buildings.

    Diamond and Emerald Sword District also host the Trading Center.

    Commu Village uses a scoreboard system called Moneyz to purchase various thing around the village. Moneyz is earned by applying for jobs at city hall.

    Jobs applied for at City Hall add to your Moneyz score at the bank with a push of a button

    Some thing's Moneyz is use for:

    Buy houses in residential districts, buy food, pets and much more!

    Diamond and Emeralds can also be exchanged for money

    1 Emerald = 300 Moneyz

    1 Diamond = 100 Moneyz

    Moneyz can also be converted to Diamonds and Emeralds.

    Commu has 10 jobs that can be applied for at City Hall.

    This includes:

    Farmer, Fisher, Mailman, Cop, Assistant, Redstone Mechanic, Judge, Lawyer, Pastor, Banker, and Mayor

    Download: Commu Village Remake 1.3.0

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