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    posted a message on Why does Netherwart take so long to grow?
    Quote from Divinius

    The same could be said of these forums. :smile.gif:

    Also in real life.
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    posted a message on There should be more ores and gems
    Well, quite honestly that'd make Minecraft seem even more RPGish than Notch has already made it if you ask me. This idea looks a lot like it's ripped from Runescape. If this were to be implemented into the game, either Jagex would sue Notch or people would start noticing that Minecraft looks like Runescape and would therefore stop buying it.

    So no.

    But to answer the original question, I'd say that there should be quartz (just a little something that you'd need to make watches, but also a way of making reinforced windows)

    For the new way to craft reinforced windows:
    :: = nothing/free space
    :stair: = quartz (I can't find anything else for it >_>)
    :: :: ::
    :: :stair: :stair:
    :: :stair: :stair:

    Reinforced windows would be only breakable with a pick, and creepers and TNT can't blow them up.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Coming Soon For iOS
    It's about damn time.

    @lobstilops The reason playing Minecraft on a laptop isn't the same is because you can't pull a freakin' laptop out of your back pocket.
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    posted a message on Accept Minecraft as-is.
    I've been feeling conflicted about whether or not this will be feeding the trolls. I've decided it is, but I feel I have to speak my mind about 5 year olds whining about the New Minecraft.

    Shut up about it. The Discussion forum used to be a fun place to go, but now the only topics are kids posting topics in Caps-Lock about how much they hate Notch's updates.

    And if you're about to say, "I've been playing longer than you so STFU", I'll tell you right now that chances are I've been playing longer than you have. I've been playing since the day the Halloween Update came out, and I don't think any less of Minecraft than I used to. In fact, I only keep the Halloween update version out of occasional Nostalgia, 99% of the time I'm playing 1.8.1 or 1.9p4.

    I don't know how people will react to this. I don't know how the Mods will react to this topic either. All I know is that the mods will either make a rule that will eventually make kids stop whining, or this topic will be closed. The people on this forum will either laugh at me for blowing off steam or will agree with me. Either one is fine by me. Either one will be justified, because right now I'm actually kind of whining about kids whining, which is kinda funny because it's a tiny bit hypocritical.

    So yes, I think I've made my point. I'm really not trying to make myself seem superior, because this will seem like an angry topic. I just want people to accept Minecraft as-is, since Notch is doing everything he can to keep people satisfied (even if he can be a bit of a troll sometimes :tongue.gif:)

    So, what do you think?
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    posted a message on Hostile Mobs
    Quote from NickWaterfall

    You could use F3 to look after mobs underground.
    There could be an isolated cavern containing a group of slimes, there's a maximum capacity on how many mobs can exist, so maybe some slimes are taking up the places left. Slimes don't always despawn you know.

    Actually, creature ID's no longer appear after 1.8, even when you press F3. At least that's what happens to me.
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    posted a message on Wow Notch...just wow
    My opinion is you should stop ranting.
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    posted a message on the most pathetic thing ever
    Quote from HotTomatoes

    Wait, you thought creepers were friendly, but yet you still manage to get 12 legit tnt and 3 legit diamond blocks?

    Sense make not this does. T_T
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    posted a message on Post your CTRL-V

    What the fu-

    It was probably my brother who watched this O_O
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    posted a message on Enderman GREEN EYES or PINK EYES
    Quote from Sgt. Traveler

    First off, 'thumbs up'? Well nothing wrong with that, just wondering. ._.

    Second, I don't know why but I'm fine with the purple eyes. If I have to interpret it like the images, it's like as if they're taking blocks for fun then you disturb them.

    They're actually really cute if you think about them that way. You know, big black mobs with pink eyes, strolling along, stealing blocks for no apparent reason...

    Oh wait... Why are they stealing blocks again?
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    posted a message on Achievement Get!
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