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    posted a message on What do you want populating NPC Villages?
    Quote from Luckstrong


    Do want.
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    posted a message on How large is your...
    Quote from The_Alpha_Dog

    I thought this post was something else... maybe you could change the title.

    Well thank God you read the OP because no one wants to know how large your .... is.
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    posted a message on Better Zombie
    Looks like the Gatherers from Amnesia.
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    posted a message on [1.9] Ender Pearls - The REAL Use
    Quote from wintermuet

    I'm not sure what your point is.
    And you're forgetting one huge new element of the game:
    experience orbs.

    guess what? you lose them all if you die.
    dying knocks you back down to level 1.
    Experience orbs were added to the game in the same update as ender pearls.
    Well how convenient is that.
    It's as if notch wanted them to work together this way :3

    At this point, levels don't do anything. They just give you bragging rights. I don't even think there's a real GUI that shows your actual level yet, it only shows your experience.

    And if you're suggesting the ender pearls and your level should work together, then tell us what you're truly getting at.
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    posted a message on [1.9] Ender Pearls - The REAL Use
    Quote from bluestar90

    Maybe a Portel to like some weird world (not a sky dimension or Nether)like umm oh like a strange land with new blocks or just a normal world but all screwed up and destroyed.

    I prefer this one. The normal world just screwed up and destroyed-- technically the future, I guess. The portal would lead you to a dimension called the "Future", which takes your current chunks and compares them to how they were when you spawned, and then uses your adjustments to those chunks and applies them as extremes, like spawning huge holes, fire, and traps... and possibly Herobrine.
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    posted a message on How do I fly in creative 1.8?
    Quote from cam libby

    for me thats cps lock so thank u for that info it worked

    So you have to scream to go down? Makes sense, you release a lot of air that way.
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    posted a message on 1.8 on Mac
    I'm not having any problems. Are you sure you installed it right? Or does it have something to do with your OS X? Post your hardware and OS X version so people can help you better.
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    posted a message on The reason why 1.8 is delayed! (1.8 video inside)
    Quote from LHC22

    I still can't understand why only some people get to beta test 1.8. I thought that buying Minecraft Beta would allow me to beta test any version until the product is finished.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "some" people, because all you need to do is download the .jar file and put into your .minecraft bin folder and replace the old minecraft.jar

    And if by beta test "any" version you meant past (and future) updates, then I'm afraid you're horribly mistaken. Firstly, there's no legit way to play past versions (except for Minecraft classic), and future updates are, well, in the future. You can't play something that doesn't exist yet.
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    posted a message on The reason why 1.8 is delayed! (1.8 video inside)
    Quote from Chafrador

    Not today guys, not today...

    You're right, they just now released a new announcement saying it's not gonna be released tomorrow either :/

    This really sucks.
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    posted a message on The reason why 1.8 is delayed! (1.8 video inside)
    Quote from domportera

    sooo where's 1.8? It's 3:05PM on the supposed release date... even later in europe

    I'd say wait until 6:00PM Eastern. I don't know if they delayed it (which they probably did), but if they didn't they're just waiting to release it once we're all pulling our hair out and cannibalizing each other. At least we still have the pre release :3

    Quote from AcetheGolden

    I'm quite fine with delays so long as they fix EVERY BUG. I've had memory leaks that make my game unplayable for months, despite the fact that I have several free gigs of RAM and hard drive space.

    Months? Seriously? I think you might be exaggerating a little...

    Quote from Elec7rooo

    Personally, everyone who is putting Mojang down right now, needs to stop. I'd like to see them make a perfect game on the first try. Sure, the dates were wrong, but not once did they say "IT WILL FOR SURE COME OUT ________."

    Nuff said.

    You need a Nobel Prize, man...
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    posted a message on 9/11 - We Will Never Forget!
    I bow my head to all those who lost their families on that day. I still lived in my own little world at the time, but now I realize how terrible that day was.

    Quote from Jpon9
    today is a day to reflect, not to be angry.

    Tip o' the hat to ye.
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    posted a message on How large is your...
    5523 KB
    It's really small, and I only spawned it recently since I always spawn new worlds and delete the old ones :/
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    posted a message on I was right!
    Quote from Atanarr

    Useless, we already can place it with bonemeal.

    The more ways you can do it, the better.
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    posted a message on Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    I'm pretty sure a lot of us have already played the awesome Indie Horror Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. (I'll admit that I'm kind of nuts about the game :happy.gif:') I'm pretty sure that a good amount of us have been scared by it, but a handful sat through all three endings without breaking a sweat.

    This game (along with Minecraft) won the IGF 2011, and with good reason. This here thread is just to discuss whether or not you think the game is scary, if you think it's good, bad, etc...

    Just to give us all something to start on, I just got into the Northern Prison Block and got into the kitchen, where the huge vat of acid waits. If you put a bottle in it, it'll float up and down and make splashy noises, which may or may not attract the Gatherer. Do you guys think this bug is actually an Easter Egg and not truly a bug?
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    posted a message on [WIP][PC] MinerMod: Minecraft Mod-Maker
    This is really impressive! Once you finish it, I think it'll get huge popularity.

    If you decide to release it :dry.gif:

    Irony aside, I'd like to test out the Alpha, if you don't mind. I know a bunch of other people have also applied, but it looks awesome.
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