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    Pics please? :l
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    posted a message on Lighting issues with chests and paintings?
    My paintings don't even show up. They're just black squares.
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    posted a message on How Many Creepers Had You Killed
    Quote from Evolution Zero

    Plenty, as I leave 2 block deep holes around my home and kill them in the morning.

    INGENIOUS. TRULY BRILLIANT. I need to try that out one day.

    [By the way I like your signature.]
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    Well over 50. I've been playing since the Alpha, so I've had plenty of opportunities to kick ass (and get mine kicked too).
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    Quote from SoixXxioZ

    Again I reiterate my earlier point in saying, Imagine if we never gave feedback to Mojang about what they did?
    You said these 2 features are not finalized, which means you don't find them perfect either, if we never told Mojang the problems with these features, how will they know what to fix?

    Who ever said he didn't dislike anything and just had a "Let's Accept Everything Notch Releases and Kiss His Ass!" attitude? Seriously, the only Notch Ass-Kissers are people who have problems with identifying problems in things. We all have our own likes and dislikes about the game, but what I'm getting tired of is stuff like OP that complains about stuff that will most likely get fixed. We're not overdosing on chill pills, but calming down would be nice.
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    Quote from Dmz96

    I disagree with this because I like these light-hearted mobs and you need to realize that this is a prerelease. The game isn't even out! Remember you bought a game IN DEVELOPMENT. Take a chill pill and enjoy it!

    I wish more people would understand what "In Development" means.

    Thing is, being able to play a game before it's publicly released is kinda silly... except most of the time the beta isn't literally publicly available. It's just selected people most of the time.

    So I guess most people who went and bought the game thought "Oh Cool, this game looks nice, I think I'll get it." and don't realize that they're signing up for something they may or may not like, because Notch is testing his crazy ideals on all of us. But hey, you gotta admit that Mooshrooms are awesome. I wish the mushroom biome would be more common though :/
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    posted a message on [8X 16X 32X 64X 128X 256X 512X] [1.0.0 & 1.0.1 Pre-release] Texture Pack Templates
    Is there any way to use this on paint.net? Otherwise, this thing is awesome :ohmy.gif:
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    Quote from DotBoy

    Ok but do you know how to make a texture pack

    I'd be posting this in the Support section if I were you. The simple title "Texture Pack" gives people the illusion that you're actually gonna make a texture pack. Another great source is the wiki.

    Here's a useful link.

    Quote from Amalah

    You might find this thread helpful, it has templates for various resolutions that you can use to make your own textures. It also has a link in the thread to lead you to the download for GIMP, a good free art program.


    Dammit! You ninja'd me! DX
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    posted a message on Playing from different computers
    Open up your .minecraft folder (there's several ways you can do that, my favorite being going to Start>Run>%appdata%>.minecraft (on mac you just go to your Library>AppSupport>minecraft)).

    Then you go to Saves and select your save folder. From there you can:

    1. Copy and save it on a flash drive.
    2. Email it to yourself.
    3. Upload it on Dropbox or something.
    4. Laugh.


    EDIT: I forgot to mention that to put it into the new computer you have to put it into the Saves folder (but of course you have to have Minecraft installed there in the first place :tongue.gif:).
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    posted a message on Give me one AMAZING reason why Hunger should NOT be toggable
    Quote from EvaJones

    The reason I think Hunger should not be toggleable is quite simply the slippery slope argument - where do we draw the line? There are many unpopular features of the game when first added (or removed, like booster carts and boat elevators) and there will probably continue to be as long as the game is updated.

    That being said, I hate the way the hunger system is now. I don't want it to be removed, but it definitely needs to be changed and rebalanced. It's implimentation is terrible.

    I agree. Food needs some real purpose to the game (other than healing), and I think hunger does the trick. However, the food bar drains ridiculously slow, like needing to eat only once a day or so.
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    posted a message on The XP system and levelling up
    Quote from elaxter

    Ahem, the sword parry decreases damage taken. it's half normal damage

    How about no damage? :iapprove:
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    posted a message on best seed i have ever found -1539881663
    Quote from DroppSix

    I spawned on a island.... a very, very small one... :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :angry.gif:

    I think the guy who made the op was trolling.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I spawned next to a pretty big wall, but after I climbed up a certain dirt path (I had to destroy a couple blocks though) I came across this epic scenery... If I had a photobucket account I'd have posted the picture :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on LEGO Minecraft

    It'd be ok while waiting for something like what the guy said to come out, but it wasn't quite what we all had in mind. It's still cool though. :laugh.gif:
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    Quote from TigerClaw

    Are you for real? Or just trolling?

    *worldedits lava under you and nicks diamond as it flies into the air*

    <Unleashes hax and sends Endermen after you; steals diamond as you suffer their wrath>
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