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    posted a message on 1.7.3 was awesome. 1.8 is complete garbage
    Hey, retard. Yeah, you, retard who posted this topic as if he were the first to actually rant about stuff that is already fixed/is going to be fixed. Go touch yourself.
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    posted a message on Meteor!

    Ha, I can only get about 3 diamonds a month. :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft's Truly come a Long Way...
    Quote from raptorfangamer

    feeling the same, sometimes I feel I wanna play alpha just because of the nostalgia of it, the good old starting times.
    I, like you, got it on halloween update too, but knew it since there where only about 20,000 buyers or something like that, and now it is something increasingly known all over the world, feels a little weird

    It sucks, everybody in my fricking school plays Minecraft now, when I was the very first one (no joke) to actually know about it in my whole town. :/

    Looks like we were really onto something. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft's Truly come a Long Way...
    I've been playing Minecraft since the Halloween update, when I first learned about it. Back then, less than a million people had bought the game. On November 5, it will officially be one year that I have been playing Minecraft... and I feel that a lot has changed, including the fact that as of now there are exactly 15,155,994 (now it's 15,155,995... and 15,156,160 as of 10/18/11 8:33 PM EST) people registered and 3,833,121 (and only increased by 2 since I started writing this thread). Definitely in a good way, don't mistake this for one of those uber-retarded threads by self-centered dumbasses who think that Minecraft sucks now... and I'm not a Notch ass-kisser either.

    Since the humble beginnings in May, to Minecon next month, Minecraft has had many loyal fans, and a few... silly... haters. You gotta admit that Notch has been adding some pretty silly updates, but we'd all do that if we came close to releasing a uber-popular game ourselves (of course, that also combines with the fact that he's a well-known troll). We'd crack under the pressure (fortunately Notch's amazing collection of hats cushions his head from his over-15 million fans' sheer collective weight (no wonder he likes Valve)).

    I just abruptly came to a realization; Minecraft has changed so much in the past three years. Are you guys also feeling nostalgic/excited about the release? Or are you gonna start trolling about how much the new Minecraft sucks?

    Tell me your opinion.
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    posted a message on Hella funny, bro.
    Now use that wheat of yours and feed it to every last one of those pigs.
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    posted a message on Hostile Mobs
    Quote from NickWaterfall

    You could use F3 to look after mobs underground.
    There could be an isolated cavern containing a group of slimes, there's a maximum capacity on how many mobs can exist, so maybe some slimes are taking up the places left. Slimes don't always despawn you know.

    Actually, creature ID's no longer appear after 1.8, even when you press F3. At least that's what happens to me.
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    posted a message on Wow Notch...just wow
    My opinion is you should stop ranting.
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    posted a message on the most pathetic thing ever
    Quote from HotTomatoes

    Wait, you thought creepers were friendly, but yet you still manage to get 12 legit tnt and 3 legit diamond blocks?

    Sense make not this does. T_T
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    posted a message on Dragons!
    Quote from Azphreal

    Creepers got nothin' on the amount of pure destruction dragons are gonna have.

    And it's about damn time dragons were added :dry.gif:
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    posted a message on The Blaze Mob
    Quote from Mettan

    Just be warned that the Blaze's triple-fireball attack is pretty brutal. I only saw it on Creative, but I'd know it'd wreck me on Survival!

    Same situation here. I refuse to go to the Nether in Survival except to go get myself some Netherrack and soul sand.
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    posted a message on Golden apples
    I've been playing since Alpha 1.3 or so (I forget which version the Halloween Update was) and I've never found a single one. T_T

    Then again, I've only found about 4 dungeons in my lifetime. :tongue.gif:

    Quote from Dark Link

    If your gold has no point, make a sword out of it.

    And mount it onto the wall?
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    posted a message on Armour is now useless?
    Quote from Ferrariic

    It works great for mob interaction,
    but when I fall I think that the armour should have some sort of cushion to help me from breaking my legs.

    They should have a feature in the game where you can make boots out of feathers and that makes a pillow, which halves falling damage. It'd be crafted the same way as you craft regular armor.
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    posted a message on [Surv] Skyblock
    Quote from Epixpivotmaster

    DAMN IT! Just lost all the lava! D:

    I think that's it for you. :l That lava would be pretty much necessary for the cobblestone farm.

    I think >_>
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    posted a message on Have you seen Herobrine? (Do not lock this topic)
    <clap clap clap>
    All hail lack of IQ.
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    posted a message on Pixels Be Gone (16x16)
    Quote from Leostereo

    You might want to make something a bit more original next time.

    Well, I think it looks very nice and cartoony... even easier on the eyes than the default Texture Pack. :smile.gif:

    Quote from VerseX

    Texture Pack:

    mhh, reminds me of another texture pack I saw a few months ago :biggrin.gif:

    LOL! I get it! XD :iapprove:
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