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    posted a message on -==The Gemstone Brotherhood==- Vanilla|Factions|Skype|Playing Minecraft How It's supposed to be Played|Accepting Alliances
    Age (Will not influence us picking you): 15

    Maturity (1-10) 9

    User Name/ IGN: Sky0719

    First Name/What you want to be called: Sky

    Favorite Minecraft activity: Farming or spelunking

    Favorite Kitchen Utensil to use in the Shower (Optional, this is just for fun): Whisk

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Started around the end of alpha
    Have you read and accepted the rules?: Yep, those diamonds tho

    Skype (Optional, but recommended): Blade0719
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    posted a message on End Gaming Survival | Pure Vanilla | MindCrack and HermitCraft Inspired | YouTube
    Name (Optional): Sky

    Username: Sky0719

    Age: 15

    Gender (Optional): Male

    Time Zone / Location: EST; US

    Able to record? If so, leave a link to your channel. Yes, http://www.youtube.com/user/blade0719

    Access to Skype? Skype name is Blade0719

    Why do you want to join End Gaming? I've been looking for a community server like this for a while now

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? Beginnings of alpha

    What skills do you have (Ex. Building, Decor, Mining, Redstone)? Mining, some redstone, farming, lomo

    What is your building style? Usually nothing big, usually houses or small towns

    How often will you be able to be on the server? At least 5 times a week
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    posted a message on Rise of the Pigmen Series 60,000+ Downloads
    Just wanted to let ya know that I'm recording my playthrough of this on youtube, though I don't get much views. So here's the link to the first episode if ya want it,
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: Sky0719

    Where did you hear about the server: Front page of minecraft forum

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes, I do

    What's our policy on raging: Don't rage and don't give up. Build a better ship and base and get revenge!
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    posted a message on MCX360 1.8.2 Update is Rolling Out Now!
    Tutorial, or maybe the minecraft itself, always makes my Xbox Freeze now?
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    posted a message on Need some actors for minecraft video
    I will join, if im aloud to, as an actor.
    Skype is Blade0719
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    Name: Skyler
    Age: 14
    Applying for: Actor
    What is a skill you proud of in that job section: I've been recording youtube videos, just didn't have a screen recorder then.
    Do you feel good when doing what ever it is: Yes
    Skype: Blade0719
    Do you have Garry's mod: Yes
    Video Editing Software: Camtasia Studio 8
    How skilled are you in this subject: I guess somewhat skilled?
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    posted a message on Looking to do a different kind of series.
    This sounds amazing, if you need any actors i wouldn't mind joining in.
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    posted a message on Looking for Members for a Challenge Map Series.
    1. In Game Name: Sky0719
    2. Age: 15
    3. Experience Playing Minecraft: before alpha even came out.
    4. Can you play well with others?: Yes, I'm always playing on servers with other people.
    5. Do you have a Skype?: Yep
    6. Do you have a microphone?: Yep
    7. Can you record?: Planning on it eventually.
    8. Can you host a server?: maybe, but it would be pretty slow i would think. Sorry.
    9. Do you consider yourself a fair player?: Yes
    10. What are you good at in Minecraft?: Surviving.
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    posted a message on Mineecraft Channel recruting
    Let's play person app:
    Age: 15
    Ign: Sky0719
    How much can u play a week: 5 out of 7, can do more though.
    Whats ur favorite gamemode: Survival (or hardcore if i'm in the mood)
    Why us: Well by your post it is about doing maps? I love to do maps, and if not, I still love minecraft!
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    posted a message on Dawnstar Clan (NEW CLAN) (Recruiting)
    Age? 15

    What branch you would like to be in(gov., citizen, military) Citizen

    How long you have played minecraft. Before Alpha was even released.

    What are you good at? I can do everything fairly well.

    What specific role do you wish to have? Smith. (but will be a miner or farmer if needed, I like all 3 roles.)

    Why this clan? I want to be in one of the newer clans, not ones that have 1000 people in it and ones that you won't be recognized in.

    Do you agree to follow all of the current rules? Yes, I do.

    Do you wish to join more than one branch? (if so specify) Not really, but i wouldn't mind having more than one role.

    IGN: Sky0719

    How active are you? Every day.
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    posted a message on Small Tekkit Server
    i def will
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    posted a message on Looking for 2 lets play partners
    i can only set up a Hamachi server.. :S and my recording software is pretty crappy :P
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    posted a message on maze adventurer
    Pictures please?
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    posted a message on Brand new hamachi tekkit server.
    ... -.- whatever.
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