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    I'm only going to warn you once about involving yourselves with Reddit. If you aren't trying to entirely screw over your server, it might be in your better interests to not advertise the UHC on Reddit lest you want a swarm of trouble.


    It's already posted, by the Big Man himself, the only thing left to do is hope that Reddit doesn't ­ you over entirely. Hope that you don't get a lot of attention, if you do... your world is over.

    Just for once, I'd like to be wrong.
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    Oh Ubernox, you so funneh.

    How goes it, only guy whose been banned or blacklisted more than me? How's that working out for you? Ahahahaha, god I'm such a ****.

    Also one of my friends made me this.

    Guess Snowman was onto something after all.
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    Quote from Loion
    Quirk: Horrible jokes and large backstory plot holes.
    I thought that was my quirk.
    Quote from Loion
    Positive: Good with a sword, protects his friends (if he feels like it)
    Ahahahaha, if he feels like it, that is ­frikken funny dog.
    Quote from Loion
    Negative: Anger problems, bad habits when running a business. A tendency to not care if a problem isn't big enough.
    God, am I that bad of an influence?


    I'm kidding.

    Quote from Loion
    Yeah, Oliver nailed this right on.
    I meant quirky as in, the kind of quirky you don't bring to a fight, outlandishly oddball characters, See Trixie, Limbo and that other thing, I forget, oh yeah... Blu.

    Only one of those survived, and that was Limbo, Trixie was a hilarious 15 year old drunkard who couldn't spell properly when totally not sober, and Blu was an overly snarky sarcastic version of me.

    Limbo was balls off the wall, but he ended up staying because i didn't involve him in big battles, the only thing he got involved in was the enderwyrm fight where he fed it cake. In fact he insisted it eat that cake, that cake was predestined on gourmet Enderwyrm.

    Though now I think about it, there are quite a few incredibly quirky characters, like Oliver said, Sir Schnitzel. So I guess either mine are so oddball that they were forced outcast because people were worried they might catch the gay, or it was personal bias, I'm guessing a bit of both and also blaming myself for being atrocious at RP.

    Not gonna lie, I was bad at it. It's just a shame it took being banned twice for me to realize that before I sabotaged some of the friendships I'd made here. But hey, we were all young once.

    Also Frosty, it just so happens that as of right now, I am eating just the *CHEAPEST* candy, it's so deliciously terrible I might *JUST* be inclined to make another huge-ass wall of text claiming "I was right about everything blah blah blah".

    But then, I'm tired of trying to prove I'm right, if proving my legibility means committing every wrong in the universe, then I'll let you think I'm wrong before I make it so.

    Not that it matters, because I'm always right and you know it.

    Also, I love how I've basically become Voldemort of the server, ahahahaha.

    That Monkey who shall not be named.
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    Quote from Loion

    Nobody wants your spot, you big ******* :P
    That was the joke.
    Quote from Loion

    There's still leftover "­­­ty candy" and "ZP videos."
    What did I do to deserve "Thank you" candy? Bizz is confused.

    Never mind, it just so happens the the word you were attempting to type out is censored for family friendliness, how asinine and irritating.

    "Note: My Kindle Fire is being awkward, if there are typos rest assured that I type better than this on PC."
    You speak more fluently and clearly than half the native English speakers I know, you'll be fine.

    Since I've had past experience with this server, a good 2 years, here's some friendly tips.

    1.) Don't use formal English and big words, I made this mistake and it makes the proud Europeans herein feel less savvy when they can't decipher what you are saying, though if you feel in the mood to annoy them, there's no better medicine.

    2.) You can make most characters, Dwarves, Elves and Halflings are excluded for reasons that are extraordinarily frivolous and one-sided.

    3.) Don't start with a quirky character, I tried this a couple times and only one was moderately successful, these guys like normality.

    But really, just do whatever you feel like and disregard my advice, it might be in your better interests to look up this post when you've been subjected to "new guy" victimization. Until then though you have nothing to worry about.
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    He can have my spot.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2]World of Canaleth[SHUTTING DOWN]
    This Bunny suit is simply fabulous.

    Get in my basket, I have candy.
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    Ooh, at last a second Scandinavian; Loion will be happy.
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    A+ Mr. Fielder.

    Also, way to make a biz-worthy wall of text. I'll emphasize not to worry too much about the oddity of the character you create, just don't fear about asking some of the veterans for help if you feel you're doing things wrong or awkwardly; Trondheim, Jfielder, Eagleeye are all exceptional RP'ers and are typically who I suggest going too. Sjunior and Loion are also good at introducing new meat and helping them fit in.
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    Been adding cameos in my game, and I decided Jfield definitely deserved one, but since he has no true alias outside Oliver and his awesome Ninja Bunny I decided I'd attempt the former, seeing as no avatar yet exists for it I used his fanart of the Canaleth community and coloured it in, re-emphasized the outlines, and added transparency.

    You're welcome.
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    Quote from Frostbreath

    I asked you kindly to not reply to applies anymore, so please don't do it. I know it's out of good will, but since you're an exile, information you provide right now has a high amount of "may or may not be true", if you know what I mean. So please, just don't do it.
    As an exile, I am also free to do what I please without the suppression of words or the rules of which a non-exile must abide. If I want to help, albeit, not as reliably as you see fit, then I shall.

    Since you went against your word multiple times, and have also deemed me a psychopath. I think I am within my rights to commune with a guest here and there on a friendly medium of social interaction.

    But sure, go and report me... again.

    Yes, I was made aware you reported me last time I acted out of what you deem the bounds, and look at what that accomplished. My infractions are still at 0% and my posts are still there. Stop putting up a facade of superiority in a place you cant prosecute me out of personal bias, its really quite embarrassing.

    So yes, I speak to a guest in a friendly manner; whats the harm in that? Are you worried I'm going to scare new members away by being nice?

    Time to stop eating cheap bubblegum, don't you think Snowman?
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    Quote from razqual

    - Any questions you have for me. Can I be a magic class. Oh do i need to join forum before i join the server.
    - character description Can i be an arcane archer
    - Anything else you want if would be to much to ask a bow and arrows

    I absolutely love the arcane archer idea, creative and not so outlandish that it would be against the fabric of possibility, that said; you have to generally prove yourself responsible before receiving spells, but an arcane archer character can still work in RP, even if they are a regular archer at first, could be training under one of the High Tier Wizards, etc.

    Don't worry, in the RP world its ask and receive, basically. If not you can always go to the Archery shop I made and grab a bow and arrows from there.

    We have an archery range too, which would be pretty cool for an RP practice area. There's also three military groups. The Assassins Guild, the Army and the Rangers. You'd want to go with the Rangers if your bow skills are formidable, the army mostly is about melee fighting and graduation tests would have you test your skill with a sword. The Assassin's are a great coup but they expect you to be trained with multiple weapons (sword and bow) and specialize in keeping order around Canaleth as dictated by morals and ethics rather than the King's baton. The Rangers and army directly serve the king, if you seek to be a tad rebellious then the Assassin's is prime for this sort of thing.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to go on a tangent about all that. Hope you enjoy yourself on the server Raz.
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    My scanner can be blamed for the immense size of the image, thankfully the forum crops it; because its 3x that size traditionally. D:

    I'm glad you like it, I was inspired by the fan art Jfield made of Endar and the main caste including the "late Bizz" to draw some sort of fan art of my own with traditional pencil than using tacky MSpaint methods per usual, and being the illustrator behind your avatar and having decent fun making it once, i figured I'd give it a go again. Funnily enough that's pretty much exactly how I imagined the Snowman King from "A Snowless Christmas", which was a great movie and shows what we are capable of when we work together.

    I just want to bust out into "Together, we can swoon the seas. Together! we can do all with ease!" or whatever that song was.

    But yeah, happy new year all.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2]World of Canaleth[SHUTTING DOWN]
    Hey Snowman, I made you some fan art, is it awesome, or is it awesome?

    Drawn in pencil, enhanced in photoshop, I hope you like it. ^.^

    I know this is probably weird coming from me but your alias is fun to draw. This isn't a dig or anything, though you can take it that way if you really have to.
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    I said I wouldn't post more than once, but since you are misinterpreting a lot of what I say, allow me to clarify.

    You don't have to reply, I just want to get this out there, I encourage you to read it, because it will give you either more laughs, a reason to respond to me or the reason you needed to report me to the minecraftforum staff. As if that will do anything. I'm breaking no rules that you haven't by responding and that's the off-topic rule. First I will politely respond to your arguments and then discuss the ramifications of the only test I gave you, and why the first wasn't a test at all. Bubblegum-free.

    Dude, that's an RP character, not me.
    I know. But it was the character who boldly spoke against the idea I discussed in the first place.
    Why don't you calm down, take a drink and realize this is a server on which we play a game and this is all nowhere to real life? Or is there another bubblegum excuse coming? Because THAT is te reason I was still angry at you.
    Okay, I put my hands up, he has me here. The bubblegum was a terrible excuse, and there was a much more valid reason to it all that I'll go into later.

    I realize the server is a game in which you all play; but consider it an experiment, confined to a realm where no one will get hurt; under the meaning of good fun. I also don't understand why you continue to ask me to calm down, I'm not using caps or name calling.

    Perhaps it's my avatar making you think I'm constantly in Red Rapscallion rage-reply mode, which is sort of cute when I think about it.
    No, this was not because of you. However, you seem to think you set up everything and the server would die without you. Fun thing is, the server is more alive than ever. Everyone stated this event, which actually came forth from the server members themselves, not me, was a great thing. (as I am an absolute tyrant who accepts no input from other members at all, right?) This has 0% to do with you in any way, and the outcome of this event will proof so. However, you are likely to have a too dogmatic view to realize this.
    Wow, okay, there's a lot of presumptions here, tied to your belief that I think of myself as some sort of divine entity that makes the server what it is. I'd like to think everyone started because of my spiel, but this obviously isn't the case. Low-life curmudgeons like me aren't going to change the server overnight.

    As I already stated, I no longer have any influence on the server and had very little prior to exile. The only thing this has to do with me; is that I am glad its happening and I respect you for letting it do so.

    Yes, I recognize you aren't a tyrant who allows no user input, in the case of admins you are incredibly lenient.
    This is the main reason why you are no longer welcome with us. You were planning to destroy the server while we only try to play a game, uninterrupted by people who play themselves, plan OOC plans and more through their character.
    I will state this again. The Destruction of the server is not, was not, and never will be my plan.

    I know I am no longer welcome here; I found out I actually really suck at RP anyway. I was joining for the social aspect and if you look back to the Alpha Vs Beta, it was a huge load of fun for me because I was being myself.

    A thing that's hard to do in RP such as this, so its probably for the best I am no longer on the server.
    I actually made the king a tyrant with a set purpose. People will need to find out how and why this happened.
    Okay, this was a misinterpretation on my part perhaps, but perhaps you really did want to test the loyalty of some members? Either way, it sounds like a fun event.
    Apparently I have secret evil, dark side-like plans for everyone here guys! Well hey, guess what? I don't! The only plan I have is to play the game.
    Ahahahahaha, wait what? I see you are still confused. I'm having trouble explaining this in words, if you look back I never once insinuated that you have secret evil plans and that you intend to make the players you toys or whatever. You are putting words into my mouth.

    I do believe you make dumb decisions sometimes, but we all do, you also make amazing decisions, and host an awesome RP server with events which you don't see much else of.
    I only sense pure arrogance here.
    Perhaps. I've already stated its easier to label than respect. So call me arrogant rather than deem me subconsciously Intelligent if it makes it easier for you; you might be right, what do I know?
    This has nothing to do with overthrowing the king, read what was written in the topic. This has all to do with the fact that he suddenly turned into a tyrant.
    Seems an odd time for Lil' Morvan to snap though. I did read the topic, which stated; This was the trigger to start a war to take the throne. That sounds pretty overthrowing the king worthy to me. But hold on, shortly after this is stated; The Korhal Rebels fight for freedom and the old law system and wish to capture the king until he is his normal self again. My bad, it might be Endar influence or something, but how can I be expected to know? I'm not a part of the server anymore.
    You are the only one failing to realize that what we are doing on the server is RP. This stands for RolePLAY, in case you didn't knew already.
    I know what RP stands for, I've been making RPG's since the age of twelve and I'm twice that age now. I've read the Dungeons and Dragons rulebooks which is where the acronym and its meaning was first made clear to me.

    Also you don't have to use caps-lock to emphasize a point, it only shows you are personally agitated.
    You take this way to seriously and I highly suggest you stop gaming permanently, as it clearly makes you think you're some sort of mastermind who has Darth Sidious-like plans, trying to destroy a server from within.
    This is again, a large misinterpretation of the plans I spoke of; my plans are a server free of rules, not the destruction of itself entirely.

    I've actually grown out of my star wars thing, it was fun for a while but I've gotten as distanced from it now as I am from attractive single women.

    Also I find it crass of you of all people to first off; blame gaming for my behavior, when movies are actually responsible for the ideas I am perpetrating, and secondly that you are demonizing me off a fictional character. It seems now you are subconsciously or not, trying to get my goat, or you honestly think this is how my mind works... I'm not sure which is more hilariously tragic.

    While I do tend to let games effect me in some ways it never goes to the stages you speak of, if I want to bring change and actually have a desire to accomplish something it means I have a motive that extends beyond human media for doing it.
    You think you're a genious, instead I think you're a psychopath who should stop pestering himself with responding on the tiniest sign of "overthrowing a one-man-rules-it-all-thingie."
    Demonizing me wont get you anywhere.

    I have no intention to re-enter the server nor do I have any plans to overthrow you personally, if the players wish for democracy, then perhaps it is them you should listen to. That you are responding to me at all means you obviously do care somewhat about what I think. Either that or you are worried I might actually succeed in making the server a democracy run by the players. I know you do allow input and are probably one of the most lenient admins I know.

    That said, Its dangerous to not pick a tone, you move schizophrenically from complete leniency to zero-compliance and you've jammed yourself into a sort of pickle.

    For example, in my first exile I tried every honest route I could to get back into the server, it was only after deceitful infiltration that I was given a second chance. The same happened with Ubernox three times. Its caused you as a person to become quite unstable and while I know you deep down its hard to grasp the subtleties surrounding your psyche.

    Generally this is the reason I get annoyed with you; one day you can be lollipops and rainbows, the next you can be charcoal and bitter weed. This is why I like the idea of a server run by the people rather than admins. It works great for both parties, not only would you be able to relax a little and limber up, but you wont regret decisions you've made under the consent of bias, peer pressure or mood swings, because the decisions weren't yours alone.
    I will say this once more, this is A GAME. You play those to entertain yourself. I can tell you that 100% of all members who witnessed this event can tell you they were greatly enjoying themselves.
    Okay this one confused me. Not once did I say your players weren't having fun or that this event was dull, actually it sounds like one of the best events to date. As for it being a "GAME", I know it is, and it therefore makes itself an ideal environment to test this sort of thing, because it wont have any real-world consequences.
    You fail to see this and decide to make another post full of nonsense. I'm not angry at you, I am laughing at your post.
    Then why are you using caps to emphasize points, trying to demonize me as a psychopath and forcing this notion of it being a game down my throat when I clearly have enough common sense to realize the difference. Though it is likely you are laughing to omit the frankly embarrassing phrases I typed out; the suspension of disbelief is quite a marvelous phenomenon.
    This is STILL about you. You and only you were the only one having problems with the server. Looking by the fact that this will be the only post about this, I will hold you to your word.
    This is not about me anymore, do you really think I care about being re-invited to a world I no longer have any stake in? This is for the sake of experimentation and to see if you personally are open to the idea of democracy on a server.Going by the next thing you state, I'll assume the answer is a "not on my watch".
    This is also my only reply I will give to you. Next time you post more of this, trying to ruin the fun for my members and me, I will report this post to the Minecraftforum staff.
    Trying to retain my words again, what an unforeseen turn of events. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's fun, the only fun I could be seen as "ruining" is your control. I have no interest in ruining the server members fun, half of them are my friends on skype in case you weren't aware. Why would I try to ruin the fun my friends are having? That's dumb.

    Oh, and you can report me all you like, I've only broken the off-topic rule which you yourself have also broken by responding. I'm not even sure why I had to... oh wait yes I do; because I'm apparently banned on the World of Canaleth forums where I could have posted it on the apropos thread.

    If you are convinced the server is awesome and that I won't make a difference, then nothing I say should really get to you; unless ofcourse there's a niggling doubt in the back of your mind that you aren't as stalwart as you think you are being, and it wont go away no matter how much you try to swat it away with a flannel of weak excuses.

    Also even if you succeed in silencing me you're only further proving me right. I've said nothing offensive so silencing me is basically saying. "I don't like what you have to say because it goes against what I think."

    Originally I didn't plan to respond but I guess my history as an internet troll ensures that I always try to get in the last word. You also still possess a lot of misinterpretations about the tests and I can't say I'm not at fault for this, given that the first wasn't even a test and I said it was.

    I was legitimately angry and meant everything I said at the time; I'm going to blame the real reason instead of bubblegum and Zero Punctuation videos.

    There was a lot of things that were making me terse with disdain prior to typing up the post; I'll list them mannerly.
    A.) Hypocrisy: This was likely the biggest gripe I had, a lot of it stemmed from the Ubernox / Plato ordeal. In particular the thing was that when I wanted to discuss it I was immediately told to stop, and was reminded constantly that it was in the past; don't kick a dog while he's down etc. But when I was in the hot seat it was A-okay to bring up my past violations. Typically you didn't do this Frost, it was people who would have liked to see me prosecuted at that point. During my exit however you did bring up the rant I am now giving reasonable excuse for, an object I figured we could forget. Given that I was expected to forget everything wrong that other fellows had done, but apparently its not as funny when I do it.

    Sugarcoat it all you want, this is hypocrisy.

    B). Feeling like an outcast; I admit, I did bring a lot of this onto myself, and I again am not the only one feeling this exclusion from the main group. It can get particularly insulting when I'd been on the server for longer than a lot of people and my contribution to it is certainly present, a Cathedral, two large ships and a bunch of photoshop imagery which i did on a whim. Not to mention the fact I attended religiously for nearly two years getting up at 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM to do so. Being from Australia means I was setting an alarm each morning the server came on, it should have shown I was loyal but apparently I had some Darth Sidious worthy plans to commit too.

    C). Walking on thin ice all the time; It gets annoying when I can't be myself out of context, as in, when I'm not RP'ing. I like to be honest because its easy, and I don't like being superficial. But I knew honesty on the server would bite me in the ass.

    In the Alpha Vs. Beta event, I was able to be myself and it was the last time I remember really enjoying myself on the server, and it ultimately brought forward that I wasn't in it for the server or the RP anymore; I was in it for the social aspect, the cheery roundabout with good friends, and if there's any videos that show me enjoying myself, its the Alpha Vs Beta ones.

    D). Fun-policing in the general inn chat; this is much more minor, but when you make a general chat you expect that so long as it doesn't deviate into a youtube dump or an emotionless void to increase post count it really shouldn't be trafficked, because its for general discussion. I remember I posted a single photo of myself dressed up as little red riding hood and was immediately reprimanded and Orcram said to get back on topic.

    In a general topic there is no 'off topic' because its generalized, I had a discussion to go with it so it wasn't just me picture dumping either. Considering other people in the thread had done exactly what I did; I figured I was within my rights.

    F). The chagrin you displayed when I shared my works; This one really got under my skin, not only because the excuse for trying to stifle my sbmissions was weaker than anything I've ever encountered; but also because it was a baseless accusation that was untrue.

    If I show off a video or an image in a thread designed for such; it means I'm proud of it and want to know what you think, not because I'm *shamelessly advertising*.

    Why would I advertise on a forum with only 24 people, half of which I am friends with on Skype and have either already shown or have plans to. Its the same story as when a toddler wants to show you his Lego building, he's not advertising Lego, he just is proud of what he made and wants to show people what he can do.

    If I wanted to advertise (and I did) I'd spread the word on a site with more than 24 people. You know? Sites specifically designed for such a purpose.

    So with all of these reasons, the stress caused by them, the anger I was forced to bottle up (because disputes apparently don't happen in Holland.), tiredness caused by getting up at 3:00 AM or 5:00 AM each morning; It was only after my video thread was locked that I finally snapped. I wanted you to get angry and ban me, because I would have done the same thing had I been in your position. The next morning I awoke to eating a main course of Humble Pie, an unexpected result, but mood dictates reactions a lot and in the right mood I'm sure it would have turned nasty.

    Looking back I wish I could have discussed what I wanted in that post like I am now, mannerly and not influenced by bias. I used the test as an excuse as well as Bubble Gum, Tiredness and a lot of bad reviews, though tiredness might have had something to do with it.

    The reason I posted it was stress, and in the heat of the moment, I meant every word I said. I said it was a test and that I didn't mean it because I didn't want to lose friends who sadly were also witness to it. I would have given this explanation but I didn't want to seem like a wimp and also avoiding drama was key at that point. I was still hoping I could have Frost respect me, but I wanted it to be me, not what I was desired to be.

    So there it is, the honest truth as to why I posted that cavalcade of rubbish, influenced heavily by heat of the moment. Now that I am calm and polite, I'll say it was not a test; I only said it was because I cared about your feelings and you'd rather hear that than the truth which was I actually meant it at the time of writing. Obviously I do still care about opinion and feelings somewhat or I wouldn't have tried to justify myself just now.

    The only test has been of what you would do if you lost control, so far there is no failure or success, its up to the players on that one.

    I remember back to the final moments when I was exiled for the last time, you were calling me insane, crazy and a lunatic, using caps and either trying to insult me, or you honestly believed I am what you state; corrupted by video games, the up and coming Darth Sidious, a ruiner of friends fun, an advertising moron, an unintelligent psychopath. Funnily enough psychopathy is usually associated with twisted intelligence, so being a Psychopath who is not all that smart would make me an oxymoron.

    All I had done in that fateful session was talk out of context somewhat, express an idea, and pleasantly discuss it. I thought when you were objecting it in RP you were building Rob as a character, until you went OOC then I realized I had two options; Either shut my mouth or keep talking. Obviously, I kept talking because I don't like being silenced. I never used caps, I never called names, and I certainly didn't try to insult anyone.

    I was banned for speaking politely, and a server in which a user can be banned for speaking politely and breaking a rule as lighthearted as expressing an idea through RP, is not a server for me. I know there were other factors, but if someone had diagnosed my exile through that session alone, you would have seemed like the insecure figure of power and me a polite idealist, Mr Wijdeveld.

    It's only because of my history and meta-influence that I was banned. Had I done nothing wrong in the past and I was politely discussing this idea, it never would have escalated to this. I'm on record as an honest manipulative criminal though, so obviously this was the final straw.

    Of all my past crimes, it is only the least severe that I now stand expatriated; which goes back to the point i was making before about letting mood swings effecting your decisions and effectively endorsing espionage and deceit, while shunning honesty.

    What I'm trying to do here is recommending giving the people a go at being leader, all of them, not one.
    Yes; chaos will ensue, but after there is no taboo, no right and wrong, the fellows will unify like never before. It would mean sabotaging your control though, if you want to prove me wrong, you will consider this recommendation; if you want to prove me right, you can go and try to get my off-topic spiel deleted and me prosecuted.

    In any case, we both win through subjectivity.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2]World of Canaleth[SHUTTING DOWN]
    Its impossible to silence me.
    It's even more futile to attempt to silence an idea. An idea I was banned for proposing, an idea that is now coming to fruition. I remember I was labelled as insane, crazy and a lunatic when I first broached the idea of a world free of Tyranny, now those who argued with me in such a way are following the exact path they thought was objectionable. Rob opposed this idea furiously, and now i see this.
    The Korhal Rebels:
    - Rob

    And I thought you didn't like me, Frost.

    Perhaps all this time, my insanity has been a ruse and in reality I have all along been incredibly intelligent? I know its easier for people to label one as crazy, than boast them as Intelligent. I'm not really sure myself if I am crazy, extremely intelligent or both. One thing is for certain; I'm not normal, but that's what makes me unique. An idealist, an anarchist, a freedom fighter.

    Now you are all in a stage of chaos, and while it may be tough; the reward at the end is the one thing all men desire. Freedom, in its purest form, uncontrolled by monarchy, untouched by Tyranny, indispensable by silence.

    My last night on the server, I talked at length about a free world, one run by its people, not administration.

    Whether you want to admit it or not, this blossomed into the rebellion now taking place. I have made my mark on the server, now it is your turn, as a people, to ensconce it.

    I realize I've been subconsciously planning this before I was exiled for the first time, it started with the theft of the god weapons, continued by several other events, all to form a chain, and even in the times I was not allowed on the server, my plans continued.

    The ideal method for my subconscious to achieve such was to have my conscious self believe that I was being treated unfairly, and to make me selfish in acquiring what I wanted. Perhaps it was that to some degree, but there had always been a large idea driving it all. When I said my subconscious was a powerful thing, I meant it.

    This is the first time the people have had a say in the fate of the server, and you owe it not to me, but to your ambitions. As already stated, every man and woman has a desire for freedom, which is quickly pacified by the voices of those who would see as controlled. The desire however, is never pacified; it lingers subconsciously; and now it is time for all of you to realize what the server could be without monarchy.

    In a closed environment, it is not so outrageous to try out these sort of things. I realize it is an RP event, but it has ties to the meta-reality in consequences.

    There will be chaos, there will be anarchy, but after it all, in a land free of rules; the desires to be scandalous will perish, the people will unify under the power of idealism and only bossy tyrants and those who seek control will be singled out.

    Freedom to do what you will is only chaotic so long as control is sought within, when there is nothing that goes against the law, people will find peace in the fact that not only can they do what they want, but they will not suffer for it. The drive to do scandalous deeds is diminished without the taboo to drive it.

    By being banned, Snowman only furthered the plans he was trying to diminish. But he would have been, and likely still is confused. The "tests" were not to see how much I could personally get away with, nor was it a challenge of your leadership. In reality, Snowman had nothing much to do with it, but it was necessary I was banned, just as it was necessary to test him.

    It is all leading to a bright future for all of you, the reason Snowman got upset is because like any man who is in charge of something, he did not want the challenge to his authority, nor did he want to lose control. I have no desire to re-enter, unless I am invited.

    But now he has brought forth his own test subconsciously, by opposing Firebrew, Loion and Lorenzo in RP by lawful absurdity, he is testing the loyalty of his player base. This would not have been done consciously, because the last thing he would want is to mimic my methods. Regardless, the test brought him results and now you are all in the midst of a rebellion.

    You can fool yourself with the wafer-thin guise of it being an RP event, in eventuality you will discover that my final words as a member are true.

    "You can silence me, but an idea never falters."

    This is already proven right, by virtue that such an event exists in the first place. It would seem I know you all better than you know yourselves, you can continue to call me crazy, or you can realize that for longer than I wish to recall, I've been subconsciously genious, and my surface perception has led me to believe I am crazy, that all changed with my final test, and the true extent of my subconscious' brilliance has only recently been exposed to me when I got wind of this event.

    No sane man could plan something so convoluted consciously, but as you are already aware, my subconscious is a mastermind.

    But ultimately, it is up to all of you now, to overthrow monarchy. You are all now a part of my master plan, trapped within it; the ultimate test is of your faith in freedom. It is not one I can decide, it is for all of you now; The Choice.

    Do you want a free world, where chaos will exist in the first era, but then you will have absolute freedom, and unity through the lack of rules.

    Or do you want to keep under the rule of one man, a twenty-one year old who is liable to allow his emotions to control his decisions, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better.

    This is no longer about me, it is about all of you and what you seek.

    Frostbreath; I am talking to you now, I know you want nothing more to do with me, and this is the last time I will post to you. I just want you to know that I think you're a great friend when you aren't trying to control things, you can delete this post if you want (assuming you can), but it will only prove I am right, and unlike in the main forum, you cannot ban me here; I have already got this backed up in a word document, and I have a screen cap of it as well. Assuming you can delete the post, its a formality.

    This isn't a test, there are no more of those. This is an idea, one that cannot be silenced, whether you try too or not, I have already left my imprint, this is only to explain it in one easy to console document.

    This is free speech, not harmful in wording, nor deceptive in purpose, its honesty. A lot of the time, the truth isn't good enough; if without even a cusp of an insult would you delete this post, then it only shows you fear honesty and the freedom to state it.

    I would have made this less public (I would have posted it in the apropos thread), but as you are already aware; you have made that impossible.
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