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    I am looking for mainly a Head-Admin/Head helper/partner, I have been working on this server for months but I have figured out I can't work on it alone. I am gonna need some help. So I am looking for someone with some plugin experience to help me finalize the config of my plugins. I am running a Survival Server, 1.16.1. I have built some of the spawn myself and also put together some schematics I found online to make a Greek Mythology Themed Survival Server! I have 2 Mob Arenas and a PvP Arena in the Spawn. I have Unlockable Ranks through play time, earning money and getting kills.

    So I am able to keep this server running financially so I don't really need a Co-Owner, but if someone with plugin knowledge that is able to help me and also wants to split profits then I'm not against that. But I am mostly looking for some one to be my head of staff/dev/partner type to help me finish the plugin setup for the server. This is not a paid job so don't even ask m8

    You can add me on discord and we can talk further there. Just make sure to say why you are messaging, not just "Hi" or "Heyy"

    This is the second time I have tried finding someone and still cannot find anyone serious


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    I am looking for someone to help optimize my modpack for me. I am willing to pay as well. But it would be after you completed unless you had some sort of proof you knew what you were doing. The problem is when I open a new world it lags for about 15 seconds, blocks break delayed, you pick them up delayed and all other entities are lagging as well. But if you wait about 15 seconds everything seems to be fine.

    Here's my discord for faster contact BigDave#2150

    Mod List: https://mcpaste.io/f7bbb6fbd6b39f34

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    I personally have run a few servers years ago that were mildly successful, enough to keep itself running but that's it. I used to config and setup all my plugins but the last couple times I've gotten back into it things have kind of changed since I used to run servers myself. I can still config and run the server decently but definitely need help, so I am looking for more a Co-Owner or Developer for the server to get it jump started and I can be the secondary aid instead of being in the lead of development.

    I want to start a factions or a survival server. I am more familiar with factions server development but I am leaning more towards the survival aspect nowadays.

    So I will be paying for the server but I think I will kind of being a secondary owner in the aspect of configuring and developing.

    So I would like some applications with some proof of previous work, any messages with no proof of work will be ignored. I don't care what kind of proof just send any? Say what you can bring to the team all those kinds of things.
    Send me what you can do;
    tell me about yourself;
    where you're from;
    Previous work;
    What can you bring to the server;
    Can you bring anything monetary(pay for anything, plugins, add ons and such);
    Anything else;

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    I recently bought 3 servers, 1 for the bungeecord hub, one survival or factions haven't decided yet and the other is skyblock. I used to be real good with all the plugin stuff years ago but getting back into it I can see I kinda lost it. So I am looking for someone that can help with the configuring of the plugins and some dev work for the servers. The servers are all paid for and we already have builders working on that, I'm the only one that has any plugin knowledge though that is why we are looking for another member. Would also be nice to see previous history or proof you actually know what you are talking about:Notch:

    Shoot me a msg on discord I'll answer faster

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