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    posted a message on [1.12.2] Longest surface ravine I've ever seen
    Quote from scopedin91962»

    P U N Y ravine dude you should see the one that my friend found its thousands of blocks long we are flying it in creative to see where it starts and ends

    What MC release?
    What seed?
    What coordinates?

    My OP was nearly two years ago.
    There's always a faster gun somewhere.

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    posted a message on How do you track where you've been?

    I was taught many years ago by an experienced player to get a pumpkin farm started and then always carry a stack of 64 jackolanterns with me.
    1. They provide as much light as a torch.
    2. They have a face that can point the way out or back to base.

    I use them along with torches on the right side cave wall to prevent getting lost underground.

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    posted a message on Why is my PC struggling to run Minecraft?

    Have you installed Optifine?
    I have a computer with cpu and gpu older than yours and with optifine and few, if any, mods and usually get 100 to 170 fps.
    Actually, I don't understand the obsession with high fps.

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    posted a message on What blocks can an Enderman NOT pick up and move.

    This question came up in Quora and I've found contradicting references online.

    Actually the Quora question is:

    In Minecraft, what blocks do Endermen take? Do I need to worry about them taking blocks from my base?

    Anybody got a definitive answer?

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    posted a message on Amidst - Map explorer for Minecraft 1.14 and later

    Amidst v4.6 is out and works with Release 1.1 through 1.16.3.

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    posted a message on Flosors World; HUGE beautiful jungle Island + Massive ocean

    Here's the 1.16.3 Amidst map of "-1667867106476873739".

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    posted a message on Roofed Forest Village seed (only 1.12.2)

    I'm not sure that villages will be created IN a Roofed Forest in 1.12.2. However they can be created right at the edge of one.

    "2083409506302825704" has a village inn the edge of a Roofed Forest at -492, 820.

    "-3908742317322711158" has a large Roofed Forest with a village at 612, -412.

    "-7009909552476055530" has one at 564, -156.

    "-6963842891210264536" has one close to spawn at 36, 372

    I hope one of these meet your wants and needs.

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    posted a message on Dope mountain seed

    This seed, "7809065083443270596" is, IMHO, is quite interesting and playable in 1.12.2 default mode. (ie not Large Biomes)
    Spawn is near 0, 0 on a large two tree island with cattle, pumpkins, and sugar cane.

    At -423, 88, -168 is a large open cave with a high ceilinged skeleton spawner dungeon.

    See attached screen shot.

    The entrance to the dungeon is in the center of the image.


    In 1.16.3 default Spawn is also on a large island with cattle, several trees, no pumpkins.
    However there are two entrances into a large underground ravine.
    One entrance has a water source that will deposit you at the bottom of the ravine.
    Don't take that ride until you have enough wood to make tools to get back out.

    Unfortunately the skeleton spawner dungeon doesn't exist.

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    posted a message on Dope mountain seed
    Quote from Sadiebub»

    Just curious, did I do something wrong in the post, or were you just being nice and adding to it?

    Plus I also got to the hollow mountain in hardcore mode and died for reasons completely unrelated to the lava.

    Not really, but people usually like some information as to why a particular world is noteworthy.
    That world surprised me upon spawning because of the high vertical "mountains" around the island where I first appeared.

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    posted a message on Dope mountain seed

    To get to that cave you need to FLY to 268, 106, 94 and then go down.

    So make sure you create the world in Creative then change to Survival when you are ready.

    The "cave" is a hollow mountain. 286 104 will put you dangerously close to a lava flow.

    At first I thought I had accidentally set Amplified instead of Large Biomes.

    The area near spawn is all high stone mountains.
    The column with the torches is my spawn location marker.

    The Amidst map is the large biomes map for "7809065083443270596".
    Notice that it's mostly mountains around spawn.

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    posted a message on Alpha v1.1.1x

    https://mcversions.net/ skips from a1.1.0 to a1.1.2 with no indication of a a1.1.1.

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    posted a message on I'm playing hardcore. girlfriend went in creative and started spawning mobs

    Isn't the Ghast above and left of your head?

    In the upper left corner of this image, to the left of the cloud.

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    posted a message on I'm playing hardcore. girlfriend went in creative and started spawning mobs

    I suggest you upload and install Optifine for 1.16.3.
    Here's the download site: https://optifine.net/downloads
    f you don't want the hassle of ads click on (mirror) then download.

    You MAY have to install Java to get the Optifine install .jar to run since usually Windows isn't aware of the embedded Java 1.8.0_51 that Minecraft uses.
    The current (today 9/19/2020) Java 8 JRE release is 1.8.0_261.

    Java download link: https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp

    I'm getting 80 to 100 FPS on 1.16.3 with Optifine on an older CPU and GPU than you are using. I find 4 fps in the above screen capture REALLY slow.
    EDIT: It's been pointed out to me that that image has clipped off the left most text and you are probably getting more than 4 fps. However, my advice about Optifine still holds.

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    posted a message on Any "older" folks play Minecraft?

    I first posted in this thread just before I turned 70.
    I am now well over 73 and still play every day. Either Java or Bedrock.
    I can be found daily on the MCF Discord server.
    Here's an invitation to the server:

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    posted a message on New Seed

    Here is the Java 1.16.2 Amidst map of "4452692674678130567".

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