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    posted a message on Flower Seeds

    If you breaking any flower using a tool which has the fortune enchantment, then, in addition to the flower itself, there should be a chance for flower seeds to drop.

    Each flower would drop it's own seed type. Each flower seed can be placed anywhere the corresponding flower can be placed, producing a seedling. Each seedling turns into a fully grown plant as a result of a single random block tick, although bone meal will also work.

    Wither rose seedlings have two additional requirements for becoming an adult wither rose plant: It must be in contact with both a mob who is immune to the Wither Effect, and a mob or player who is withered.

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    posted a message on Glass Recycling

    When breaking Glass or Glass Panes (normal or stained) without using a Silk Touch enchanted item, it should produce Glass Shard items.

    Glass Shards can be crafted with Sand or Red Sand to produce Cullet, which can then be smelted to make Glass blocks.

    Each piece of Cullet smelts to one Glass block.

    Nine pieces of Cullet are made using shapeless crafting of eight Glass Shards and one Sand.

    Mining a Glass Block with no enchantment yields 1 Glass Shard.

    Mining a Glass Pane with no enchantment has a 2/3 chance of producing a Glass Shard.

    For either, using Fortune increases how many Glass Shards are dropped, similar to mining Ore.

    Destroying Glass blocks or Glass panes with an explosion will also produce Glass Shards.

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    posted a message on Remove the cool-down from the trades

    Why not just ask for all of the cool downs to be eliminated?

    All furnaces should insta-smelt.

    Portals should have no cooldown.

    Villagers should have unlimited trades.

    Ender Pearls should have no cooldown.

    Weapons should be 100% spam-clickable, with no benefit from waiting.

    The block placement cooldown should be thrown out.


    You could just, you know, breed more villagers so you have more of the type with the trade that you like using.

    Or switch to creative mode, delete the resources which you would have traded to the villager, and give yourself some emeralds.

    Or /summon a villager with an absurdly large maxTrades subtag for the trade in question.

    Or install a data pack or resource pack or mod which changes the cooldown.

    Or even write your own.

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    posted a message on Connect minecart rails through Nether portal

    A technical detail: no entity riding another entity can go through a portal, it's not just players and minecarts.

    A partial workaround: If an activator rail ejects the player from the minecart just before it goes through the portal, the minecart and the player can each go through the portal.

    An improved workaround: Use a script or repeating command block to look for players and minecarts with similar PortalCooldown tags, and in proximity to each other, and put the player back inside the minecart in question.

    Someone might have written a data pack or resource pack to already do this.

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    posted a message on Glowing Magic Sheep

    This suggestion is quite simple, add magical glowing sheep.

    If a glowing sheep is sheared, it drops glowing wool (whose color matches the sheep it came from).

    Glowing wool emits light, and can be crafted into glowing carpet, glowing beds, and glowing banners, which also emit light.

    A magic glowing sheep will grow back it's coat when it eats mycelium (turning it into dirt) or nylium (turning it into netherrack) or mushrooms or fungus.

    There are three ways to get magic glowing sheep:

    1. Acquire two normal sheep, shoot spectral arrows at them, and breed them quickly before they stop glowing.
    2. Acquire a magic sheep and a normal sheep. Shoot a spectral arrow at the one normal sheep, and breed them before the normal one stops glowing.
    3. Acquire two adult magic sheep and breed them.

    For all three cases, getting the sheep (both normal and magical) into love hearts mode requires feeding them wheat.

    Also, for all three cases, the offspring will be magical forever.

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    posted a message on Ghast Chest

    This purpose of this idea is to give players yet another way of moving lots of items from one part of the world to another... either to change one's home base, or to bring stuff home from a farm, or for automation.

    If a player uses a ghast tear on a chest, or if a dispenser with a ghast tear in it is activated while facing a chest, that chest is replaced by a "Ghast Chest," a new passive mob which looks like a miniature Ghast.

    Each Ghast Chest mob floats around aimlessly (like it's big hostile cousin), shoots tiny nondestructive fireballs, and screeches more quietly.

    If a Ghast Chest's bottom touches a solid block, or lava, it transforms into a normal chest block, inventory intact, and a ghast tear item lands somewhere nearby.

    If a Ghast Chest is killed, it drops the inventory of the chest, and the chest and the ghast tear.

    Ghast Chests can be leashed, and can go in minecarts and boats.

    A Ghast Chest which is leashed to a player with an elytra should be able to keep up without the leash breaking.

    Comments and criticism welcome.

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    posted a message on Microchunks (performance suggestion)

    Minecraft currently

    • keeps entities in per-dimension lists of all which are loaded. Each of these lists is not ordered in any way.

    • On each game tick, when the world wants to find which pairs of entities are colliding (to push them away from each other, apply the thorns effect, etc), the only way to do it, due to this unfortunate choice of data structure, is to go through every possibly pair of entities and ask them if they are colliding. The number of possible pairs is the number of entities squared. This means, if you double the number of entities in the world, you quadruple the number of collision tests.

      Another unfortunate consequence of this choice of data structure, is that the only way to find all entities in a given region of the world, is to go through the entire list of entities in the world, and ask each and every one if it is in this region. This is what hoppers do, when they want to pull item entities into themselves. The lag caused by hoppers is basically the number of hoppers in the world, multiplied by the number of entities in the world.

      These issues are, I believe, the main reasons why minecraft becomes seriously lagged when you have a large number of players on a server, and the purpose of this idea is to fix that sort of problem.

      First, we define a microchunk as an 8x8x8 region of the world, and to convert from an entity's coordinates to it's microchunk is as simple as converting to integer, and dividing by 8.

      Second, add to each entity's data, which microchunk it is in. This is not just a cache, but whenever an entity moves from one microchunk to another, it needs to tell the dimension it is in to remove it from it's old microchunk and add it to it's new one.

      Third, eliminate the unodered list of entites, and replace it with some type of sparse data structure (such as an octree or hash), keyed by microchunk, whose values are lists of entities within that microchunk.

      Finally, when doing collision testing, only test whether an entity collides with other entites within the 27 microchunks in the 3x3x3 cube centered on that entity.

      Similarly, when scanning a region of the world the world for entities, only scan microchunks which intersect or are contained in the region.

      The reason I suggest using an octree for storing microchunks is that you can quickly and efficiently iterate through a geographic region, which would be valuable for saving/unloading as chunks are unloaded, and for tasks like "find the nearest mob to these coordinates"

      As a minor detail, it might be a good idea to store players in an octree, too, so that if a hostile mob wants to find the nearest player, it can do so with fewer computations.

    As of last time I looked at the minecraft source. Maybe it's been changed since then?

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    posted a message on Killer Bunny is the Natural "fur type" of the Nether

    Once you have your first killer rabbit, you can breed it with one of the normal rabbits you brought into the nether, and the baby rabbit that results will have a 52.5% chance of being another killer rabbit.

    And if you breed two killer rabbits in the nether, the offspring has a 100% chance of being another killer rabbit.

    This is the exact same mechanic used for biome specific fur types. I don't see any reason why the percentages should be changed.

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    posted a message on Killer Bunny is the Natural "fur type" of the Nether

    This idea is really simple. If you breed two rabbits together, there is a 47.5% chance of the offspring having the same fur color as one or the other of it's parents, and a 5% chance of having the fur type matching the current biome. I believe that the natural type of bunny for The Nether is the Killer Bunny!

    Now, I'm not proposing that Killer Bunnies start spawning in The Nether, but if the player transports a pair of normal bunnies from the overworld into the nether, and then breeds them there, the offspring should have a 5% chance of being killers.

    In other words, unless someone has already built a rabbit farm in the nether, they won't be unpleasantly surprised by this change to the game.

    As for why to add it back, just because it's an old joke, doesn't make it less funny. Also, I can easily imagine players on a PvP server deliberately breeding them, nametagging them, and penning them around (or inside) their base as part of it's defense.

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    posted a message on Gravity Chest

    This idea is for players to be able to craft some sort of special chest which, if unsupported, turn into a falling block entity, and, when the entity hits the ground, turns back into the original special chest, inventory intact.

    Other than being able to fall, these would be much like regular chests, and if broken, drop their contents. Also, if the falling block/chest entity lands on a torch or bottom slab or cake, etc, it breaks and drops it's contents, or perhaps just disappears.

    The recipe should use resources available mid-game, without needing to go to the end, for example, one ghast tear surrounded by eight chests to produce eight gravity chests. With this recipe, the gravity chest might look like a ghast, but with the latch, seam, and dark outline of a chest. Also, instead of a chest creaking noise when it opens, it might produce a ghast noise.

    The purpose of this idea is of course item transportation -- with a bit of redstone work, it should be possible to have a gravity chest filled in a farm, launched by pistons into a line of fence blocks, unloaded at one's base, then sent back the same way.

    Unlike using water streams, this would work just as well in the nether as the overworld, and unlike hoppers, is not a source of lag, and unlike shulker boxes, does not require defeating the ender dragon.

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