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    posted a message on Blue Blazes

    This suggestion is for any Blaze mob who is touching soul fire to temporarily turn blue. While the blaze is blue, so are it's fireballs, and the fireball's particles are that of a soul fire flame instead of a normal flame. If a blue blaze's fireball strikes netherrack, it turns the netherrack into soul soil in addition to setting it on fire.

    When a blue blaze is killed, it drops soul rods.

    Besides being used as crafting ingredient (a blaze rod substitute), these rods can be placed in the world similarly to end rods; unlike an end rods, these are blue colored and their particle is similar to that produced when walking with soul speed enchanted boots on soul sand or soul soil.

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    posted a message on New arguments to /team command: Chunk ownership, Per Chunk Game Rules

    This idea is to allow any chunk in the world to optionally have a team which owns it, with a command such as:

    /team chunk assign <teamname> <from> [<to>]
    /team chunk release <from> [<to>]

    Where <from> and the optional <to> are both specified similar to /forceload.

    These would be used together with:

    /team modify <teamname> gameRuleInAssignedChunk doMobGriefing {always,never,ownTeamOnly,otherTeamsOnly,fallback}

    The "always" and "never" options are equivalent to /gamerule doMobGriefing being true or false, "ownTeamOnly" allows terrain damage by mobs who are part of the team to do damage in the team's chunks, and prevents it by mobs who aren't part of the team, "otherTeamsOnly" is the inverse of ownTeamOnly. Fallback allows mob griefing if and only if the global gameful is set to true.

    This would in effect replace the doMobGriefing gamerule within any chunk which is assigned to a team.

    For the vast majority of game rules, being able to have per chunk versions makes sense.


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    posted a message on Flower Seeds

    If you breaking any flower using a tool which has the fortune enchantment, then, in addition to the flower itself, there should be a chance for flower seeds to drop.

    Each flower would drop it's own seed type. Each flower seed can be placed anywhere the corresponding flower can be placed, producing a seedling. Each seedling turns into a fully grown plant as a result of a single random block tick, although bone meal will also work.

    Wither rose seedlings have two additional requirements for becoming an adult wither rose plant: It must be in contact with both a mob who is immune to the Wither Effect, and a mob or player who is withered.

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    posted a message on Glass Recycling

    When breaking Glass or Glass Panes (normal or stained) without using a Silk Touch enchanted item, it should produce Glass Shard items.

    Glass Shards can be crafted with Sand or Red Sand to produce Cullet, which can then be smelted to make Glass blocks.

    Each piece of Cullet smelts to one Glass block.

    Nine pieces of Cullet are made using shapeless crafting of eight Glass Shards and one Sand.

    Mining a Glass Block with no enchantment yields 1 Glass Shard.

    Mining a Glass Pane with no enchantment has a 2/3 chance of producing a Glass Shard.

    For either, using Fortune increases how many Glass Shards are dropped, similar to mining Ore.

    Destroying Glass blocks or Glass panes with an explosion will also produce Glass Shards.

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    posted a message on Remove the cool-down from the trades

    Why not just ask for all of the cool downs to be eliminated?

    All furnaces should insta-smelt.

    Portals should have no cooldown.

    Villagers should have unlimited trades.

    Ender Pearls should have no cooldown.

    Weapons should be 100% spam-clickable, with no benefit from waiting.

    The block placement cooldown should be thrown out.


    You could just, you know, breed more villagers so you have more of the type with the trade that you like using.

    Or switch to creative mode, delete the resources which you would have traded to the villager, and give yourself some emeralds.

    Or /summon a villager with an absurdly large maxTrades subtag for the trade in question.

    Or install a data pack or resource pack or mod which changes the cooldown.

    Or even write your own.

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    posted a message on Connect minecart rails through Nether portal

    A technical detail: no entity riding another entity can go through a portal, it's not just players and minecarts.

    A partial workaround: If an activator rail ejects the player from the minecart just before it goes through the portal, the minecart and the player can each go through the portal.

    An improved workaround: Use a script or repeating command block to look for players and minecarts with similar PortalCooldown tags, and in proximity to each other, and put the player back inside the minecart in question.

    Someone might have written a data pack or resource pack to already do this.

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    posted a message on More Creative only content: Autocrafter and Minecart with Autocrafter

    Minecraft already has a handful of blocks and entities which are only available to players in creative mode, or by cheating them in.

    These include bedrock, barrier blocks, various command blocks, a Minecart with a command block, mob spawners and a Minecart with mob spawner.

    This suggestion is to add two more things which survival-mode players cannot get by default, but for which resource packs could add recipes for.

    The first one is an block which crafts things automatically, the second is an entity which does almost the same thing.

    The auto crafting block would have two modes, controlled by whether or not it has a redstone signal; the auto crafting minecart has the same two modes, controlled by whether or not the last activator rail it ran over had a redstone signal.

    In both modes, the block has a nine ordinary inventory slots, numbered one through nine, corresponding to the 3x3 crafting grid. Items can be inserted into these slots via player, hopper, or dropper, and can be extracted from these slots via player or hopper. The block version of the autocrafter can have ingredient items extracted via hopper-minecart.

    In both modes, there is an output-only slot, with the crafting result. Both the block snd minecart version can have items taken out via player or hopper; the block can also have items taken out via hopper-minecart.

    In the first mode of the block-or-entity auto crafter, the crafting results are in slot number ten. Measuring the block or crafting minecart with a comparator looks exclusively at the fullness of slots one-through-nine, ignoring the crafting result.

    In the second mode of the block-or-entity auto crafter, the crafting result is in slot number zero. Measuring with a comparator looks exclusively at the crafting result slot, not at the ingredients.

    In either case, actual crafting only happens (and ingredients are consumed) whenever a hopper or hopper-minecart or player tries to extract from the crafting result slot, and there is nothing leftover from the previous craft.

    Neither the auto crafting block nor the the auto crafting minecart need textures, since anyone adding a recipe via resource pack could add a texture the same way, but if the block could look like a normal crafting bench but with an enchanted sheen, that would be cool.

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    posted a message on Golf Wedge (silly idea)

    This is a silly idea for a Golf Wedge.

    The Golf Wedge is a tool/weapon, which when used, causes a block which is in front of the player's feet to move up one meter, then turn into a moving / falling block entity with a good amount of momentum.

    The longer the player holds down "use action" the greater the initial momentum, similar to a bow.

    Mobs and players in the path of the flung block had best beware.

    Whether the flung block moves forwards, or from right to left, or vice versa, is entirely up to the mod author.

    Whether that golf club's sound is a Thwack, or something sillier like the target block's noteblock sound, is also up to the author.

    If a player is killed by a falling block produced by the golf club, the death message is [person who died] died because [golf club wielder] forgot to yell Fore!

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    posted a message on Combined Comparator/Dispenser, Combined Comparator/Dropper

    This idea is to have a tiny mod which provides just a couple of new blocks; these blocks can simultaneously act as a dispenser or dropper facing any of the six standard directions, and as a comparator facing any of the six standard directions.

    The new blocks' GUIs allows them to be programmed to fire when the block being "looked at" by it's internal comparator has a redstone signal above or below some selectable strength.

    Ideally, the blocks could avoid the need for their TileEntities to implement ITickable, by responding to the type of updates which vanilla comparators do.

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    posted a message on New enchantment, Well Tempered

    This is an idea for a new, early-to-mid game, alternative enchantment to Mending, called Well Tempered. It can applied to any item which Mending could go on, but the two enchantments are incompatible with each other. Well Tempered, unlike Mending can be gotten from an enchanting table.

    If an item has Well Tempered on it, and is being worn or in the main hand or off hand, and it has a greater than zero Prior Work Penalty (the contents of the RepairCost tag), then any time the player acquires an experience orb, the enchanted item eats the orb, and performs the following pseudocode:

    1. The amount of points which were in the orb is X.
    2. The number of points the player needs to go from the beginning of their current level to the beginning of the next level is Y.
    3. The Prior Work Penalty of the item is P.
    4. Subtract X/Y from P, make this the new P.
    5. If P is now 0 or negative, make the item's new Prior Work Penalty 0, then stop.
    6. The fractional part of P is F.
    7. Subtract F from P, make this the new P.
    8. Create a random number between 0 and 1, call it R.
    9. If F is more than R, increase P by 1.
    10. Make the item's new Prior Work Penalty P.

    This makes Well Tempered more effective the lower the player's level is, and because it cannot be combined with Mending, not usually worthwhile to put onto Diamond tools/equipment (unless you have lots and lots of diamonds, or have Armorer and Weaponsmith Villagers with the right trades), nor is it a good idea to put it on Netherite stuff (unless you're duping Netherite).

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    posted a message on Crafting recipes which use experience

    This idea is quite simple: make it possible for a crafting recipe to consume experience (in points or levels) in addition to needing items.

    With this change, one could easily write a resource pack which makes it possible to craft a glass bottle, plus twenty or so experience points, into a bottle o enchanting.

    If the recipe "consumes" a negative number of experience points, then that xp might go directly into the player, or appear in the world as orbs. This would let a resource pack to add a recipe to craft a bottle o enchanting into a glass bottle, plus xp.

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    posted a message on Professional Witch, curable to Villager

    This idea is to add a new type of mob, the Professional Witch.

    If a Villager with a Profession is struck by lightning, it will become a Professional Witch, retaining it's original trades; if the Villager had traded with a player, the new Professional Witch will be "persistent", not despawning due to distance from the nearest player.

    Under circumstances where a normal Witch would spawn, there is a 1/20 chance of it being a Professional Witch instead, with a randomly selected profession.

    A Professional Witch can be traded with; all of the trades are reversed compared to a normal villager (e..g armorer gives coal in exchange for emeralds) and at least twice as costly (e.g. two emeralds for 15 coal) and the player's reputation has an opposite effect on price than it would with a Villager.

    If a Professional Witch is surrounded by lightning rods, all facing their tops facing away from him, he will slowly transform into a villager; as he changes, his appearance will flicker between witchy and villagery, and he will alternately cackle and hmm. In the final instant of his cure, he disappears, a bolt of lightning strikes at the top of one of the lightning rods, and he reappears as a villager.

    This villager will give the nearest player a permanent discount, similar to a villager cured of zombie-hood.

    The Professional Witch might need some additional magic to be cured, similar to, but different from what cures a zombie. E.g. get him with a splash or lingering potion of slow falling, then give to him something bought or sold by Master level villagers of profession. If this is the case, then whoever cured him gets the discount, not whoever's nearest.

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    posted a message on New Gamerule "sleepClearsWeather"

    This idea is really simple: add a new gamerule "sleepClearsWeather", which determines whether or not going to sleep in a bed will clear the weather in addition to making it morning.

    Naturally, it would default to true, preserving current behavior.

    Turning the new rule to false would make it so that sleeping in a bed merely makes it morning.

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    posted a message on Magic Potions of Enlightenment and Endarkenment

    This is an idea for two potions, and their corresponding status effects.

    First, there is the Potion of Enlightenment, made by brewing an Awkward Potion with a Bottle o' Enchanting. For the two-minute duration of the potion, once per second, if an Enlightened Player has a less-than-full Hunger bar, he loses one twentieth of a level of experience, and gains one point of Hunger (half a "haunch") and half a point of Food Saturation. With the strengthened version, it does this check twice as often.

    Second, there is the Potion of Endarkenment, made by brewing a Potion of Enlightenment with a Pickled Spider Eye. For the duration of the potion, once per second, the player loses one point of Hunger, and gains ten points of experience in exchange. Be careful not to starve!

    The purpose of Enlightenment is of course yet another way to keep the player healthy. The purpose of Endarkenment is to allow food to be turned into xp, for enchanting or anvilling.

    Splash and Lingering versions of the Potion of Enlightenment should be brewable... splash or lingering potions of Endarkenment might be be a bad idea due to their PvP potential.

    Similarly, Enlightenment (but maybe not Endarkenment) should be available to Survival Players as a Beacon effect.

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    posted a message on End Overhaul

    Just as the Nether and the Overworld have received more features, so to should the End dimension.

    Here is a list of improvements which I think could be added:

    • More purpur blocks: If there exists a type of block which can be crafted from planks and/or sticks, there should be a purpur version, craftable from purpur and popped chorus fruit (I am thinking of purpur ladders, purpur doors, purpur buttons, purpur pressure plates, purpur fences, purpur fences/fencegates).
    • More endstone blocks: If there exists a block which can be crafted from cobblestone, there should be a matching end version, crafted from endstone (chiseled endstone, endstone slabs, endstone stairs, endstone buttons, endstone walls, smooth endstone (made by smelting regular endstone), smooth endstone blocks/slabs/stairs/buttons, cracked endstone bricks, etc.
    • Bigger outer end islands, with more content, namely ravines, caves, and dungeons.
    • End sand and end gravel. These anti-gravity blocks fall upwards if they don't have a solid block above them. They spawn on the undersides of most end islands.
    • A dragonslayer status effect, given to any player who kills, or helps kill, the end dragon. If you have it, you can trade with endermen. When you have enough money (popped chorus fruit) in your hand, endermen near you will appear to be holding blocks to trade to you. Right clicking on the enderman, or toss the money in the world, and the enderman will consume the money and place down his held block. Killing endermen, or changing dimensions, halves the duration of the status effect.
    • More native plantlife, such as end vines, mostly for decoration, but also for crafting e.g. mossy end brick.
    • The choice of what biome each part of the end could made with the aid of a formula similar to this one, which produces a spiral. At the same time, each newly spawned End Gateway structure (the ones made when the dragon is killed) is placed somewhere somewhere along this same spiral. Because a spiral has unlimited length, every time you kill a dragon, a new End Gateway structure spawns.
    • A new hostile mob, the enderslime. This black and purple cubic slime jumps much further than his overworld and nether cousins, enough to travel between end islands which aren't crazily far apart. He's almost as dumb as normal slimes, but if he's about jump towards a player who is moving, the enderslime will sometimes aim to intercept. The enderslime drops an enderslime pearl. When a player uses an enderslime pearl, it produces a projectile, similar to a snowball or enderpearl projectile, but black and purple. When this projectile hits a block or mob, it replaces itself with an ender pearl projectile, whose trajectory is basically a "bounce" of the enderslime projectile. This bounced enderpearl's "Owner" tag is the same as the player who threw the enderslime pearl.
    • Chorroded chest, crafted from one chest, four chorus fruit, four ender pearls. Whenever this hydrophobic chest gets wet, it teleports to a random nearby dry location, taking it's contents with it. It will also try to teleport if none of the 6 adjacent blocks are not solid. The range of it's teleportation is the same as a shulker.
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