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I've played Minecraft for a few years now, and it is the only game I've ever play now. Although I've always wanted to be a programmer and played around with code in my spare time, Minecraft inspired me to really start getting into it. I've mess around in its source-code and make a mod every once and a while. I can only think of a couple that are worthy of a link, my Obsidian Extension and my PaintingPick. However, I've stopped updating it, primarily because it was just an experiment and learning exercise. Now a'days, I'm writing my own programs. They average an intermediate level. The two I'm most proud of are my Map_XEditor and my Revise program, which are my first serious programs. I intend to continue making mods and exterior editors, and soon, I'll start making plugins for Bukkit and Spout. Eventually, I will do my best to start my own company as a side-job. By that I mean, I'll make games on the side under a company title with a few friends. Not exactly a company, but close enough if we make profit.



-Minecraft (Obviously)
-Web Design
-Special Effects

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