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    So basicly and im taking a large guess, the small ammount of power required to leave just minecraft on with the computer on, with the moniter and nothing else, would be around enough power to power the entire earth since the dawn of man till now, and probably multiple that by 1,000,000 but, that is just a rough guess.

    x.x though 1 thing missing is the multiverses, eventually theyll hit another universe :D, also blackholes do not destroy matter, it simply deconstructs it down to the smallest particles therfore after the last black hole dissapates the matter left behind could be enough to create a new star :D. which imo is how the universal circle of life works, Stuff dies, eventualy gets sucked in pulled into a black hole, recomisoned into a new star , excess matter blown out and pulled back by gravity creating new planets and bla bla bla bla ect.

    i got bored D: , sorry for gramatical errors
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