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    posted a message on LB Photo Realism, 1.6 convert 7/16/2013. RPG Realism 1.3.1 updated 10/12/2012
    Quote from Scuttles

    Alright those HD font fixes have been added to the downloads so that really makes me feel a lot better. I will be sure to have it perfect by the 1.2 release whenever that is suppose to hit.

    Unfortunately, out of pure frustration with Java programming and that font ordeal, work on the x512 was setback. I can never win. >.<

    Appreciate all of your hard work, sorry you're having so much trouble with the fonts. Unfortunately I am still having the issue, but only with lowercase L's and I's. I made sure I had the latest 128 pack, and even tried copying in the manual font file you uploaded earlier, but no luck. Everything is fine with the fonts in 256 for me, but not 128.

    Either way, donation on the way for you. Thanks again for all of your hard work.
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