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    Accepted for Chat mod:


    Congratulations. Welcome to the team!
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    Quote from ctallet

    Transfer Request

    You had me reset your rank and account only to request a transfer? You will not be getting a transfer now.
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    Quote from FtwRyan

    When were you banned?: a few month ago
    Who issued your ban? (N/A if you don't know): All staff had a mutual agreement
    Rank on the server when banned: Uber donor/free
    What was the reason you were banned? (I don't know isn't an answer): Killing someone with god sword and lieing about having it
    Was the banning justified?: Yes
    Have you removed all illegal mods? I didn't use illegal mods, but yes
    How do we know you won't offend again? You trust me.. cus I was a good player and that's the only bad thing I really did.
    Any additional info: I would like to be unbanned and the only reason I wasn't already was because Mikey strongly hated me

    ps. Made appeal here because im banned on mcprison

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    Quote from thuresson98

    Hey guys, Just wanted to inform that this guys is using nodus on your server, /a Guard from Minecraft Community Prison

    Taken care of, thank you.

    Quote from barkin1

    Ain't got nothin' on my pig farm on a survival server I play!
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    Quote from Pika

    ~Cactus application~

    Ign: Pikawars / Mr2Pen1s

    Age: 16

    Rank: Senior Guard / Free / Supreme Fluffy Overlord

    Why do you want to be apart of the cacti: Because a cactus is an extravagant plant that is home to the desert biome, and I love the desert. My clan is called "Egyptians" to kind of verify that point. Anyway, being a cactus would of be amazing, they are xerophytes in which they require little to no water at all. A cactus is strong, spiky, and friendly plant to those who are able to handle it's spikes. Advised told me to apply and it'd be cool to be a cactus along with him, he seems pretty chill yo

    Why should we pick you for cactus: Gabe Newell

    How long have you been on this server: Since around mid August, I'm pretty active

    Additional Information: Advised recommended me 12 times

    Pokemon need at least 13 recommendations from Advised.
    You may re-apply in 37 months.
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    Quote from Aaronius

    In game name: TehPurpleAaron

    Age: 14

    What is your timezone?: Pacific

    What times can you guard?: On weekends throughout the day I get up usually at about 7 am on weekends so past then till about 10 pm I would be off and on. On weekdays I get home usually at 4 o'clock and can guard once my homework is finished which usually takes 45 minutes.

    Do you have experience with prison themed servers?: I've been on the server for 6 months so.. yeah. :P

    Do you have any experience guarding?: I've hit guards but other than that no. Lol.

    What makes you the best selection for guard?: Okay I have been on this server for a little bit over 6 months. Over this time I have watched, observed, hit guards and have plenty of experience with their actions in the different situations guards face. I was a chat mod on the server for a little over 4 months so I have experience dealing with players of many different kinds (trolls, whiny babies, overall brats). My computer is pretty good so I would not have any trouble with performance in the demanding block 3 and courtyard which I know some people can get very low frame rates in these areas making it hard for PvP and guarding. With my chat mod experience I would know when to jail people for mutable offenses (not including caps, guards don't jail for caps :3) if no other chat mods or higher ranking guards are on. I do not have favorites because I love everyone on this server, so I will not let anyone off the hook just because I like them more than other people. I know all the contrabands of the server and how fishing rods can only be taken if the user is using them to harass and/or hurt people. In the past I have not been very good at PvP but I was at the time using a trackpad which made it difficult. Since then I have been using a mouse now and improving my PvP skills.

    Have you read ALL the rules, guard and prisoner?: Multiple times. :3

    What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will need screenshot proof of it if you decide to resign?: I am Free
    Any additional info: Proof of rank :P

    Oh wait the world is ending tomorrow so this doesn't matter... poo. ;_;

    cyan is afk


    Quote from conner0780

    TheNewConrad's App for Cactus

    Whats your name: TheNewConrad
    Whats your purpose: To be prickly, and be working with teh dorkbutt.
    What makes you wanna join us: Dorkbutt is Sr. Cactus. He is so cool. I wanna be just like him one day.
    What is your passwurd guess: Teh password has to be Cactus Fo' Life! Obvious.
    Who is teh best cactus around: Dorkbutt, he is my idol cactus.
    How long do you wish to be a cactus: 'Til the day I die! (December 21st).
    Who recommended you to become one of us: Dorkbutt, he is so nice.
    What makes you think you have what it takes: I am cactusworthy.
    Finally, are you ready: Yes I am ready, bring it on!

    - AdvisedDorkbutt
    - AdvisedDorkbutt
    - AdvisedDorkbutt
    - AdvisedDorkbutt
    - AdvisedDorkbutt
    - AdvisedDorkbutt
    - AdvisedDorkbutt
    - AdvisedDorkbutt
    - AdvisedDorkbutt
    - AdvisedDorkbutt
    - AdvisedDorkbutt

    Thank you for your time, I will not let dorkbutt down!

    denied. you need at least 12 recommendations from AdvisedDorkbutt to become cactus.
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    After about 2 solid months of being guard free, I have decided that the "Free" lifestyle isn't for me. I was born into Convicted for one simple purpose; bashing the skulls of frees. without other guards attacking me...

    Without further ado~

    1) Username: Bearnye - previously known as Mikey
    2) Your age: I am 15 years of age
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days): I have been playing on Convicted for roughly 12 months, coming late December. I joined the server around December 2011, however I was not very active. I did not become a prominent player on the server until around April of 2012.
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules?: Of course. The most reliable staff member is one who knows the rules of which they are enforcing like the back of their hand. I am very familiar with the guard rules, along with the rest of the server's rules
    5) Any experience with the prison genre?: No, this is the only prison server I've played on.
    6) What is your time zone?: My time zone is EST (Eastern standard time)
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? There are many things that make me the best choice for guard. I will begin with my preexisting experience on the server. Previously mentioned, I've been a member of the server for what is now a year. In that time, I have attained every rank on the server apart from warden. I have several months of experience guarding and Alpha guarding; needless to say, I know how to guard properly. Another thing that places me above the others is my chemistry with mostly every other guard currently within the staff - I get along and form friendships with most people I come in contact with. That being said, if there is anybody I do not particularly like I know how to conduct myself in a way that exhibits the utmost professionalism and therefore representing the server in a good way. Last but certainly not least, I view myself as an above average PvPer. Being able to PvP successfully is an extremely crucial attribute that a every guard should be required. I would also venture to say that most of the staff has trust in me, having previously been an Alpha Guard on the server c:
    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retire from guard? I am the rank Free. Proof in spoiler

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    Quote from TritonX99

    TritonX99's Chat Mod Application

    In game name: TritonX99

    Current Rank: Free / Lifetime Donor

    What is your timezone?: Eastern Standard Time

    Age: 14 years old

    How long have you been playing the server?: I've been playing on this server since August

    13th. On the day that I am posting this it would be exactly 4 months and 2 days.

    Have you ever been banned/muted?: I have been banned multiple times for getting wardens

    angry, 3 times for actual bannable offenses, and muted over 50 times.

    If so, why?: The wardens like to make fun of my scamming, so most of the bans are from that.

    I have been banned for Derping in Block 2 by Jjkoletar, Aimbot in Block 1 by Alexlm11, and

    I have also been tempbanned for saying "coochi" in teamspeak by Verminophobia, and also for

    paying a Tr. Guard to say derogatory terms by AdvisedDorkbutt.

    What makes you the best choice for moderator?: Although most all of the wardens hate me, I

    think I would be a great moderator because
    I love having fun with other players on this server

    and helping out the B3 noobs. I am greatly dedicated to
    this server and come on for 2-5 hours

    during the weekdays and 4-8 hours on Saturdays and
    Sundays. I go on late at night on the

    weekends where I have seen a lack of staff. I feel that if I
    were promoted, I could help those

    timezones out tremendously especially the new players. I know all commands such as /ban

    /tempban /pardon /mute [name] [time] and all of the rules of this server by heart. I could not

    imagine a better server and hope you consider my application!

    Any additional info: Cyan is AFK and I will do anything to be accepted as Chat Mod!

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    Quote from J_bd

    I have an alt, and he banned it. Even though nothing wrong was done on that account. So no. I don't think I am going to pay 28 dollars to play with a bunch of stubborn people that are unwilling to listen to good ideas, because it's 'tradition'. I honestly don't care. This is like the 5th server I have been on in which I get on. I make a difference. The mods see me as a threat to their 'higher order' and ban me. If just once someone would have the sense to actually listen to me, oh.. Wait... one server did, and I built them 48x48 circular building that was 256 blocks tall. For the most part, the entire server could fit inside of it, and it was beautiful. The server increased by almost 20 people visiting a day, and it continued that way until someone got banned and DDoS'd us till the owner could no longer pay for the data usage.

    And by the way. Noakii, I am happy to know that the straw that broke the camels back was you saying,
    "You obviously have no street smarts, if you can't survive in a prison server"
    And me responding with
    "street smarts? You are an Asian kid sitting at your computer playing Minecraft!"
    And unfortunately I couldn't get to the second half of that thought, but it would have been,
    "Unless you are actually Jackie Chan, You have no business even talking about 'street smarts'.

    And the whole thing probably would have concluded with him being 'butt hurt' (and by butt hurt I really mean that he would ignore me and say "I am really hurt by our little fight, I think it would be best if we took maybe a week off from speaking."

    Anyhoozle. I am not some evil guy that goes around 'changing' all the time. No. I am the same person I joined the server as, and I have no interest in ever changing my ways. So therefore, I can add convicted to another server that has been stupid enough to turn me away.


    P.S. What I would have suggested further are as follows.

    -Disable damage in nonpvp areas totally. This way you would have to worry about scamming or rage from unfortunate, or purposeful events.

    -Allow all players access to the lower balcony, and put a full explanation to getting guard, as well as training areas, and other fun RPG things in the rooms. This would allow guard to use bows from the lower balconies, as anyone could get up and fight them. (This was originally what it was supposed to be, but Viper ignored that part) And the rooms would add to the experience of the prison being a bit more automated, so that one does not have to ask how to become guard.

    -In omega, the walls around the edges are quite plain compared to the massive pixel art works above them. To make the city seem a bit more permanent, (rather than just some walls put up with world edit) Make a column design (there are many on the interwebs) that adds some flavor to the area, and do /stack all the way around. Easy.

    -(this idea was given before but I still think it is great) Guards have a distinct look about them. Usually carrying a diamond sword, and always in chain armor. But so many people have diamond swords, that it is really kind of ridiculous. Imagine if guards were to have a COMPLETE uniform. What if, /kit guard gave said guard a golden sword with a special amount of unbreaking and sharpness, as to make guards have just a bit of an edge on a situation. Then, because of the impossible to get enchants on the sword, the item ID could be set to not drop, and instead, when killed, the guard would drop the diamond sword as usual. This would make it so that guards would appear just a bit more noble, sporting golden swords, they would be just as/ or more powerful than before, and the enchants could be upped as you rank up through guard ranks.

    -Don't reject people just because they come across strong. Being smart and intelligent is better than being a spam bot reprogrammed to guard. Sometimes it may be worth not immediately banning someone because they broke a rule. Something convicted has not yet grasped is that it has no community. The moment you break a rue, you are gone. Even if you are a best friend of the god d*** owner. Also, you have not quite grasped the fact that money is invaluable. If someone donates to your server, they should get so many things. It doesn't matter how long your server has been up. Or how many people play on it. Or how nice it is. At the end of the day, someone donating 1$ to you is worth more than 10 years of playing. Because it is just code. And it doesn't matter as much as people- or money. I hope that some day you realize that, so that you don't go on living in a cave of your rules and hard a**es and whatever else you think makes this server amazing. When it all comes down to it, If your favorite players and nicest guys, and da** moderators are being banned.. It might be time to change something.

    On the topic of the server:
    Server is doing great! :D I see the population of the server slowly but surely climbing back up
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    Quote from J_bd

    First of all, you are a free, and you have 0 say in the matter, so stay out of it.
    And second of all, there is no rule for being annoying. only the mute rule.

    You must be new around here
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    Quote from J_bd

    rank: Free
    Reason: No reason Given, I presume that it was because Noakii got mad, and instead of muting me, he banned me.
    Warden/Alpha: Probably Noakii. Again, Unknown.
    Approximate time: 5:49 MST
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: I was not told to be quiet, and I did not break any rules. In fact, I was reacting to Crackengine having abused a non-pvp area by placing a trap in the Nether Brick Mine
    Any additional information: I was mining in the Nether brick mine, and I got to the end of a strip, so i dug down one block to go to the next level, and Crack had dug exactly 26 blocks down from that point. Then he waited, crouching, and he grabbed my stuff (Silk Touch I, Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III and Fortune III, Efficiency III, AND Efficiency III, Fortune I, Unbreaking III. AND a half stack of diamonds as well as a stack of gold ore. And Noakii then went on a sarcastic rant about how 'whatever...' 'It doesn't matter...' And I sit there trying to tell him that there are MANY ways that you could prevent this. The biggest being simply disable fall damage in the mines.... EASY! WHY NOT! I see no reason why death should be allowed at all in the mines. All it does is people off. Plus PVP is for pvp areas only. So why be even able to kill in the mines. again why not disable fall damage!!!

    Quote from J_bd

    Current rank on the server: C
    Reason you were banned:No reason Given
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: Unknown
    Approximate time of ban: Unknown
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: This is my main account, and I had not been on in over two weeks. My alt got banned (see other appeal) But this account had no interaction with anyone for over two weeks.
    Any additional information: No idea why (I assume it was because Noakii was typing so quick that he accidentally typed in J_bd, noticed, and then banned xblue_devil.)

    No, your pick was a eff III unbreak III and I used that in the pumpkin mine. Plus it had like 25% left..

    I would have to say denied. Noakii has 0 tolerance for annoying people.
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    Quote from AlexMoloney

    :DSWORD:Helllord09's Guard Application:DSWORD:

    In game name: Helllord09 (Alt acc)

    Quote from TehPablo

    In Game Name: DrPablo349

    Quote from Reuniting

    In game name: Teleswagz

    Accepted for guard. Message a warden in game when you are ready to be promoted
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    Quote from Nick110

    Did you see any bears? I've always wanted to see a bear... -_-

    You've always got me ;)
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    Quote from Firebolt99_

    I think we should just leave the ranks alone for a little bit...... let the wardens do their job, let the guards do theirs and what not...... no promotions, no demotions for ONE WEEK, and lets see how the server turns out :D ...... just a suggestion (/.\)

    Yup, we'll only be making major promotions when we are in need.

    Off topic
    Lol'd at this

    Someone's staying updated! ;)
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    Quote from StoneFirebolt

    JJ what if we are killed with the hat and lose it?

    You'll just have to wait until next year then

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