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    MineCorp Is A Server That Has Been Built Over A Few Weeks! The server itself is mainly survival, but we also have minigames to follow along with it! The games include Paintball,SkyBlock, and Walls. You spawn into the MineCorp city and must walk, or use are random teleport system, to go into the wild and start playing Minecraft! We have clans so you and your friends can team up and look cool together. There is no pvp on the server accept in the nether itself. we offer many great things you can do on here as games, and also cool plugins to make survival more intresting! Join the server and take a look for yourself!

    Owner: _DarkTyranitar_
    CoOwner: Tinystoy
    CoOwner: Baconater43
    HeadAdmin: Swag_master1999

    Essentials,Pex,mcMMo,Paintball,SkyBlock,Walls,SimpleClans,SignShop,LWC,IConomy And Many More! (38 Plugins Total)

    There is a lot of information to take in and learn how to play, be patient and take your time reading and understanding it all! We have an info center building right outside the spawn on the left with a ? over it, this will each you about plugins and what to do on the server!
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